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Public Workshop Presentation: Maintain a quality and sustainable urban environment


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Andrew Fleming's presentation on a Cape Town Partnership programme to help maintain a quality and sustainable urban environment in Cape Town.

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Public Workshop Presentation: Maintain a quality and sustainable urban environment

  1. 1. A Low-Carbon Central City: Creatinga sustainable and resilient urbanenvironmentA Project Overview
  4. 4. THE CENTRAL CITY DEVELOPMENTSTRATEGY:1. Create a Premier Business Location2. Maintain a Quality and Sustainable Urban Environment3. Develop the Central City as a Popular Destination4. Enhance the Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation of the Central City5. Keep the Central City as the Heart and Soul of Cape Town
  5. 5. PROJECT GOALS:• Map the carbon footprint of the Central City area• Develop a strategy for reducing this carbon footprint:• Business, resident, commuter targeted interventions• Bring the information to the public and activate strategicstakeholder networks to make a lasting difference• Create a working platform to connect knowledge andgovernment policy with the people making the changeson the ground• Develop a multi-year engagement strategy to take theproject forward• Fundraise to ensure programme longevity
  6. 6. PARTNERSProject Team:• The Cape Town Partnership: A non-profit collaborationmandated to increase the socio-economic development ofCape Town’s Central City• Sustainable Energy Africa: A research organisation thatenhances capacity building, information dissemination,lobbying and networking efforts to promote sustainableenergy practices in South Africa• Stockholm Environment Institute: International strategicpartnerFunders:• Swedish International Development Agency: The officialdevelopment organisation of Sweden has provided projectfunding for the Central City Low-Carbon Strategy
  7. 7. PROJECT TIMELINES:• January: Funding approved• January – May: Data collection and evaluation• April: Public Launch of the Low-Carbon Strategy• June - August: Central City Low-Carbon Strategydevelopment• September-October: Evaluation ofCommunications component: How to get peopleto change?• October-December: Roll-out of communicationsstrategy and public engagement process
  9. 9. THANK YOU!Andrew Fleming, Senior ResearcherCape Town