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We take a look at why comprehensive travel management is such an important investment with the team at CT Connections. Includes business profile and relevant information to the successful execution of a corporate travel programme.

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Comprehensive Travel Management: CT Connections About Us

  1. 1. Delivering  value  to  corporate  travellers.
  2. 2. Business  profile Independently owned boutique travel management company delivering comprehensive corporate travel solutions. We provide outstanding and cost effective service to businesses spending anywhere from $50,000 per year up to $5 million per annum on travel. Our expert team, industry alliances and cutting edge technology allow us to handle every detail of our travel requirements no matter how large or small. Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  3. 3. What  we  stand  for... Work  on  behalf  of  our  customers; Satisfy  customers  needs  through  a  reliable  and  expert  service Add  genuine  value  to  customers  by  delivering  outcomes; Commitment  to  our  continuous  improvement; Aim  to  always  exceed  expectations; Provide  legitimate  cost  reduction; Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  4. 4. Our  service  pledge your  business  is  dissatisfied  with  our  service  for  a   particular  booking,  we  will  reimburse  our  fee  to  you Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  5. 5. Comprehensive  service Air  travel,  international  and   Rail  travel,  national  and   domestic; international; Hotel  reservations,  international   Ferry  and  cruise  travel; and  domestic; Group  travel  management; Car  rental  international  and   Conference  and  event   domestic; consultation; Travel  policy  review  and   Passport  and  visa  service; assessment; Charter  flight  booking; 24/7  Emergency  Assistance; Leisure  booking  service; Travel  Insurance; Foreign  currency Global  Hotel  programme   coordination;   Vendor  negotiation; Limousine  transfers; Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  6. 6. Account  Management
  7. 7. Account  Management Appointment  of  dedicated  travel  consultant  and   Account  Manager; policy  and  travel  processes; Training  and  orientation  for  clients; Service  excellence  pledge. Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  8. 8. Account  Management Online  software  application  of  Sabre  technology; 24/7  Full  Service; Ongoing  vendor  negotiation; Proactive  analysis  of  all  customised  and  standard  reports; New  Technology  Systems  and  enhancements; Quarterly  meetings  for  updating  policies  and  key   recommendations. Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  9. 9. Cost  reduction
  10. 10. Cost  effective  travel Travel  policy  refinement  on  procurement  of  fares; Process  improvements  via  better  utilisation  of   technology; Negotiating  of  customer  specific  fares  and  rates; Selection  of  best  fare  and  rate  of  day; Flexible,  transparent  pricing  models. Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  11. 11. Cost  reduction  strategies Air  fare  construction:  utilising  our  resourcefulness  and   experience  to  ensure  that  genuine  savings  are  achieved; Unbiased  access  to  ALL  the  world's  best  airlines; Adherence  to  your  Company  Travel  Policy  and  Preferred   Suppliers; Transparent  and  flexible  pricing  models; Management  of  unused  ticket  credits. Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  12. 12. Technology  solutions
  13. 13. Online  engine  features Secure  booking  engine  available  24/7  that  allows  you  to  book  Air   (domestic  and  international),  Car  and  Hotel; Control  of  your  business  travel,  seamlessly  integrating  company   policy  and  corporate  needs; International  bookings; Customer  travel  policy  visibility; Ease  of  use  for  frequent  traveller  by  storing  regular  trips  as   templates; Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  14. 14. Online  engine  benefits Reduce  the  booking  time  by  searching  for  Air,  Car  and   Hotel  content  on  the  one  screen  and  simultaneously   book  them  with  one  click! Travel  Policy  options  allow  business  to  control,  monitor   and  enforce  spending  limits  on  staff  travel,  resulting  in   significant  savings. Track  and  monitor  use  ticket  credits  ensuring  efficient   use  of  business  travel  funds.   Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  15. 15. Management  Reporting Suite  of  reporting  that  creates  ability  to  monitor,  plan   and  manage  expenditure Reports  include  but  not  limited  to: Airfare  Savings  Report Traveller  Analysis   Hotel  and  Car  Hire  Savings  Report   Airline  Usage   Unused  e-­‐Ticket  Report   Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  16. 16. Key  customer  outcomes and significant cost savings by utilising our resourcefulness and experience; Savings that result from our unbiased access to ALL the world's best airlines; Adherence to your Company Travel Policy and Preferred Suppliers thereby ensuring genuine savings; An exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and professional team, with your own assigned Account Manager and Consultant; Access to Sabre Agency Manager (SAM) and Sabre Online our online booking solution; Access to our sophisticated technology that manage your travel data and produces effective Travel Management reports Individual profile management that always takes account of the preferences and needs of each traveller; Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  17. 17. Why  Corporate  Travel  Connections?   Legitimate commitment to service quality and value via our service pledge; Market leading technology solutions allows for customer efficiency gains; Passion. We are a new business that is determined to get results and deliver outcomes for our customers; 24/7 travel service. No matter what time or wherever you are, contactable; Director involvement in business day to day. You are able to speak to business owner when you need to; Detailed management reporting capabilities allowing customers to monitor, control and planning of travel spend; Corporate  Travel  Connections-­‐
  18. 18.