Capital Markets Day 2011 Anna-Maria Treneva


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Capital Markets Day 2011 Anna-Maria Treneva

  1. 1. 2011 Capital Markets Day New Media Initiatives Anna-Maria Treneva Head of Digital Products g 0
  2. 2. We Want to Be Wherever Viewers Are Up to 2 bln. USD on Internet advertising in 2015Internet penetration rate increase to 54%by 2014 from 36% in 201180mln internet users by 2014 up from 45 2,500mln in 2011 2,0007mln Connected TV devices by 2013 up 1,500from 3mln in 2011 1,000 1 000Up to 100mln by 2014 from 22mln monthly 500users of Mobile Internet in 2011 010 hours per month spent on social 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015networks in 2010 Internet Advertising Market Volume, US$ mln Source: AKAR, PwC J’son & Partners Consulting, FOM 1
  3. 3. Capitalizing on New Media Growth Our CTC Media is more than television vision Content: to form efficient digital libraryStrategic Distribution Platforms: to make our content available on every growing yg g platform in Russia goals Monetization: through a variety of business models to monetize our content and brands 2
  4. 4. Strategic Initiatives: We are Platform and Device Agnostic CTC Media web-portals, Widgets on ConnectedTV Mobile applications for p partnership with social p platforms l tf 24/7 communication networks Platforms: IPTV, STB Platforms: iOs and Videoplatform: SmartTV Android Monetization: SVOD, Monetization: SVOD, Monetization: video AVOD, sublicensing, branded AVOD and merchandising sales cross media projects 3
  5. 5. VideoMore.RU: It’s Time to Play! Videomore Audience Growth 2010-2015 CTC Media platform for new media content distribution Social video network700600 10 000 content titles by the end of 2011500400 Online services for social video viewing300 Attracting young audience through TV200 promo and major Internet players (incl.100 Mail.Ru Group) 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Average unique users per day, thousand Company s Company’s estimates 4
  6. 6. Connected TV: Our Content on Your TV Delivered via InternetConnected TV in Russia grows and gets accepted byTV audience:• 6,5 mln SmartTVs by 2013 up from ~0 in 2010 y p 3500 4000• 3,38 mln IP TV households by 2014 up from 1,6 mln in 2010 3500 3000 2500 3000Widgets as Video On Demand Services for 2500 2000 2000• CTC Media Channels: Catch Up and Catch Forward 1500 1500• VideoMore.Ru: CTCM library, movies and other 1000 1000 500 500Platforms: LG, Philips, Beeline TV in 2011 0 0 2010 2011 2012 2013Monetization: IPTV households  in Russia, thousands Smart TVs in Russia, thousands  $• CTC Media channels: advertising VoD, transaction• VideoMore.Ru: advertising VoD, transaction VoD, subscription s bscription 5
  7. 7. Mobile: Content Distribution Platform on the Go Applications as content distribution platforms and innovative marketing instruments Trendy interactive mechanics Leading smartphone platforms: iOs (Apple) and Android (Google Business model: Transaction VOD, application sales CTC and DTV apps launch in 2011 with Domashny app in 2012 pp y pp 6
  8. 8. Content Monetization: Clear Offer for Our Digital Consumer Content type Advertising Transaction Subscription VoD VoD VoD Catch up Catch forward CTCM Library Movies OtherCapturing Value Through Different Channels 7
  9. 9. Brand Monetization: We See Great Potential in New Media CTC Media Brands Branded Branded applications Branded niche entertainment And more!.. for Social web portals on digital platforms networks
  10. 10. CTC Media: More Than Television Now To drive audience demand for our content Available across all digital platforms Focus on monetization of content and brands across all platforms 9