From the roots to the shoots 2010 - Hope Valley College


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Hope Valley College are one of the first Schools to build a mountain bike trail on their school grounds. Adding an extra dimension to PE and giving the pupils a chance to polish up their skills before heading out in the Peaks right on their doorstep.

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From the roots to the shoots 2010 - Hope Valley College

  1. 1. 'Developing cycling at Hope Valley  College:   building a trail and developing curriculum  and community engagement'  Richard Beeden Hope Valley College
  2. 2. 11-16  Comprehensive 600 Students Specialist  Technology, Arts  and Applied  Learning school  (with G&T) 82% A*-C Over 25 feeder  primary schools 50% + out of  catchment area
  3. 3. Modern education is all about personalisation – curriculum  diet and opportunities: BTECS, Diplomas etc…   We have developed our PE curriculum in much the same  way: Climbing wall, extensive range of sports.   We have extensive fields bordered by a river – these  borders are unused and were an obvious choice for a trail!   Location – world class natural trails – if you are relatively  fit and confident!   The students – mountain biking is popular amongst the  students and in the local communities   Community engagement.  We have a responsibility to be at  the heart of our local community , and have a thriving adult  education centre and host many local events.  The trail  offered many opportunities to develop community activities   ECM But… we needed to find funding! Why did we do it??
  4. 4. We have built a small trail that offers many coaching  opportunities, with areas for further development It has cost the College a relatively small amount of money We have had fantastic support from Derbyshire Local  Authority, local businesses, CTC and Bike Club It has been a huge task to build the trail despite all this  support – How can we help other schools if they choose to  build a trail or cycling resource in the future, including BSF? Headlines
  5. 5. Facts and Figures: Original concept: The students! Funding: Overall Cost: £14000 Cost to HVC: £7000 Build Cost: £7000 Funding: Youth Opportunity Fund: £4500 Applied Learning fund: £2500 Stone: Donated by La Farge and Furness Brothers Approximate value of donation: £7000 Health and Safety Consultation : Derbyshire County Council Course Design: CTC/HVC Project Management: Hope Valley College 10 Bikes and storage (funded by Bike Club): £2500 Bike Lockers (10) Derbyshire County Council: £5000 Trail Length:520m 60cm wide 30cm deep 40mm – dust limestone infill
  6. 6. Building the Trail: Dave Howe Landscaping October 2009 – 4 weeks
  7. 7. CTC Trail Building Day Ian Warby from CTC 22 March 2010
  8. 8. Engaging the wider community: Guided Rides Under 18’s Hard to reach groups – how? Bike maintenance and building Coaching – when? Primary school students – how?
  9. 9. 10 bespoke Cycle lockers DCC Grant £5000.00
  10. 10. Trail Opening Wednesday 14 July
  11. 11. ‘A centre of excellence for cycling’  Participation  Bike Club one lunchtime/week  Cycling in core PE lessons  Recreation  Bike Club – Guided Bike rides. 2/month, one on-road, one off-road  Travel  10 Bike lockers purchased  Enjoyment  Encourage more cyclists The Future Hard to reach groups Primary and secondary visits Competitive cycling – how? Coaching
  12. 12. What are the issues?  Cost – trail, bikes, storage  Health and Safety – risk assessments etc..  Space  Staff expertise – using the trail, project management  design and build - expertise The benefits:  Engagement – PE, out of ours, extra-curricular  Can use previously un-used space  Contributes to ECM agenda – ‘be healthy, stay safe  Excellent community engagement  Excellent opportunities for student leadership Can trails like ours be replicated in other schools?
  13. 13. Risk Assessment for building and managing a cycle trail in school Trail Inspection Plan Trail consent form Bike Club documentation Strategic cycling Plan Guide to building a trail in a school environment Documentation