CTC CEO Career Highlights


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CareerHighlights of the CEO of the Carolina Technology Comapny

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CTC CEO Career Highlights

  1. 1. John Sposato CEO Carolina Technology Company Career Overview carolinatech@rocketmail.com Cell:(803) 446 8584
  2. 2. John Sposato – Executive Summary Education Market Applications – MBA, Cal State, Dominguez Hills – Space, Naval, Terrestrial, Airborne – BSEE, College of New Jersey • Satellites – C4ISR Principles, Architectures and • Radio and Comm Requirements, (Johns Hopkins • Radar University) • Telemetry – National Defense University, Data Management • SDA • Base Station Transceiver Design (BTS)‫‏‬ Leadership Technical Expertise – High Power RF – “C”‫‏‬Level‫‏‬and‫‏‬above‫‏‬Since‫1002‏‬ – RF and Microwave Design • Engineering – MMIC • R&D – Chip and Wire • Mergers and Acquisitions – LTCC and HTCC Processes • International Business – RF Systems Engineering • Strategic Marketing – Active Phased Arrays & T/R Modules – Industry Recognized SME – Military Computers – Super Prime Contacts – Microwave Metrology 2
  3. 3. John Sposato - Highlights Hughes Space and Comm (now Boeing Satellite Systems)‫‏‬ – Satellite Telemetry Transmitter and HPA Design – MIC and Solid State HPA design – RF Payload Integration – Integrated Satellite Factory (ISF) – RF and Microwave SME • Patent Submission – Q Band High Power Complex Impedance Technique • Improved Satellite Integration Time – Factor of 3X • Hughes ATEP Instructor – RF & Microwave Test and Measurement – MMIC Design 3
  4. 4. John Sposato - Highlights TRW – Space Park Redondo Beach – Now Northrop Grumman – MIC Designs – First 20 Watt Solid State X Band PA • Army Recon Radio Program • 2 to 18 GHz LNA and Diplexer • Distributed Elements Study – Inter-digital Microstrip Capacitor – Minimization of EM Fringe Effects – Millimeter Wave Metrology • TRW Primary Standards Lab • MILSTAR Program Driven Technology • Development of Unavailable Standards • Millimeter Wave Standards Development – Phase Noise – Network Analyzer Instrumentation – Noise Figure Standards – Six Port Impedance Measurements 4
  5. 5. John Sposato - Highlights Northrop Grumman – Peacekeeper Missile Program • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)‫‏‬ – Design – Sub-System Test – Multi-discipline Engineering Thermal Hydraulic Mass Acceleration Hardened Electronics – F-20 Guidance System • Ring Laser Gyro – Extensive Automated Factory Test – Remotely Deployed Calibration System 5
  6. 6. John Sposato - Highlights Lockheed Martin, Naval Surface Systems Mgr Microwave T/R Module and MMIC Design – AEGIS Combat System • Microwave T/R Radar Modules – GaAs, GaN, SiC R&D – MACOM, CREE, TriQuint • Combat Systems Engineering – Reduced Proposal Response Time – Solid State 2.5 KW Radar Tx HPA (RANUP)‫‏‬ • Radial Combiner • Royal Australian Navy Klystron Replacement – Missiles and Space • THAAD Weapons System • RF and Range Safety Procedures • FFMEA Expert • Program Cost Account Manager • BTS Design – Aeronautics • Aircraft Co-Site EM Study • C-130J Super Hercules • F-22 Raptor 6
  7. 7. Module and MMIC Development Process
  8. 8. John Sposato - Highlights L-3 Communications – Telemetry West – Director of RF and Space Engineering • Space Transponder Line • S Band, UGLS and USB • Radiation Hardened FPGA SCA design – VHDL Code – Software Controlled • X Band High Data Rate Space Transmitter • S Band Missile Telemetry Txs and FTRs • Expanded Space Product Sales by 4X • ARTS‫‏‬BTS‫‏‬Replacement‫‏‬Design‫“‏‬SCNC” • Gained Experience in Operational Management – Environmental Simulation Lab (ESL)‫‏‬ Increased Thermal Vacuum Test Capacity Needed Plant Capacity to Match Bookings – Addressed ESL Staff Competencies Improved ESL Record of Handling of High Dollar Flight Hardware 8
  9. 9. John Sposato - Highlights Elbit Systems of America, C4I Solutions – Chief Technical Officer – Staff to VP of Marketing Heritage Products – VHF/UHF HPA Designs – Military Computers Dual SINGARS PA (GaN) – Reduced SWAP IED Jammer PA – LDMOS Design New Markets – Satcom On The Move • (Ku/Ka band) – C4I Systems – Crypto Modernization 9
  10. 10. John Sposato – C4I Solutions C4I Systems – TIGER • Tactical Intranet Geographic Dissemination in Real Time • Triple Modem PCMCIA • Controller linking field terminals to a coherent system • 3 radio channels simultaneously • Any existing analog or digital radios – Battle Management Systems (BMS)‫‏‬ • Battalion-and-below tactical units • Direct fire engagement & maneuver, • Indirect fire support • Intelligence and logistics. – HeliC3om • C3 Mission Management System • Helicopter Data Communications • Real Time Tactical Picture – TORC2H • Integrated Operational C2 Headquarters System – ICRS • “Ant‫‏‬to‫‏‬Any”‫‏‬radio‫‏‬system‫‏‬connectivity • VoIP Radio Gateway (VRG)‫‏‬ • Command and Control Terminal (CCT)‫‏‬ 10
  11. 11. John Sposato – Career Highlights L-3 Communications GSES – DoDAF Software Modeling – US Army 7th Signal Command (T) • Designed Operational Architecture • CONUS Operations – 23rd , 93rd and 106th Signal Brigades – OOUML • Requirements Decomposition – Expeditionary Brigade Combat Team Deployment • Capability Set 2015-2016 • WIN-T Inc. 2 and 3 • BLOS Requirements – Software Tools • Telelogic System Architect • IBM – Rational Rose – Rational Software Modeler
  12. 12. EXAMPLES: Principle Investigator DARPA Proposals DARPA Topic AF093-148 V Band SSPA with Integrated Power Combiner •Linearized SSPA •30 Watts •70 – 75 GHz •Spatial Combining •Space Cross Link •Reduced SWAP DARPA Topic MDA09-T004 Low Cost, High Performance T/R Integrated Circuits on a Single Chip •Single Chip T/R Circuit •Phased Array Radar Applications •10 to 1 Cost Reduction
  13. 13. CTC Startup Product Launch • Quicksat™ – Microwave BLOS Comm – Cubesat Platform – Customized Military Payload – Fast deployment – Commercial microwave Components – Low NRE Costs • Milscan™ – Millimeterwave Full Body Scanner – Scalable Platform
  14. 14. Example Technology Roadmap By John Sposato
  15. 15. Technology Roadmap Counter Measures SIGINT Space Markets Radar Cognizant Radio Wireless Comm DSA 3 Products Weapons Platforms Technology RF Modeling Antennas 2 LDMOS Phased Arrays GaAs GaN MIMO Feed FWD T/R Modules 1 Operations SMT Augmented Chip and LOBs High Volume Wire 2010 2011 2012 2013
  16. 16. Mock Technology Roadmap • Example of Technology Roadmap – Modeled from: Robert Phaal, Centre for Technology Management, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom – Purely to Stimulate Conversation – Transitions from components to systems market • Operations – Build on existing manufacturing capabilities • SMT to Chip and Wire? • Component and Systems to Vehicle Integration? • Technology – Engineering Tools, (Modeling, CAD, etc…) – Core Competencies, (Linearization, and PAs to T/R Modules?) – Make / Buy Trade Study – Other Technologies (i.e. Antennas and MIMO?) – Sub-Systems to “System of Systems”? • Products – PAs and Systems to Weapons Platform Integration? • Markets – Leverage current market presence into “adjacent” thriving markets
  17. 17. John Sposato Last 360 Degree Performance Review • Willingness to investigate areas of new technology • Positive "Can Do" attitude • Broad technical knowledge • Strong hands-on and executive leadership abilities • Knowledgeable of applicable technology. • Easily comprehends new technologies and their value to our mission. • Gifted at communicating complex concepts in understandable ways. • Willing to attend and learn from different conferences and customer events. • Willing to help in any area needed. 17
  18. 18. Professional Reference • “John was the Director of Engineering for TallaCom, ESA and I was the VP for PMO, so directly interfaced with John on a daily basis. He is passionate about his work and technically competent. He is a positive and very convincing leader, who places a very high value on the capabilities of his assigned engineers and he ensures they deliver commensurate results. John leads by example and will roll up his sleeves and work at the lowest levels when necessary to ensure that his young engineers are properly trained and supervised. He is also extremely effective at the highest executive levels with sage advise and focused recommendations for engineering solutions. He is known for Summary White Papers that simplify engineering solutions for senior level staff with supporting documentation to address any detailed inquiries. John is a solid leader of engineers and is a tenacious supporter for the objectives of his senior executive staff. His formal education includes an MBA, and he is very knowledgeable of other departmental areas such as Finance, Business Development and Program Management. His diversity and expertise makes him an invaluable executive staff resource. I highly recommend John to a senior executive level position in the engineering discipline, and recognize that his skill set traverses many outer disciplines, which makes him unique qualified to a position of executive stature.” • March 22, 2010 .Jim Davidson , Sr. Marketing Manager , ITT CS
  19. 19. John Sposato – Professional References Name Company Contact Information Affiliation Dr. Tom Cobianchi Elbit Systems of America, C4I (405) 535-9952 cell Work closely together at ESA Solutions, Strategic Marketing (352) 391-9275 home on strategic marketing efforts Director tcobianchi@comcast.net James Matzinger Satellite Payload Test Manager, (310) 364-7972 office Former co-worker Satellite Boeing Satellite Systems (562) 665-6803 cell Integration and Test at Boeing james.e.matzinger@boeing.com Doron Muller Northrop Grumman, Ground Doron.muller@ngc.com Former co-worker at Boeing Systems Test Engineering (310) 812-8634 Satellite Systems Bill Parker Del Marva Engineering, 410-703-3703, Worked business http://www.delmarva-eng.com/ bill@delmarva-eng.com development efforts in Washington DC for L-3 Jim Davidson ITT Communications Systems jim.davidson@itt.com Former VP and supervisor at Sr. Business Development Tel: 727 230-8333 (Office) Elbit Systems of America Manager Cell: 727 253-0723 19
  20. 20. THANK YOU !
  21. 21. • Supplemental Slides