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NYC Terr Plot Sep09


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Original ERRI/ EmergencyNet News Special Report on a Probe into Possible Terrorism Plot in New York City
Posted 23 Sep 2009

Published in: News & Politics
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NYC Terr Plot Sep09

  1. 1. ERRI/EmergencyNet News Special Report on a Probe into EmergencyNet News Possible Terrorism Plot in New York City Posted 23 Sep 2009 HOME SERVICES EMERGENCY.BLOG FAQ ABOUT US SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2009 September 22H, 2009 Counter-Terrorism Archive Military Archive Officials Worry NY Terror Plot 'Still Alive' as Case Broadens Homeland Security Surveillance Teams "Stretched Thin" with More Than 24 Possible Suspects By RICHARD ESPOSITO and BRIAN ROSS Sept. 22, 2009 Law enforcement officials say the alleged terror plot against New York City may be "still Related Documents alive" despite the arrest of its alleged ringleader, 24-year-old Najibullah Zazi of Denver, August, 2005 Colorado. - Improvised Explosive Devices; World-Wide Review of Tactics and The FBI closes in on alleged terror cells here in the U.S. "I have never been so Strategies -August, 2005 worried," said one senior law enforcement official with more than a dozen years of February, 2004 - Potential Indicators of experience in counter-terrorism investigations. Threats Involving Vehicle Borne In Washington, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to (VBIEDs) and Other law enforcement authorities urging vigilance at so-called "soft targets" including sports Improvised Explosive Devices stadiums and luxury hotels. reported Monday that Zazi's computer contained information relating to New York area baseball and football stadiums and a video of Grand Central Terminal in New York. Earlier, the FBI and Homeland Security had warned police about possible attacks on mass transit targets but said there was no evidence of any specific target or timing. Law enforcement authorities tell that more than 24 men in New York have been under watch at various times since Zazi's trip to the city on September 11. One official said local and federal surveillance teams are "stretched thin" as authorities seek to track a group of young men allegedly recruited by Zazi following his return from an al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan in January. Officials said some of the initial subjects had "washed out" but that others had emerged as "possible players." Officials told that Zazi had organized three distinct teams of four men each and that the investigation had led to more than ten others. "This investigation is going forward aggressively," New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday. "We are doing everything we can to protect the city."
  2. 2. Authorities cautioned there is always the possibility of the case "fizzling out," but for a tenth consecutive day, agents were attempting to find a garage or storage shed where they believe Zazi and others may have stored chemicals and bomb components. -- Source: Authorities Eye Stadiums, Hotels, Storage Centers in Colorado Terror Plot Probe From: AP/Chris Schneider, Denver Post Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Federal counterterrorism officials warned local police to patrol stadiums, hotels and entertainment complexes for suspicious activity after the arrest of a Colorado man suspected of a far-reaching terror plot. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security also issued joint alerts to police around the country to watch storage centers and public transportation systems for any unusual behavior. The FBI and DHS sent two bulletins Monday to local authorities nationwide, saying they know of no specific plots against such sites. The bulletins say those sites remain attractive targets to groups like Al Qaeda. The memos do not mention the ongoing high-profile investigation of a possible terrorist plot involving a Colorado man and associates in New York City. Instead, they describe the long-standing interest of terrorists to use homemade backpack bombs, car bombs or even airplanes to attack such crowded public places. A source told FOX News that one of the federal alerts asks local law enforcement to keep an eye out for "suspicious behavior with regard to storage facilities" where people can rent space to keep their belongings. The warning comes after news emerged that a Colorado airport shuttle driver now in custody may have been planning with others to detonate backpack bombs on New York City trains in a terrorism plot similar to past attacks on London's and Madrid's mass-transit systems, officials said. (1,3) The FBI/DHS bulletins were issued in part because the London bomb plot was carried out by terrorists who hid their materials in small public storage spaces, the source told FOX. Authorities are trying to determine whether there are any more explosive-making substances that still haven't been tracked down.
  3. 3. The investigation into the possible Colorado-based terror plot has prompted counterterrorism officials to warn mass-transit systems around the nation to step up patrols. Two law enforcement officials speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss details of the investigation told The Associated Press late Monday that more than a half-dozen individuals were being scrutinized in the alleged plot. In a statement, the FBI says that "several individuals in the United States, Pakistan and elsewhere" are being investigated... -- Continues:,2933,553460,00.html Feds Issue Security Bulletins on Stadiums, Hotels Feds issue security bulletins telling stadiums, hotels to be vigilant against terror By EILEEN SULLIVAN and DEVLIN BARRETT Associated Press/ABCNews September 22, 2009 WASHINGTON, DC: Counterterrorism officials have issued security bulletins about terrorist interest in attacking sports stadiums, entertainment complexes and hotels. The FBI and Homeland Security Department sent two bulletins Monday to police around the country, saying they know of no specific plots against such sites. The bulletins obtained by The Associated Press say those sites remain attractive targets to groups like al-Qaida. The memos do not mention the ongoing high-profile investigation of a possible terrorist plot involving a Colorado man and associates in New York City. Instead, they describe the long-standing interest of terrorists to use homemade backpack bombs, car bombs, or even airplanes to attack such crowded public places. -- Source: Increased security on local transit systems By Dann Cuellar, Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - 12:11 AM
  4. 4. 30TH STREET STATION (Philadelphia) (WPVI) -- Homeland security officials warned mass transit systems across the country to be on heightened alert in the wake of the arrest of an Afghanistan born immigrant in Colorado. 24-year-old Najeeboolah Zazi was in federal court Monday in Denver where he was ordered held until a detention hearing on Thursday. Investigators fear that Zazi may have been involved in a plot to use hydrogen peroxide-based explosives to attack mass transit trains in New York. They say Zazi received al-Qaeda training in Pakistan last year. Investigators are still trying to track down the others believed to be involved in the terror plot. Amtrak and the Transportation Security Administration have racked up security along Amtrak's northeast corridor. Action News has learned it is an intense operation that spans several states. Law enforcement officials say Amtrak has no information on a specific threat but as a precautionary measure and until further notice Amtrak, TSA and other federal and state agencies have increased security on the rail line. This as the FBI and CIA continue to search for other members of the alleged terror plot. Authorities tell Action News the beefed up security measures include more K-9 units and random baggage inspections in Amtrak facilities in Washington D.C. and 13 states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Authorities say Zazi, the apparent ring leader, has admitted traveling to an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan where he received instructions on weapons and explosives. They believe he came back to carry out a 9-11 style attack. In addition to the arrests of his father, Mohammed Zazi and New York Imon Ahmad Afzali, law enforcements agents tell ABC News they're watching a number of other people around the clock who they suspect may also be part of the terror plot. The heightened security measures have also made some rail users more alert about what's going on around them. That's exactly what authorities want people to do. The commanding officer of the Philadelphia Police Department's Homeland Security Unit is asking people to remain diligent in preventing potential terrorism or criminal activity and immediately report all suspicious activity to 911. September 21, 2009
  5. 5. Media Summary: FBI Investigation into alleged Al Qaeda Terror Cell Operative Najibullah Zazi - On Saturday (19 Sep), FBI agents arrested Najibullah Zazi, reputed Al Qaeda terror cell operative who is believed to head a sleeper cell allegedly plotting a 7/7-style attack in America. - Najibullah Zazi, 24, is an airport shuttle bus driver, and admitted to receiving weapons and explosives training from al- Qaeda during a trip to Pakistan last year. - Authorities have no specific information regarding the timing, location or target of any planned attack. - The American people should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to local law enforcement authorities. - Zazi researched baseball stadiums on a personal computer that also held interior maps of several New York venues; including recent NY fashion week venues, and a cell phone video of Grand Central Terminal. - Investigator also discovered Zazi’s fingerprints on materials -- batteries and a scale -- that could be used to make explosives. - Officials found notes in Zazi’s car describing how to build and detonate bombs; they were written in what agents said appeared to be Zazi's handwriting. - A federal task force believed Zazi may have been involved in a potential plot
  6. 6. involving hydrogen peroxide- based explosives. - Authorities continue to round up New Yorkers with ties to Zazi for questioning, bringing in half a dozen suspects in the past three days. - Last week, seven men tied to Zazi tried to rent a 26-foot U-Haul truck but refused to surrender identification when pressed by a manager. The group produced three invalid credit cards before leaving. - Authorities suspected that an attack could be imminent because Mr. Zazi allegedly wrote a text message saying that the “wedding cake is ready”. “Weddings” have been used as a code for attacks in terror plots in Britain. - FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright would not comment Sunday about whether any of the men had attempted to make explosives or whether there are other suspects. -- Source: Wire Services/Open source documents September 21, 2009 Active Terror Cell Prepared NYC Attack, Officials Say Authorities Believe After Three Arrests in Alleged Terror Plot, Others Still Out There By BRIAN ROSS, RICHARD ESPOSITO Najibullah Zazi, suspect in plot and MEGAN CHUCHMACH, ABCNews Sept. 21, 2009 After overnight arrests this weekend in the alleged New York terror plot, FBI agents believe an active terror cell directed by al
  7. 7. Qaeda was preparing an attack on New York City, and authorities say they have yet to identify everyone involved. Officials say they do not have specifics on the potential targets of the alleged plot, and with so much still unknown, security in New York has been heightened. On Saturday night, agents in Denver arrested Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year old airport shuttle driver, who authorities say appears to be the ringleader of the alleged plot, as well as Zazi's father, Mohammed. They are charged with lying to federal agents during an investigation into the alleged terror plot that has been described as "the real deal" by authorities. Father and son are due to make their first court appearances in Denver on Monday. Zazi has been tracked by the FBI and the CIA for more than a year, during which time he has traveled twice to Pakistan for explosives training from al Qaeda. In a criminal complaint, the FBI alleges they found nine handwritten pages on the manufacture and handling of explosives, detonators and the fuzing system in Zazi's possession. "When [Zazi] was questioned about whether or not he knew anything about these written notes, and they were shown to him, he denied that knowledge," said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. Kelly said Mohammed Zazi was arrested "because he lied about the phone call that he made to his son when he was in New York."
  8. 8. -- Source: REFERENCES References: 1. Series of EmergencyNet News "Real-time" Reports Concerning Bombings and Attempted Bombings in London, England -- 07 July and 21 July 2005 to present 2. Thursday, August 10, 2006 -- Analysis of Improvised Liquid Bombs in London Terrorist Plot 3. Series of "Real-Time" Reports Concerning Multiple Train Bombings Madrid, Spain -- 11 March 2004 4. [Fictionalized] Terrorist Attack on Chicago (Transit system) -- February 26, 1995 5. Saturday, February 28, 1998 Vol. 4 - 059 -- DOT REPORT SAYS U.S. TRANSIT SYSTEMS VULNERABLE TO TERRORIST THREAT, By Steve Macko, ERRI Risk Analyst DESIGN COPYRIGHT © ADAM PARTICKA. Content © ERRI, Inc. and EmergencyNet News, 1991-2009. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.