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Improvised Explosives Iran 2007


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Improvised Explosive Devices and Iran

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Improvised Explosives Iran 2007

  1. 1. Improvised Explosive/Platter/Shaped Charge Device Explosively Formed Penetrator By C. L. Staten, CEO and Sr. National Security Analyst Emergency Response & Research Institute (ERRI) © Copyright, 2006-7, Emergency Response & Research Institute and the author. All rights reserved. This presentation contains military and law enforcement sensitive information and should not be distributed to the general public. Contact ERRI/EmergencyNet News for more information about any usage of this presentation.
  2. 2. General John Abizaid told the Senate Nature of the Problem Armed Service Committee on March 14, 2006: quot;Iran is pursuing a multi-track policy in Iraq, consisting of overtly supporting the formation of a stable, Shia Islamist-led central government while covertly working to diminish popular and military support for U.S. and Coalition operations there. Additionally, sophisticated bomb making material from Iran has been found in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq.quot;
  3. 3. Shaped Charge
  4. 4. Vehicle Penetrator
  5. 5. Additional information? More Information about this or related topics? EMERGENCY RESPONSE & RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ERRI) EmergencyNet News Service 6348 North Milwaukee Avenue - #312, Chicago, Illinois 60646, USA Voice/Voice Mail: 773-631-ERRI Fax: 773-631-4703 Internet E-Mail: Web Page: