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Personal capture.quick overview

  1. 1. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesAn introduction to using lecturerecording with myEchoDr Graham McElearneyCiCS
  2. 2. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesContents• What is lecture recording?• Why should I use it?• How do I access it?
  3. 3. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesWhat is lecture recording?• Simultaneous recording of: • speaker’s voice • speaker’s computer screen – PowerPoint, web browser etc • optional video of speaker• Playback delivered via web browser• Different playback options
  4. 4. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesWhy use it?• As an enhancement to normal lecture delivery • Provide a study aid for review and revision • Help accommodate different learning styles • Provide supplementary material in addition to timetabled classes • Enable the flexible delivery of resources • Assist students who do not have English as their first language • Supporting students unable to attend
  5. 5. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesWhy use it?• More than just recording lectures…. • To provide a recap or précis of the weeks activities – for revision purposes or for preparation • To provide further explanation of difficult concepts and FAQs • Adding diversity to learning resources • Providing feedback on assessment
  6. 6. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesWhy use it - CiCS?• Internal comms• Software demonstrations and/or training• Incident management
  7. 7. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesHow to access it – in lecturetheatres• Lecture capture is available in the current locations: • St Georges Church, LT14 • Hicks LTA • Arts Tower LT6, LT4 • Medical School Hallam 1 and 2 • Richard Roberts Auditorium • Students’ Union Auditorium
  8. 8. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesHow to access it – PersonalCapture• Desktop software equivalent available on site license• Can be installed on your own machines• You can record at a time and/or location that suits you• Laptop can be loaned from AV services by request
  9. 9. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesHow to access it• Book to register as a lecture capture user •• Book specific session via AV Services •
  10. 10. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesWill it impact attendance?• There is a natural fear that recording lectures will impact attendance• Recording is intended to act as an enhancement rather than a replacement• Studies in US and Australia show that recording lectures does not lead to a drop in attendance• It presents a good opportunity to rethink the content of your lectures and make sure that attending adds real value
  11. 11. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesCopyright guidelines• Please ensure that your lecture recordings do not infringe copyright – it is your responsibility• Although certain copyrighted materials may be used in class, it is not necessarily ok to use them in a recorded lecture• Images, video clips etc on the Internet will almost certainly be subject to some form of copyright• derations
  12. 12. Corporate Information and Computing ServicesCopyright guidelines• Copyrighted materials should be removed from your recorded lecture• Limited editing features allow you to do this• Contact CiCS for more information on this:•