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External relations overview presentation

  1. 1. External Relations OverviewPresentation for CiCSNovember 2011Carrie Warr – Director of External Relations
  2. 2. Purpose of External Relations• To protect, manage and enhance the reputation of the University to enable it to deliver its vision, mission and strategic plan KPIs 01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  3. 3. We achieve this by:• Positioning and brand management• Communicating positive messages internally and externally, through variety of channels• Managing the impact of negative messages• Managing relationships: • Community relations, City/Regional, Governmental, Media, internal etc• Creating opportunities for all of the above01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  4. 4. Our stakeholders Media Policy Local makers community and influencers Companie Regional University stakeholders s wanting of Sheffield graduates Prospective Prospective partners and current (research students and education) Our staff01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  5. 5. External Relations – Communityand Local• City engagement • Building effective relationships with key City contacts such as the Council, Sheffield First, Creative Sheffield, Community Assemblies and Neighbourhood Action Groups• Local community groups/Neighbours • Attending local residents meetings • Community Reps • Student-led initiatives01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  6. 6. External Relations – Regional• Specialist Projects and Initiatives • Dream Bigger Dreams events • Sheffield Showcase• Building strong links with business community • To support Knowledge Exchange activities • To secure employer support for graduate development • To develop collaboration opportunities01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  7. 7. External Relations – National• Influencing Government policy • What policy decisions may impact us? • What policy decisions can we influence?• Building relationships with key policy makers / influencers • What policy decisions may impact us?01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  8. 8. External Relations – Media/PR• Sourcing stories from around University and preparing features/news releases• Generating media interest• Monitoring and managing negative press coverage• Developing links with news outlets – home and overseas01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  9. 9. External Relations – CorporateMarketing• Ensuring the University’s brand is communicated to best effect• Working with UEB and faculties to develop and deliver marketing strategies (e.g., Real Stories, Dream Bigger Dreams)• Creative Team – production of marketing collateral (online and print)01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  10. 10. External Relations – InternalCommunications• Support the Vice-Chancellor and other UEB members in their communications• Produce Overview – monthly University-wide e-newsletter – and other “central” comms• Advise faculties and departments in good practice, and develop University’s internal communications skills01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  11. 11. Our challenges• Measuring our ROI• Managing unpredictable things – particularly the many things outside of our control • Incidents • Unexpected negative press stories• Keeping track of interactions across the University• The changing speed of media01/12/2011 © The University of Sheffield
  12. 12. Questions?