CiCS Service Strategy


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CiCS Service Strategy

  1. 1. CICS Service Strategy
  2. 2. Outline • Aims • Service Catalogue • Process Management • Governance
  3. 3. Aims of CiCS Service Strategy • Align IT Services to University objectives • Engage University in planning of IT services • Prioritise investment of resource • Understand cost (and value) of IT services • Understand and manage the risks • ITIL Service Management Framework
  4. 4. Service Catalogue
  5. 5. Service Catalogue Seven Service Areas: • Learning and Teaching • Research and Innovation • Communication and Collaboration • Help and Support • ICT Infrastructure • Corporate Information • Business Activity
  6. 6. Learning and Teaching CiCS aims to provide a 'catalytic' role that enables the University to provide the best possible learning experience for its students (and teaching experience for its staff) by developing, encouraging and supporting the effective use of technology and space. • Learning Spaces • Computing Facilities for Students • eLearning and Technologies • Support for Teaching
  7. 7. Research and Innovation CiCS is committed to supporting research in all disciplines and strengthening relationships with all University researchers by facilitating collaboration, providing research computing facilities, supporting research applications, and helping departments with research costing management. • Research Computers • Applications and Support • Research Costing and Administration
  8. 8. Communication and Collaboration CiCS provides a wide range of tools and services to facilitate collaboration, communication and co- operation, from essential email and telephone services to more specialised tools such as myCalendar, myChat and uSpace. • Email • Telephony • Websites • Calendaring • Video Conferencing • Social Networking • File Sharing • Portal (MUSE)
  9. 9. Help and Support In addition to the 1-1 support available from the helpdesk, CiCS performs maintenance on IT equipment, works with staff to ensure they have access to the required systems, produces policies for everybody’s security and liaises with faculties to plan for long term needs. • IT Helpdesk • IT Support • Liaison • Access and Security
  10. 10. ICT Infrastructure CiCS manages servers, data storage and networks, increasing performance and resilience in the background while the University carries out its business. • Application Services • Storage • Network • Software Delivery
  11. 11. Corporate Information We analyse, design, integrate and support IT systems which provide services to the University and provide advice and access to accurate Management Information to customers within and outside the university. • Business Analysis and Service Design • IT Systems Providing Services to the University • Management Information
  12. 12. Business Activity CiCS provide print and design services, event spaces and product sales for the University; manage staff and student printing on campus; manage University and personal information to meet legal requirements; and provide a records management and storage service. • Printing and Design • Event Spaces • Sales • Information and Data Compliance • Records and Information Management
  13. 13. Process Management
  14. 14. Process Management • Change Management – approval / logging – Calendar • Incident Management • Problem Management
  15. 15. Governance