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Tools for Campus Network as a Service


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Presentació de Maria Isabel Gandia, cap de Comunicacions del CSUC, juntament amb Jonny Lundin, de SUNET duta a terme al debat "Tools for campus network as a service", dins de la 9a edició del SIG-NOC meeting el 8 d'abril de 2019 a Ljubljana, Eslovènia.

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Tools for Campus Network as a Service

  1. 1. Jonny Lundin & Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo 9th SIG-NOC meeting Arnes, Ljubljana, 8-4-2019 Tools for Campus Network as a Service
  2. 2. Campus Network as a Service (CNaaS) ü Campus Network as a Service (CNaaS) aims to offer 24x7 Campus Network services to the institutions connected to NRENs, standardizing the network architecture, tools and processes they use. ü CNaaS will be offered by the NREN to its connected institutions. ü The service can be classified into packages: 1. Monitoring of the infrastructure (basic package) 2. Configuration and management of the wired network 3. Configuration and management of the wireless network 4. Configuration and management of additional network services ü For each organization (customer), the CNaaS team and the customer will define the exact scope, involved packages and expected timeline.
  3. 3. Campus Network as a Service (CNaaS) (II) ü The basic monitoring package would include a VPN to monitor the infrastructure from the NREN with the tools to monitor the network. ü The packages for the configuration and management of the wired network, wireless network and additional network services would be added to the basic monitoring package according to the needs of the customer. ü The wired network package would include the operation of the campus local network infrastructure: switches, routers and firewalls. ü The wireless network package would cover at least the operation of two SSID (eduroam and the guest network). ü Additional network services would be: DHCP, DNS, Radius servers (services like email, web or directory service are outside of the scope of this service.
  4. 4. Requirements ü The NREN (Service Provider) must offer: • On-site visit to know the network before deploying CNaaS • Second-line operations • Third-line operations • Management of the equipment and services (KPI) • Trouble-ticketing system • … ü The institution (service user) must provide: • The first-line support (help desk) • Remote hands • Local operations • Environmental conditions • … ü The responsibility demarcation point between the service provider and the service user is the port on the managed equipment towards the infrastructure managed by the service user.
  5. 5. Benefits ü Standardized setup à Easy to replicate in other institutions ü It simplifies new network setups for the institution. ü Better automation of network configuration.
  6. 6. Some necessary tools ü Monitoring tools: • NAV • … ü Ticketing system: • OTRS • … ü Inventory system: • VC4 • …
  7. 7. Challenges ü Alarms ü Ticket flow from the institutions
  8. 8. Thanks for you attention! Questions?