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SIG-NOC survey 2019


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Presentació a càrrec de Maria Isabel Gandia, cap de comunicacions del CSUC, duta a terme a la novena edició del SIG-NOC meeting, celebrada a Ljubljana (Eslovènia) el 8 i 9 d'abril de 2019.

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SIG-NOC survey 2019

  1. 1. SIG-NOC Tools Survey 2019 Maria Isabel Gandía Carriedo 9th SIG-NOC Meeting ARNES, Ljubljana, 09-04-2019
  2. 2. 1st NOC Survey: 2011 Run from July to October 2011, published in December. Wide scope covering: • NOC taxonomy • Network and Services • NOC tools (per 14 functionalities) • Communication and front end • Collaboration and best practices 54 questions. 43 valid answers. Many open text boxes that didn’t do the great job they were supposed to do.
  3. 3. 2nd NOC Tools Survey Run from December’15 to February’16, published in June’16. Focused on Tools according to 15 functions that the NOCs may be responsible for, including DDoS mitigation. One section about standards and industry best practices as well as training activities. Tools scored in two ways: Importance / Quality. We included the tools that had more than one answer in the last survey and also a generic "in-house" (asking the possibility of open-sourcing it) and "other". Answerable via “click-click”. “35” questions (we nearly doubled the number of questions, up to 66, to make it “SurveyMonkey friendly”). 64 valid answers.
  4. 4. What we will review today: the 3rd SIG-NOC Tools Survey  For all the survey: • The “big blocks” and how to sort them: – Basic information – Tools – Standards • Missing questions or answers  The functionalities we will include.  For each functionality: • The name of the functionality • The definition • The tools that we will include • Missing tools
  5. 5. Basic information 1. Name (acronym) of your organisation * 2. Type (range) of the network that your organisation is responsible for* (Please choose all that apply): • Wide area network among several countries • National research and education network (NREN) • Regional metropolitan network • Campus university network • Specific research network (any range) • Commercial network (any range) • Internet exchange • Other:
  6. 6. Functionalities: Responsibilities and Functions of the NOC in 2016
  7. 7. Functionalities to cover (15 or 16) sorted by number of answers in 2016  Monitoring,  Problem management,  Ticketing,  Performance management,  Reporting & statistics,  Configuration management & backup,  Communication, coordination & chat,  Knowledge management/documentation,  Change management,  Out-of-band-access (?)  Security management,  Inventory management,  DDoS mitigation,  Resource management,  Automation and Orchestration,  Data aggregation, representation & visualization
  8. 8. NOC tools  You will be asked to indicate whether or not your NOC is responsible for each particular function. If you answered 'Yes', you will be redirected to the tools page where you can indicate the importance and usefulness of the particular software tools for the given NOC function. Please, only mark those tools that your NOC has first-hand experiences  For each one of the functionalities: • Short definition of <functionality> • Is your NOC responsible for <functionality> • What tools do you use for <functionality> Tool How important is this tool for your NOC? How would you rate this tool for the <functionality>? TOOL1 TOOL2 …
  9. 9. For each functionality we will review  This funcionality stands for... Answers from one organization in 2011/2016: Tool9 Tool10 (add?) Tool11 Tool12 Tool13 Tool14 Tool15 • Tool1 • Tool2 (drop/change?) • Tool3 • Tool4 • Tool5 • Tool6 • Tool7 • Tool8 Tools: In red, tools to erase from the survey, mostly because they were mentioned only once in 2016 Short definition Tools mentioned only once in 2011 / 2016. In green, possible answers to rescue In green, possible answers to include in the survey, because they were mentioned more than once in 2016 / new suggestions
  10. 10. NOC tools – Monitoring Observation and measurement of several parameters (from the link status or traffic on an interface or line to physical parameters, like temperature, humidity, etc). 1-answer-2016: AS-Stats LibreNMS CENTREON Swatch Ciena OneControl IBM Tivoli Netdisco Net-minder Speedtest Puppet Racktables Patchmanager Splunk Net Polygraph NMS DWDM vendors GINS minemon Rancid frontend MRTG front-end, Netflow analyser RRDtool FTAS, G3 SMARTxAC Turbo Krt ViaIpe 1-answer-2011: Alcatel NMS BCNET CMDB Beacon Bigbrother Ciena NMS Ciena Preside Cisco IP SLA Cisco EEM Dude Equipt sp NMS Fluxoscope FSP NeManager GARR mon. sui. Hobbit iBGPlay ICmyNet.Flow ICmyNet.IS Kayako LambdaMonitor MonaLisa Munin NAV NetCool Netscout Network Node Mgr NFA NMIS NTOP Observium OpManager Racktables SMARTxAC Splunk Trapmon WuG Zabbix Arbor/Netscout Peakflow/SP BGPMON CACTI CRICKET ELK STACK ICINGA INTERMAPPER LOGGING LOOKING-GLASS MRTG MUNIN (3) NAGIOS NAV (2) NETFLOW NFDUMP NFSEN OBSERVIUM OPENVIEW PERFSONAR PMACCT RANCID RIPE Atlas / Stats RIPE RIS / BGPlay SILK SMOKEPING SNMP SPECTRUM SPLUNK SYSLOG WEATHERMAP ZABBIX (4) ZENOSS ZINO Suggested tools:
  11. 11. NOC tools – Monitoring – First 2 questions We mixed methods with tools in the previous surveys. The idea is to separate them and know the importance an frequency of usage for each one of them: What Monitoring tools are of most importance for you? Please rate from 1 (less important) to 6 (more important) • SNMP-based tools • Flow Monitoring-based tools (Netflow, sFlow, etc) • Syslog handling tools • Active monitoring probing, like delay (owamp, twamp) or throughput tests. • External tools (like looking-glasses, RIPE NCC tools, BGPmon, etc) • Other tools (like RANCID) How often are these tools used in your NOC (Daily/Few times a week/≈ Once a week/≈ Once a month/Only in case of incident) • SNMP-based tools • Flow Monitoring-based tools. (Netflow, sFlow, etc) • Syslog handling tools • Active monitoring probing, like delay (owamp, twamp) or throughput tests. • External tools (like looking-glasses, RIPE NCC tools, BGPmon, etc) • Other tools (like RANCID, Splunk…)
  12. 12. NOC tools – Problem management / Incident management? The primary objectives of Problem Management are to prevent problems and resulting incidents from happening, to eliminate recurring incidents and to minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented. Following the necessary steps in order to identify the source of a problem. Getting warnings about problems or incidents. Please note communication and collaboration tools will be in a different section. Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: 2016: GN6 Kibana HP Openview SpiceWorks Observium Munin 2011: ARS CA spectrum Hobbit HP insight mgr HP service cter HP service mgr Icinga ICmyNet.IS ITIL Jira Monitor One Proprietary NMS Service now Splunk Vigilant_cong estio Wiki Zenoss CONFLUENCE ELK stack JIRA (3) NAGIOS NLNOG RING OTRS REQUEST TRACKER RIPE Atlas / Stats RIPE RIS / BGplay SPLUNK ZABBIX ZINO Tools:
  13. 13. NOC tools – Ticketing Process for the tracking of incidents, problems or tasks. 2016: MANTIS Bug Tracker TRAC HP Openview SD VC4 IMS Clocking SpiceWorks GLPI GN6 Ticketing for Drupal 2011: BMC service express Easyvista HP Service center HP Service Manager HP Service desk Kayoko Help Desk Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: ARS (Remedy) JIRA OTRS REQUEST TRACKER SERVICE NOW TTS (2)
  14. 14. NOC tools – Performance management Following a procedure in order to identify the source of a performance problem on the network. 2016: RRD Spirent appliances Speedtest NAV 2011: Atlas BC NET CMDB CISCO IP SLA DynaTrace IPPM Jitter MGEN Munin Nagios NFDUMP Netflow Netminder Ops Mgr Owamp PING Prosilent QoS SpeedTest Storsentry Traceroute TCPDUMP Wireshark Zenoss Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: BWCTL HADES IPERF MGEN (2) MRTG NDT NLNOG RING tools OWAMP/TWAMP PERFSONAR RIPE Atlas SMOKEPING WIRESHARK ZINO
  15. 15. NOC tools – Reporting and statistics Representation of data sources for reference and statistics. It includes capacity reporting and SLA reporting. 2016: Kibana LibreNMS Torrus RRDtool infovista sanet NAV NFDUMP 2011: BCNET CMDB Business object datamarts Confluence Cricket Excel GINS HO service desk Hobbit Icinga ICmyNet.IS Infovision Jira MonaLISA MSR reporter Netflow Smokeping Splunk Stager StorSentry Zabbix Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: ARBOR CA SPECTRUM CACTI GRAFANA MRTG MUNIN NAGIOS NFSEN RT (2) SPLUNK TABLEAU ZABBIX (2) ZENOSS ZINO
  16. 16. NOC tools – Configuration management and backup Control and backup of the configuration for the routers switches and other pieces of equipment. 2016: RCS (4) CA Spectrum and FTP Puppet Backuppc etckeeper Racktables Patchmanager Ciena NMS SCCS veeam Imc Rancid emc 2011: CiscoWorks Cfengine Netbackup viewvc Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: CVS GIT IMS OXIDIZED RANCID SUBVERSION
  17. 17. NOC tools – Communication coordination chat Communication with people, either in the same institution or in other institutions. 2016: Asterisk Kamailio CallDav ServiceInfo (webbased sender for mailing lists) SharePoint 2011: Adobe connect Davical Desktop video EVO Gtalk HP Service Center HP Service Manager iChat MSN Phone Pidgin Sametime Scopia Desktop VoIP Webex Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: E-mail IM IRC JABBER Landline MAILING LISTS Mobile SKYPE SLACK TWITTER WHATSAPP WIKI
  18. 18. NOC tools – Knowledge management/documentation Storing and sharing knowledge information to improve the efficiency in an organization. 2016: MoinMoin Wiki TRACwiki TiddlyWiki FosWiki Drupal CMS File server Subversion Plone ownCloud SURFdrive OneDrive KIND GIS Comunitats 2011: Editgrid HP service center Intranet (Web) Joomla Moinmoin Plone Sharepoint Silverstripe Telemator Twiki Wordpress blog Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: Cloud storage* CONFLUENCE DOCUWIKI MEDIAWIKI OTRS REQUEST TRACKER SHAREPOINT WIKI
  19. 19. NOC tools – Change management Controlling and recording of changes in values technologies etc. 2016: Redmine gitlab Racktables Patchmanager HP Openview Sdesk pymetric Wiki GN6 2011: EditGrid HP-SM Rancid Redmine Savannah Sharepoint Telemater Trac VC-4 CMDB Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: CONFLUENCE JIRA GITLAB REQUEST TRACKER OTRS
  20. 20. NOC tools – Out-of-band Access (?) Access to the network devices of an institution from an external network. 2016: DWDM OSC POTS 2011: DRAC IPMI Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: ADSL CONSOLE SERVER DRAC HP ILO ISDN KVM (not the hypervisor) Landline Mobile tech
  21. 21. NOC tools - Security management Control of IT resources to avoid third parts from attacking the resources of an institution. 2016: RTIR Netflow analyser 2011: 2-factor token Bastion host Copp Cyclops DNSSEC Drupal based TTS fwbuilder iBGPlay Icmynet.low keepass LDAP NfSen OTRS Radius Routing authentication Rtconfig RTIR VPN Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: ACL BGMON E-MAIL SECURITY APPLIANCE FIREWALL FIREWALLBUILDER (2) FREERADIUS IPS IDS KERBEROS RADIATOR REQUEST TRACKER RSA Software TACACS+ WEB SECURITY APPLIANCE
  22. 22. NOC tools – Inventory management Organization and control of information about an institution's devices materials and products. 2016: Patchmanager HP Openview SDesk HP Openview NNM Ciena NMS filemaker netdisco Observium KIND CMT GarrDB GIS GN6 2011: BCNET CMDB BDcops Editgrid HP Service desk Inflow Insight manager LDAP MOT2 Navision NOClook Rancid Telemator VC-4 CMDB Wiki Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: EXCEL IMS IIR (2) RACKTABLES (2) RANCID WIKI
  23. 23. NOC tools – DDoS Mitigation DoS mitigation is a set of techniques for resisting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on networks attached to the Internet by protecting the target and relay networks. FastNetMon Answers from one organization in 2016: Tools: ACL Akamai Solutions Arbor/Netscout Cloud solutions- Arbor/Netscout Hardware Solutions (Peakflow, SP, TMS,…) Blackholing Cloudflare solutions. Dyn solutions Firewall on Demand BGP FLOWSPEC RATE-LIMITING Traffic-washing UTRS What kind of DDoS Mitigation solutions do you use? • Hardware platforms on-site in-line • Hardware platforms on-site off-line • Cloud solutions • No special tool, but manual backholes, ACLS, etc
  24. 24. NOC tools – Resources management Organization and control of logical resources such as IP addresses, AS numbers circuit numbers, topology, documentation etc. 2016: GIS GestioIP HP Openview SDesk Phpipam KIND GIS BDCOM 2011: Access BCNET CMDB Bdcops IP-range MOT2 Pinger Racktables Telise Text files Answers from one organization in 2011 / 2016: Tools: 6CONNECT BLUECAT CONFLUENCE EXCEL INFOBLOX IPPlan OMNIGRAFFLE (2) RACKTABLES (4) VISIO WIKI
  25. 25. NOC tools - Data aggregation, representation, visualisation Aggregate live data from various tools and represent/visualize them in a human readable way. 2016: MRTG, Tivoli maps, Juniper RIM Zino Zenoss CheckMK Observium 2011: CMDB Google-maps IMs Monalisa Munin NAV Netflow Splunk Stager Zenoss Zino Answers from one organization in 2011: Tools: CACTI ELASTICSEARCH GRAFANA KIBANA LOGSTASH SPLUNK WEATHERMAP
  26. 26. NOC tools – Automation and Orchestration Automation describes a task or function accomplished without human intervention in a network, like configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operations of physical and virtual devices. Orchestration describes the arranging and coordination of automated tasks, ultimately resulting in a consolidated process or workflow to automatically define and modify the behavior of the network. Tools: Ansible Chef Dockers Jenkins scripting Kubernetes Puppet Python scripting Salt Terraform What kind of tasks do you automate? • Provisioning • Routing Configuration • Network discovery • Other (please specify as many tasks as you miss here)
  27. 27. Standards  What is the estimated level of adoption of the given standard or methodology at your NOC? + How many of your NOC people are certified or trained (in percentage)? • ISO • ISO 20000 • ISO 27001 • eTOM • ITIL • NITS • FIPS  What technical training(s) are provided either in-house or contracted to your NOC personnel? Please, describe them all.
  28. 28. The way it will look like (SurveyMonkey-friendly style): Easy to click, although it “doubles” the number of questions.
  29. 29. Some examples of graphs from the last survey
  30. 30. Thank you! Questions? Suggestions? Please, send us your feedback!