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M-Lab and CATNIX. Open Internet Measurement for the Researchers and the Public


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El 24 de novembre ha tingut lloc al CSUC aquesta presentació sobre el funcionament del nou node M-Lab (Measurement Lab) instal·lat al Punt Neutre d'Internet a Catalunya (CATNIX).

La conferència, que ha anat a càrrec de Collin Anderson, investigador d'M-Lab, ha tingut per objectiu mostrar com funciona aquesta plataforma oberta mesura de xarxa. A més de presentar-la i descriure el seu funcionament, també ha mostrat quines mesures es poden fer contra aquests nodes per treure'n el màxim rendiment.

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M-Lab and CATNIX. Open Internet Measurement for the Researchers and the Public

  1. 1. M-Lab and CATNIX Open Internet Measurement for the Researchers and the Public Collin Anderson (@CDA)
  2. 2. Internet Measurement Challenges Our Goal: Better Internet connectivity in support of equality of access and opportunity. Transparency works, but there are problems: • Most network performance data is proprietary and hidden from the public. • User collected information is often unreliable and inconsistent. • Trustworthy measurements require rigorous methods and complete data. • Maintaining infrastructure for reliable measurement is extremely costly.
  3. 3. International Collaboration, Modern Research Interdisciplinary, Open, Reviewed
  4. 4. M-Lab’s Infrastructure What CATNIX Hosts
  5. 5. M-Lab’s Global Footprint Servers on Every Continent, Infrastructure Diversity
  6. 6. M-Lab in Spain New Sites, Growing Presence BCN01 Barcelona 10Gbps 2001:67c:137c:5::1/64 CATNIX / Orange MAD02 Madrid 10Gbps 2001:4c08:2003:3e::/64 Level 3 MAD03 Madrid 10Gbps 2001:2030:34::/48 Telia MAD04 Madrid 10Gbps 2001:0668:001F: 0063::/64 GTT
  7. 7. Open Platform (Requirements) • Original Research and Sustained Usefulness • Active Measurements • Open Source Client and Server • Open and Accessible Data • Informed Consent • No Personal Information • Ethical Approval
  8. 8. Open, Diverse Measurement Rigorous Technical Methods Provided by Researchers
  9. 9. Throughput Measurements • M-Lab hosts three active throughput measurements: • Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) • BISmark • SamKnows • NDT is integrated with numerous applications and receives about 600,000 tests per day. • Nearly every country is well- covered.
  10. 10. Network Transparency • Two active tests: • Neubot • Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) • Measure differential traffic performance and traffic classification regimes. • Detect manipulation of traffic.
  11. 11. Path Information Collect paris-traceroute information for every measurement.
  12. 12. How Does M-Lab Collect Its Data? Large Scale Measurement Data
  13. 13. Measurement Clients Performance measurement clients for informing users of their network capacity.
  14. 14. Website Integrations Providing network information to customers.
  15. 15. Software Integrations Enabling better user experience.
  16. 16. Hardware Integrations Better diagnose issue with Internet connections.
  17. 17. Consumer Measurement and Policy Case Study Interconnection Disputes in the United States
  18. 18. Networks are Opaque Critical Data is Often Proprietary, Creating Information Asymmetries
  19. 19. Network Diagnostic Tool • M-Lab’s most popular hosted test, tens of thousands of measurements daily. • Simple test of bulk transfer capacity. • Multiple NDT implementations available, across different languages and for diversity of purposes. • All implementations share the same methodology and are inter compatible.
  20. 20. Measuring Performance Bulk Transfer Capacity Interconnection
  21. 21. Monitoring Interconnection Impacts Demonstrating How Degradation Affects Users
  22. 22. Monitoring Interconnection Impacts Demonstrating How Degradation Affects Users Verizon, AT&T, and Cox across GTT, January 2014 - June 2015, Download Throughput
  23. 23. Monitoring Interconnection Improvements Demonstrating How Upgrades Increase User Performance
  24. 24. Interconnection Study Providing our Data to the Public
  25. 25. Research Engagement Empirical and Testable Datasets for the Scientific Community
  26. 26. Public Interest Data • Interconnection Study results were referred to in filings to United States regulator agency since the start of this year alone. • M-Lab data has been used by public interest organizations, private companies and individual citizens representing all sides of the debate. • Cited in dozens of media articles in interconnection.
  27. 27. Public Interest Data FCC Citation
  28. 28. Supporting the Networking Community, Researchers, and Internet Users Cases for the Measurement Data
  29. 29. Trusted Data for the Academic Community Internet Measurement Research
  30. 30. Trusted Data for the Academic Community Internet Measurement Research
  31. 31. M-Lab Dashboard Visualizations and Data API
  32. 32. RIPEStat Integration First Steps in Supporting Network Operators
  33. 33. Consumer Education ISP Measurement and Rating
  34. 34. Supporting Public Institutions Monitoring Connectivity in Schools and Libraries.
  35. 35. Partnerships with Regulators Monitoring Broadband Deployment
  36. 36. Measurement and Policy Regulatory Partnerships
  37. 37. Collin Anderson Open Internet Measurement for the Public