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Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with virtual machines


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Aquesta comunicació, a càrrec de Jordi Guijarro, cap d'Operacions i Seguretat del CSUC, ha estat presentada a la TNC17 Networking Conference celebrada el 31 de maig a Linz, Àustria.

La presentació mostra el cas de CSUC, en qualitat de proveïdor de serveis al núvol i al mateix temps com a usuari d'IaaS externs i serveis de PaaS, analitzant les seves primeres experiències en la creació d'una arquitectura "multicloud" real.

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Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with virtual machines

  1. 1. Hybrid Clouds: Dancing with virtual machines @jordiguijarro @cloudadms
  2. 2. Agenda The catalan University services consortium What about Hybrid Cloud? – ¿Why? ¿Why not? – Position and strategies Cloud Bursting in a real multicloud context – Our vision & mission, and of course values Conclusions Q&A
  3. 3. Catalan University Services Consortium
  4. 4. Vision: Farther than just network services
  5. 5. Collaboration is a Messy!!!
  6. 6. Collaboration is a Messy!!!
  9. 9. Vision: Hybrid by default 'True Hybrid Cloud consists of at least one or more private clouds with most of public cloud features and at least one or more public clouds' Some challenges: - Procurement Strategy - Network Strategy - Mgmt Strategy - Security Strategy
  10. 10. •Hybrid Cloud Model
  11. 11. Travelling to a ‘common point of view’ Vision: Hybrid by default
  12. 12. • Selfservice or managed services • MULTICLOUD Hybrid Architecture • OpenNebula 5.x ecosystem • Aligned to ‘culture’ Example PaaS environments CSUC –> IaaS and PaaS services
  13. 13. Open Cloud Power Inter-operable 100% Open Source Service oriented WebUI & CLI Free to test: R&E catalan institutions CSUC –> IaaS and PaaS services
  14. 14. AFTER AN INTENSE OPEN PROCUREMENT PROCESS Local CSP’s focused Hybrid Cloud with the first CSP
  15. 15. Hybrid Cloud with the first CSP
  16. 16. Hybrid Cloud with the first CSP
  17. 17. • R&E community IaaS strategy Getting Started with InnerSource
  18. 18. This addon gives Opennebula the posibility to manage resources in Vmware vCloud Infraestructures. It includes virtualization and monitoring drivers. Opennebula vCloud driver
  19. 19. • Deploy, stop, shutdown, reboot, save, suspend, resume and delete VM’s in the Virtual Data Centers hosted in the vCloud CSP. • Create, delete and revert snapshots of VM’s. • Change RAM and CPU values of VM. • It’s able to hot-attach and detach NICs to VM’s. • Automatized customization of the VMs instanciated. • Obtain monitoring information from the VDC, Datastore and VM’s. Vcloud driver features
  20. 20. • 1 Vapp = 1 MV • 1 VDC = a Host in OpenNebula. • Import networks, hosts, templates and datastores hosted in vCloud using onevcloud script. vCloud driver features II Authors: Arnau Colominas ( Miguel Angel Flores (, Xavier Peralta (,
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. Conclusions It is important to consider: Define your org. common point of view. Orchestrate, innovate! Think globally, act locally. Service oriented by design. (In & Out) Manage well the “Messy”. And DANCE with VM’s,...
  23. 23. •Cloudification process BE HYBRID Please!!!
  24. 24. Dank! Hvala! Köszönöm! Thanks! Gràcies! @jordiguijarro @cloudadms Q&A