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At Catholic Social Service, the open adoption process is the start of a life-long relationship between birth parents, adoptive parents and a child. Starting with your initial inquiry, through the adoptive process, and for many years thereafter, we are committed to providing you with expertise, experience, honest answers and the best support possible throughout your adoptive experience. Watch this short PowerPoint Video for tips on creating a ParentFinder Profile, and other marketing strategies, to promote your open adoption.

For more information about the Adoption Services Program at Catholic Social Service, please call Angela Schawe at 620-792-1393, or visit us online at

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Parent finder marketing tips.ppt

  1. 1. Using ParentFinder andOther Marketing Strategies toPromote Your Open Adoption
  2. 2. Using ParentFinderand Marketingto Promote YourOpen Adoption
  3. 3. 4 Reasons to create an online profile • Spreads the word that you want to adopt • Helps birth parents to find you • Helps your agency present you to birth parents • Makes it easier for you to network with your profile
  4. 4. ParentFinder
  5. 5. Creating your ParentFinder profile • Be specific with your child preferences, make sure they match what you told us as your agency. • Under gender: mark all 3: male, female, and either, because then you will show up in all 3 searches. • Put in your “Dear Birth Parent” letter. • Create a plan to update your profile and data regularly (schedule time to do it, or it might not happen). • Update with what is going on in your life: vacations, holidays, volunteering, etc.
  6. 6. ParentFinder Profiles with themost views have:• Videos• Pictures• Blogs• Are updated frequently• When people are looking at profiles they usually look at things in this order: videos, pictures, and then what is written.
  7. 7. Updates• Update your ParentFinder (and Facebook) profiles bit by bit. • Don‟t do it all at once. • This way it gives birthparents some snapshots into your life.• Updating your info is like having a conversation.• The more updates you have the more you will show up on the ParentFinder front page and the more you will probably be viewed.
  8. 8. Videos• Profiles with videos get more views and people spend more time looking at those profiles.• Doesn‟t have to be professional. Your video can be as simple as reading the „Dear Birth Mother Letter‟ while recording, or just a quick video of the extended family at a get together. • Can be as short as 30 second to a minute. • Use a phone with video capabilities and upload.• When making videos avoid license plates, house #‟s, etc. (identifying info)
  9. 9. Pictures• Avatar: this is the picture that shows up on the main page. • To add an avatar: go to photos tab (up top). • Click on current avatar. • “Add” new avatar (copy to profiles photo album). • If you have more than 1 avatar, then your main picture will rotate.• Set up a schedule for when to post new pictures, especially during busy times when it might fall through the cracks.
  10. 10. Journaling and Blogging• Can be something very short.• Explain how you spend your time, how you would spend your time with your child, or why you would make a good parent.• Journaling and blogging can be very therapeutic.• Your journal will be a great item to show to child when they get older.
  11. 11. Befriending• Befriending is a great way to have your profile pop up on other areas of parent finder.• You can befriend people you don‟t know; maybe you really like what they have done with their profile.• You can befriend other agencies.• To befriend: hold your cursor over their picture and a box will pop up with some options. Click on “befriend.”• They will then have to accept your request.
  12. 12. Subscribing• If you find a couple on Facebook that does a lot of things you like, or makes lots of updates, feel free to subscribe to them.• You will then receive updates on when they update or change anything.• Then you can go in and get ideas for yourself.• To subscribe: hold cursor over their picture, then a box pops ups, click on “subscribe” and you should start getting updates.
  13. 13. Attend: Adoption Profile Training• This is a class put on by a marketing guru for adopting families.• They have high rates of success when working with families.• This class is free with new ParentFinder Sign-ups.• To sign up: go to the front page of ParentFinder, scroll down past the profiles to the Public Events box; it is in there. Click on it, and sign up.• You will then receive an email on how to login and take the course the week after you register.
  14. 14. Problems while trying to work onParentFinder?• Contact the Help Desk (scroll to the bottom of the ParentFinder page and click on “help desk” and submit a ticket).• Contact an Adoption specialist and they will call you.• A lot of people log on at night—you may get voicemail, but they will call you back.• Contact the adoption specialist by going to the home page of ParentFinder. Click on „adoption specialist‟ and put in your number.
  15. 15. Marketing Tips
  16. 16. Facebook• Create a Facebook account specifically for you as an adoptive couple (separate from your personal one).• Do not put identifying information. Put your birth mother letter, and other items that you would post on ParentFinder.• Friend other adoption related users, in particular ParentFinder.
  17. 17. Posting links to your Profile• Put a link in your email signature and have a line that reads “looking to adopt” followed by the link.• Post links to your profile on Facebook sites like Parent finder, and other agencies that work to match birth mothers with adopting families.• Ask friends to do the same and share your profile link.• It is best if it is a friend, because they then act as a reference for you.
  18. 18. Cont…• Post to pregnancy sites and adoption sites.• Ask your church to list your interest and/or profile in their Bulletin or newsletter.• Some people even talk to all of the churches in their area; regardless of denomination.
  19. 19. Outreach• Create business cards with links to your profile. • Include information like: „wanting to adopt,‟ a picture, „wanting an open adoption,‟ and a link to your profile. You can even put the agency contact information.• Send letters to hospitals, doctors, OB‟s, etc….but be aware that a lot of families do this, so find a way to make a personal contact and/ or make yours stick out.• Visit your local crisis pregnancy center. Make contacts there and share your profile.
  20. 20. Outreach Cont.• Hang flyers in public places, and community bulletin boards.• Advertise in the college/high school paper.• Most important: Tell everyone you know that you want to adopt…..Networking is key!
  21. 21. Marketing• Use a variety of marketing approaches.• Be creative! Avoid using headlines or titles that are common, make yours stand out.
  22. 22. Thank you for watching thisCatholic Social Service Presentation.For more information,please call Angela Schawe at 620-792-1393,or visit