Economics Of Energy For Small Businesses


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The economics of energy for small and midsize businesses

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Economics Of Energy For Small Businesses

  1. 1. Economics of Energy Efficiency<br />Carolyn Schrader<br />Energy Change Solutions<br />
  2. 2. Topics<br />Green Everywhere and Everything<br />Primary Drivers to Change<br />Competitive Advantage<br />Practitioners<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  3. 3. Everything Is Coming Up Green <br />Green car racing<br />Bamboo anything<br />Green real estate law<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  4. 4. Everything Is Coming Up Green <br />Wal-Mart – sustainability plan requirement of all suppliers<br />Smart Grid (monitoring energy usage at user location) – players include Cisco, IBM, Oracle<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  5. 5. 3 Primary Drivers to Change<br />Investment<br />Federal government<br />Cost of new power plants<br />Laws & regulations<br />Federal, state, local<br />Competition<br />Who can make money<br />Who can save money<br />Who will be forced to change<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  6. 6. Stimulus Bill – Energy California’s Share <br />Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant <br />State Energy Program<br />Smart Grid<br />Weatherization Assistance <br />Applied Research, development, demonstration and deployment<br />Military facilities<br />Science & Research facilities<br />Clean fossil fuel<br />Environmental clean up<br />Agriculture/bio-fuel<br />$351 mil<br />$266 mil<br />$ 5 mil<br />$185 mil<br />$ 13 mil<br />$245 mil<br />$184 mil<br />$308 mil<br />$ 62 mil<br />$ 5 mil<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  7. 7. Stimulus Bill – Energy California’s Share <br />California’s total share = $1.6 billion<br />Plus competitive bidding opportunities on $15.3 billion<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  8. 8. Federal Tax Deductions - Commercial Buildings<br />Solar installation<br />Owners or designers of new or existing commercial buildings that save at least 50% of the heating and cooling energy of a building that meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001.<br />Measures affecting the building envelope, lighting, or heating and cooling systems<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  9. 9. Federal Tax Credits - Consumer<br />Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC)<br />Insulation<br />Exterior Doors & Windows<br />Skylights<br />Metal and Asphalt Roofs<br />Water Heaters<br />Solar Systems<br />Small Wind Energy Systems<br />Hybrid Cars<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  10. 10. Rebates - Commercial<br />Agriculture<br />Food services<br />Food processing<br />HVAC<br />Lighting<br />Refrigeration<br />Boilers and water heaters<br />Computing (data centers and PCs)<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  11. 11. Rebates - Consumer<br />HVAC<br />Lighting<br />Appliances<br />Swimming pool pumps<br />Cool roofs<br />Water heaters <br />insulation<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  12. 12. Additional Rebates<br />Federal Program: Cash for Consumer Appliances <br />CA: refrigerators, clothes washers, room air conditioners<br />Can use with other rebates and tax credits<br />Target: early spring 2010<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  13. 13. State Bills<br />AB 32<br />AB 811<br />AB 1103<br />SB 375<br />Executive Orders<br />Title 24<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  14. 14. AB 32<br />Requires the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations and market mechanisms that will ultimately reduce California&apos;s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 level by 2020 (approximately 30%)<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  15. 15. AB 811<br />Assists municipalities with retrofitting residential and commercial properties by providing low interest loans for energy efficient installations that are paid for using tax assessments<br />In place in Sonoma County, Palm Desert, San Diego, and other locales <br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  16. 16. AB 1103<br />Requires nonresidential building owner or operator to disclose Energy Star Portfolio Manager benchmarking data and ratings, for the most recent 12-month period, to a prospective buyer, lessee, or lender. <br />Effective January 1, 2010<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  17. 17. SB 375<br />Prompts California regions to work together to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cars and light trucks. <br />Requires integration of planning processes for transportation, land-use and housing. <br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  18. 18. Executive Order<br />New California renewable energy goals is 33% by 2020 and processes improved for licensing renewable projects. <br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  19. 19. Other <br />Title 24 – Green Building Code updates effective 1/1/10<br />Light levels, lighting controls, air conditioning effectiveness, etc. <br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  20. 20. Financing<br />Solar power purchase agreements<br />Solar leases<br />AB 811 loans<br />EEMs – Energy Efficiency Mortgages<br />EIMs – Energy Improvement Mortgages<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  21. 21. Competitive Advantage<br />Response for Proposals (RFPs)<br />Supplier bidding<br />Customer demand<br />Greenness of building, eco-friendly products used, non-styrofoam packaging, local sourcing, recycling, waste reduction<br />Employee selection<br />Lending/leasing/buying – energy efficiency level<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  22. 22. Practitioners<br />Home inspection companies<br />HERS raters<br />Consultants<br />Engineers<br />Utilities<br />Specialists – HVAC, solar, green builders<br />Energy Change Solutions <br />
  23. 23. Questions?<br />Carolyn Schrader<br /><br />530.405.6089<br /><br />Energy Change Solutions <br />