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Customer Experience [CX] journey[Infographic]


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92% of companies reported a decline due to inconsistent customer service. Read more to understand the Customer Experience journey.

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Customer Experience [CX] journey[Infographic]

  1. 1. Wired to SUPPORT THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) JOURNEY of companies reported a decline due .4 - - to inconsistent customer service. of customers say they have switched companies because of poor CX. Organizations‘ profits will accelerate with better CX. of consumers will pay I I more for a better experience. A Q l of companies have planned to build a better customer experience strategy by 2016. of companies provide *4 effective tools and training to gain trust Custorners stopped their Customers. buying after a bad 9 customer service - o ‘ interaction. - . F Only U of companies have a well—developed strategy in place for improving CX. of customers are frustrated with a company‘s bad services. of purchases come from returning customers, and repeat customers order of consumers require more than 2.5 times every 12 months. some degree of support while making an online purchase. of companies motivate employees to treat customers fairly. Sources: WWW. CSSCOrp. COn'l http: //blogs. salesforce. com/ company/2013/08/customer-service-stats. html http : //www. crmsearch. com/ cx. php http: //www. forbes. com/ sites/ christinecrandell/2013/01/21/customer—experience—is-it-the-chicken-or-egg/ http: //blogs. gartner. com/ laura-mclelIan/10-proof-points-why-customer-experience-is-the-next-big-thing/ https: //www. zendesk. com/ resources/ customer-service-and-Iifetime-customer-value https: //fonolo. com/ blog/2012/O3/customer-experience-statistics-2012/ http : //www. christine. net/2008/02/zappos-shares-s. html