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Catalog of nail file


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Catalog of nail file

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Catalog of nail file

  1. 1. CSSTORM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Nail File Emery boards are pieces of cardboard which have emery or emery paper glued to them, making them both abrasive and flexible, used for fingernail and toenail care. Material: Paper, Emery, Wood, PP Board Grit: #120 #180 #240 #320 Crystal glass nail file is especially for beautifully smoothing and shaping natural and artificial nails. Made by high quality, long lasting crystal, the velvety smooth filing surface helps prevent nail from splitting and also gives accurate shaping. Size: 90mm, 135mm, 140mm, 180mm, 195mm, 200mm. Stainless Steel Nail File is plain metal files or metal files coated with corundum (sapphire). Easy to keep (need always keep it dry) and clean (clean by a brush).
  2. 2. Emery Board
  3. 3. Emery Board
  4. 4. Glass Nail File
  5. 5. Glass Nail File
  6. 6. Stainless Steel Nail FileStainless Steel Nail File
  7. 7. Stainless Steel Nail FileStainless Steel Nail File
  8. 8. Stainless Steel Nail File
  9. 9. CSSTORM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD For more information please contact: ADD: 201, No.2, Gubei Street, Panyu District, GZ, China, TEL: +86-13544562647 Name: Ms. Fen Chen Email: Skype: fenfen2008hi AIM: csstormproducts MSN: Web: E-catalog: Blog: