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The safety professional summer 2010


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The safety professional summer 2010

  1. 1. The Safety Professional News & Information For The Navy & Marine Corps Safety Community Summer 2010 Updated SECNAV Safety Awards Instruction Signed A new SECNAV instruction that consolidates SECNAVINST 5100.15B, Secretary SAFETY of the Navy Awards for Achievement in Safety EXCELLENCE Ashore, and SECNAVINST 5305.4A, Department PLAQUE - The What’s Inside of the Navy Safety Excellence Awards Program, new plaques, has been published, reflecting changes to the made of DON safety program. rosewood, have a g The Right Safety SECNAVINST 5305.4B, Secretary of the modern, Stuff uncluttered look. Navy Safety Excellence Awards, identifies 20 g Safety Recruiting safety excellence awards in categories ranging Update from ashore to afloat to aviation to acquisition. A key change includes a focus on the “The criteria for the SIA award focuses g DONHR Website “Department of the Navy Safety Vision for 2009 sharply the DON safety vision,” said Jennifer Offers Benefits Info and Beyond,” signed by Navy Secretary Ray Glenn, director for safety in acquisition for the Mabus in July 2009. The vision is a critical deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for safety g ABCD Tool roadmap for achieving sustained mishap rate (DASN(Safety)). “We want to encourage offices, reduction and establishment of the DON as a teams and commands responsible for weapon g Call For Articles World Class Safety Organization. systems, platforms and processes to be forward- g Safety Spotlight: Other changes include: thinking and design safety in from concept Bill Ingersoll !Alignment of all DON-level safety through acquisition. Experience shows it’s a awards to ensure competitive parity. valuable investment.” g What’s New, !Establishment of award name The Emerging Center of Excellence Award What’s Coming consistency. focuses on commands that have never won a !Clarifying the awards selection DON-level safety award, but shows exceptional g Transitions process. promise for future safety excellence leadership. !Establishment of the Safety Integration “NAS Key West was one of the g DON Safety Myth in Acquisition (SIA) and the Emerging Center of inspirations for this award,” said Darrilyn Busters Poster Excellence awards. Cranney, the director for safety and occupation g Blogging For The SIA award has its roots in the David health for DASN(Safety). “Their safety Safety Packard Acquisition Excellence in Acquisition turnaround was truly remarkable – from having a award, but now requires a separate nomination. deplorable record to one of the best in the Navy. The SIA award is open to all Navy and Marine It took them a number of years to make the Corps offices, teams or commands with an transition. If they’d had some recognition on the acquisition mission. way “up,” maybe they would have arrived a little earlier.” Cranney is also awards manager for the SECNAV awards. Another change is the timing of the award. Rather than in Fall, beginning in 2011, the awards will be presented in the Spring. The DON-level safety awards were established to recognize Navy and Marine Corps commands that have demonstrated exceptional and sustained safety excellence. The objectives of the awards program is to encourage increased mission readiness by mishap and hazard reduction; to promote full integration of SAFETY EXCELLENCE FLAG -The Secretary of the operational risk management principles Navy will have a new flag to present to Safety Excel- Navywide, and to foster a sound safety culture lence recipients. The flag is expected to wear better throughout all navy and Marine Corps than the previous flag, and its bright colors and design will be more visible. commands, activities, and units.
  2. 2. Got the Right (Safety) Stuff? DON WantsYou! To attract safety recruit candidates to the DON, a full-sized version of this recruitment flyer was circulated at the March 2010 American Society of Safety Engineers Conference in Baltimore, MD. The flyer will soon be available on the Civilian Safety Community website at (Note the Naval Safety Center is transitioning its website content to a MS Sharepoint platform. Expect delays in accessing information.) Navy Civilian Safety Professional Recruiting Update Last Fall we talked about NRG continues to make We hope with centralized how Navy Human Resources (HR) is progress. Unfortunately, the recruiting and standardized PDs that working with SECNAV and the safety classification process has taken we can continue to move forward community to get us the best longer than expected due to with NRG to hire qualified safety candidates and to recruit college transition from the National Security professionals. graduates to come work for the Performance System (NSPS) back to Navy. the General Schedule (GS) this past The Navy’s Nationwide June. Recruitment Group (NRG) continues On the positive side, to move forward toward the goal of standardized safety position recruiting and referring, quality descriptions (PDs) for GS-5, 7 and 9 candidates and resumes for civilian levels are complete, and have been safety vacancies at Navy facilities signed off by Navy HR. It is our goal worldwide. to have GS-11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 PDs classified by August 2010. 2
  3. 3. DONHR Website ABCD Tool Helps With Offers Benefits Info On 17 May 2010, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Time Critical ORM The ABCD model mnemonic (listed below) is a straight-forward tool for Navy for Civilian Human Resources risk management. Designed for individuals, teams, and crews, the ABCD model (OCHR) successfully deployed the enhances situational awareness and is easily used by personnel familiar with DON’s Civilian HR Portal, which Operational Risk Management (ORM). provides DON civilian employees The ABCD model compliments the 5-step in-depth and deliberate ORM with comprehensive information process and is not a replacement for planning and preparation of an evolution and education tools. when ample time is available. The feedback from the ABCD has four simple steps... Community has been exceptional and OCHR continues to expand the A = ASSESS THE SITUATION portal with new and updated Accept no unnecessary risks. information on a daily basis. The B = BALANCE RESOURCES new Website can be found at: Make risk decisions at the right level. Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost. This new Website is the C = COMMUNICATE YOUR INTENTIONS central source of retirement and Anticipate and manage risk by planning. benefits information previously D = DO AND DEBRIEF THE EVENT found on the Civilian Benefits Information Center Website. For For more information and a short video please follow this link http:// recent information on retirement and benefits all employees should This online tool is an innovative and interactive decision-making bookmark the benefits page at: multimedia tool that details the ABCD model. It is also located on the Navy e- learning section of the Navy Knowledge Online portal, So Benefits/. take a little time and look at the presentation and then put your ABCDs to work Benefits Bulletin 2010-02 for you. provides a guide to the new benefits web information. The bulletin is available at: http:// Call for Articles Benefits/resources/Pages/ Share your experiences, news, information, lessons learned, and Default.aspx. opinions with your colleagues via The Safety Professional. If you have questions Contributions will be considered if they represent original material. about health insurance, life Authors need not be a member of the Navy or Marine Corps to submit. insurance, the Thrift Savings Plan Please e-mail articles to: or retirement call the Benefits Line We look forward to hearing from you. at 888-320-2917 and select menu option #4 to speak with a Customer Service Representative (CSR). What’s New, from page 5 CSRs are available from !The Navy Safety Success !DoD civilian personnel has 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m., Eastern Time, Stories new link is: http:// designated June as Home Safety Monday-Friday, except on Federal Month. Visit: http:// holidays. Pages/osh/Safety%20Success% The TTY number for the 20stories/safety_success_stories_ wellness_index.aspx for the CPP deaf and hard of hearing is 866- home.aspx Memo on June’s Home Safety 328-9889. Senior executives may !The Navy Acquisition Safety Awareness Campaign: call Hilary Long at (360)315-8133, new link is: http:// !How Healthy Is Your Home? DSN 322-8133, or e-mail !Home Environment Checklist to Pages/acquisition/acquisition.aspx Reduce Asthma Mary E. Foley !The Navy 2009 report to !Guide for Lightening Safety OSHA new link is: http:// !Home Safety Guide !Healthful Living at Home Documents/OSH/oshdata/ !Home Safety Wellness Posters SOH_Metrics/oshareport2009.pdf 3
  4. 4. Safety Spotlight: Bill Ingersoll U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center’s occupational safety, health and environment director Bill Ingersoll is a pivotal figure in the management of the command’s safety and occupational health program. He is head of a newly created organization that brings safety, occupational health, and environmental into one cohesive department. Previously, he held positions at the NAVSEA Programs Field Office in Charleston; the Air Force Institute for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Risk at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas; and the Charleston Naval Shipyard Quality Assurance Office. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a PhD in Civil Engineering. What prompted you to get into the safety field? What specific improvements would you suggest for Safety is personal for me. My father experienced a work- integration of safety throughout the Navy/Marine related disabling back injury. He was an engineer at Corps? Hanford National Laboratory in Washington. Fall protection I recommend integrating environmental, safety, and health and the buddy system would have prevented his accident. programs at every facility/installation using the Plan-Do- Something that happens in a moment can impact the rest Check-Act Cycle for identifying hazards and preventing of your life. accidents and impacts. This integration can be facilitated by implementing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Another Who have you considered a mentor and why? great program that I recommend is VPP, which is being Mr. Kerry Tamayose has been a great inspiration to me at implemented at SRF-JRMC. VPP is all about worker SRF-JRMC as a safety professional who combines expertise involvement and management enablement of the in gas-free engineering and industrial hygiene with team- workforce to achieve self-compliance in safety instead of building leadership. He is a hands-on leader, and he compliance enforcement by the Safety Office. understands how to create a team of safety professionals and improve safety awareness in the workplace. What bit of wisdom do you want to pass on to other safety professionals? Have there been other safety professionals who Leadership, commitment and vision are required to have influenced you? establish, implement, and sustain any program, but The continual support of Mr. Hitoshi Kato (safety office especially the safety program of an organization. head at SRF-JRMC Yokosuka) and Mr. Kazuya Hayashi (safety office head at SRF-JRMC Det. Sasebo) has greatly Have you thought about your legacy or contribution encouraged me in the journey of integrating to the safety program will be? environmental, safety, and health programs. Their I want my legacy at SRF-JRMC to be sustaining continual dedication to improving safety is making SRF-JRMC the improvement in OSHE programs. Continual improvement best ship maintenance provider in the Navy. They are key can only be accomplished through ongoing team-building, in ensuring that VPP is successfully implemented here. awareness, and participation of the entire workforce. Safety is not just for the safety professionals. Safety is Where has the safety program and/or training everyone’s number one job. helped you in your career progression? Coming from 20 years experience in environmental Out of all of the safety programs which is your programs, I recognize that there are many environmental specialty/favorite one? areas that overlap with safety and health. For example, As a chemist (as well as a civil engineer) my specialty is hazardous material management, emergency chemical safety. Safe management of hazardous material preparedness and response, HAZWOPER, hazardous waste and hazardous waste protects human health and the management, and analytical chemistry are areas of overlap environment. environmental protection and protection of the health and safety of workers. I am building on this experience to Is there anything else you would like to tell us integrate environmental, safety, and health programs here. about yourself or your safety organization? As the OSHE Director I am responsible for environmental, What has been one of your most rewarding safety, and health issues and goals at SRF-JRMC. I look experiences while working in the Navy/Marine forward to integrating environmental protection with Corps safety program? occupational safety and health protection, and contributing Spearheading emergency preparedness and response for to human health and safety risk management for the Navy the SRF-JRMC workforce and HAZWOPER training for the and Marine Corps. environmental and quality staff at SRF-JRMC. 4
  5. 5. Instructions, Working Groups, Oversight, References What’s New, What’s Coming, and Where It’s At OPNAVINST 5100.23G and the Navy Fleet Readiness Center East provided The Safety & Occupational Health Program Manual technical support in their areas of expertise for this Chapters, 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9 are undergoing Echelon 2 final project. As a result, three low-vibration hand tools were review. recently introduced into the federal supply system. See the full story at: OPNAVINST 3500.39C Pages/osh/Safety%20Success%20stories/ Operational Risk Management was signed July 2, 2010. safety_success_stories_home.aspx OPNAVINST 5102.1 change 2 Personal Protective Equipment Working Group Mishap & Safety Investigation Reporting and OPNAV N09FB has led the establishment of a PPE Working Recordkeeping Manual is in OPNAV DNS review as of Group to improve equipment available to our Sailors and May 27. civilians. The group is comprised of personnel from OPNAV N09FB, Naval Safety Center, TYCOMs, INSURV, and Electrical Safety civilian specialists who will review how current PPE is used The DoD Electrical Safety Working Group continues in its Navy-wide, research correlations between PPE and mishap effort to analyze more than 1,200 electrical safety mishaps. prevention, and investigate new equipment that can better Following the recent two shipboard electrical fatalities, serve the Navy workforce. The Afloat PPE Shopping Guide members have been added to the working group to ensure was recently updated and posted on the Naval Safety afloat electrical issues are adequately addressed. We Center website: expect to provide results of the mishap analysis in the next Documents/afloat/Surface/Resources/References/ Flag Quarterly newsletter. shoppingguide_2010.doc. Contact the working group chair, LCDR Tim Jirus at (703) 604-1422 for more Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Safety information. If any of your Navy field activities become involved with the oil spill response efforts, please note that safety and Navy Protective Clothing Board Annual Meeting occupational health (SOH) should be integrated into these The Navy Exchange Service Command is the acquisition efforts. OSHA has developed a detailed Oil Spill Response program manager for general purpose organizational website at protective clothing and also serves as chair of the Navy Additionally, links to NIOSH, NOAA, EPA, and NIEHS are Protective Clothing Board. The mission of the Protective also available from this link. Coast Guard Deepwater Clothing Board is to consider any Navy organizational Horizon Response Safety and Environmental Health protective clothing for which a perceived problem exists or Resources are available under “Hot Topics” at: http:// for which a possible improvement can be made. The next On May 25, OSHA began Protective Clothing Board meeting will be held at Coronado taking samples to evaluate worker exposures. These Bay Room, Island Club/Surf Conference Center, North sample results are being posted on the OSHA webpage. Island, CA from July 27-28. Fleet & Force Commanders’ Hazards to be aware of and address include: heat stress, representatives are chartered voting members of the fatigue, animal/insect bites, slips trips falls, boating and board. The POC for the meeting is Amy Brayshaw from other water hazards, chemical exposures, and heavy the Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, equipment hazards. Effective risk management should, (508) 233-4189 x214, include planning ahead, training, and appropriate personal DSN 256-4189 x 214. Alternatively, the Naval Safety protective equipment. OSHA has posted personal Center contact is Mike Francis,, protective equipment information at (757) 444-3520 ext 7094. oilspills/oil_ppematrix.html Links of Interest Safety Success: Protecting People From Bad !The DOD Ergonomics newsletters are available Vibrations at: Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), which is caused by !The May 2010 DoD Industrial Hygiene Forum people’s hands being exposed to chronic vibration, can presentations are at: damages the nerves, blood vessels, and bones. Navy Denver/index.htm civilian and military personnel involved in defense-support !DoD Safety, Health and Fire Protection website is operations may be exposed to such hazards. The Defense at: Safety Oversight Council initiated a project in 2007 to !The Defense Safety Oversight Council April 10 address HAVS’ root causes. The OPNAV Safety Liaison conference presentations are at: https:// Office led this project and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Naval Base San Diego, What’s New, page 3 5
  6. 6. Transitions DON Myth-Busting Safety Posters Congrats and Fair Winds to Clyde Kazebee Available Electronically and By Mail Fair winds and following seas, A new DON Safety and Occupational Health myth-buster poster has to Clyde Kazebee, safety specialist at been developed, joining 11 others that have been developed over the past few Naval District Washington (NDW). years. Clyde retired in June 2010 after 10 The new poster tackles the myth that Navy and Marine Corps years of civilian service. leadership isn’t fully engaged in safety and risk management. He spent 20 years on active The new poster features the memorandum signed by Secretary of the duty with the Navy before joining Navy Ray Maybus last July that details his safety vision for 2009 and beyond. It federal civil service, first working at was one of the first guidance documents signed by the secretary after he was the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery sworn in. headquarters in the occupational The electronic version of the Safety Vision poster - along with the 11 health and safety division, and then other myth posters - is available on the Naval Safety Center website at: http:// moving to NDW. He and his wife, also recently SafetyMyths.pdf. Paper copies of the poster, in small (18” x 24”) and large (18” retired from federal service, have x 36”) are also available. relocated to northwestern Send your request to Darrilyn Cranney,, or Pennsylvania. Annie White,, with your name, poster size desired, number, address, and phone number. We recommend placing posters in high- Condolences to the Weider traffic areas such as heads, galleys, recreation areas, and the Command suite. Family Our condolences go out to the family of Malcolm (Mac) Weidner, U.S. Naval Hospital Guam’s safety manager. He passed away from leukemia on March 6, 2010. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1956 and was stationed at various locations to include U.S. Naval Air Station Guam. After 30 years of service, Mac retired as a Navy master chief in 1988, and began his safety career with the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA in Guam in 1992. After 12 years with OSHA, he served as safety manager at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam until March 2010. He will be greatly missed by all of us in the Navy Medicine and Naval safety community. Blogging For Safety New Web Location Will Help Keep DON Safety Professionals Up on the Latest News Blogging has arrived for Department of the Navy articles will show up at the top, so you can easily find Safety Professionals. what’s new. You can even sign up for to receive a feed of Come October, your quarterly The Safety the latest news through the RSS – Really Simple Professional newsletter will fade into cyberspace, and in its Syndication – button on the bottom of the page. place will be the DASN(Safety) blog – a web log that will The DASN(Safety) blog site is currently under be your breaking-news outlet, a collection of links, a construction, with plans for its launch the first week in reference source, a collaborative space, a place to connect. October. In the mean time, why not bookmark the URL - In simple terms, the blog will be a website where - and be among the first “stuff” for Navy and Marine Corps safety professionals will DON safety professionals to pay a visit in October? be on an ongoing basis. The most recently published 6