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November 2010
Recommended reading:
“Developing the Leaders Around You”
Authors: John C. Maxwell
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Sailor gram 026 10 pop principle one


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Sailor gram 026 10 pop principle one

  1. 1. November 2010 026/10 Recommended reading: “Developing the Leaders Around You” Authors: John C. Maxwell For additional information on POP Leadership visit the POP Leadership Facebook page:!/pages/Power-Of-Positive- POP-Leadership/137179499649403?v=info Click on the info tab on the POP page for additional info Sailor Gram News you can use from Navy Total Force Guiding Principle number 1: Power of Positive Principle 1. Power of Positive: Always remember those who have supported you through positive leadership and provided you mentorship that has enabled your success. Bring this leadership trait forward by ensuring our Sailors are afforded the same opportunities through effective leadership, education, and communication. The future success of our Navy depends directly on how we execute and educate in the area of leadership and how we display this in our character on and off duty. Our Sailors will replicate what they see in us as leaders as they are watching what we say and more importantly what we do 24/7/365. Thought exercise: Take a moment to reflect on your past. Think of those who have enabled and inspired you. When was the last time you sent them a note to say, thank you for the opportunities they provided to enable your growth and success? Developing and enabling our Sailors technically, professionally, and personally is extremely important. One day each of us, as a leader, will depart our great Navy and move on to other opportunities to serve. Leadership is not always about what you have accomplished today. One day when we depart a successful career, it will be about the Sailors you led and how prepared they are to lead forward without you. How often do you invest in our future leaders? Engage and make a difference. Ask yourself, how does my command ensure leadership courses are conducted routinely and with a commitment to learn from others who lead? If you see room for improvement, take the time to engage and become part of growing the effectiveness of the education that is being provided. Our Sailors depend on leaders at all levels to enable their growth through visual learning. Then exercise positive reinforcement with your Sailors. The Power of your Positive will enable them to grow. ---FLTCM Benning, Navy Total Force/ MPT&E Fleet Master Chief POP Leadership – The Mission The POP mission is to encourage all leaders in our great Navy to understand the importance, use, and demonstration of positive leadership traits. At each level of leadership we understand our leadership expectations. For our Chiefs, the CPO Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles is what we expect of our Chief Petty Officers; POP Leadership provides a tool to execute those expectations. POP Leadership – The Vision The POP vision is to create a culture in which our Sailors are growing professionally and personally due to the positive leadership and the example projected by our leaders throughout the Navy. Pop Leadership – Guiding Principles 1. Power of Positive 2. Passion with Compassion 3. Pride Projection 4. Empowerment 5. Projecting a Positive Attitude 6. Success Education 7. Understanding Influence Power Of Positive (POP) Leadership