SER 003/10                                                             JULY 2010

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Bcst 003se

  1. 1. SER 003/10 JULY 2010 SPECIAL EDITION TRAGIC HOLIDAY STORIES Leaders, the intent of this edition is to provide immediate attention to severe mishaps in our Navy This past 4th of July weekend produced two tragedies for our Navy and Marine Corps team. One incident involved two Sailors suffering major injuries in a PMV mishap and we lost three Marines to drowning in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The following are summaries of those events: SAN DIEGO - According to Debbi Baker of the San Diego Union-Tribune, two Sailors in a Mustang were apparently racing when the driver made an abrupt lane change. He lost control of the car, skidded into a metal guard rail which crushed the driver’s side door and caused the car to overturn. Both Sailors were ejected and both July 6, 2010 | of the driver's legs were severed below the knee. This account comes from California Highway Patrol Officer A high-speed crash on southbound I-5 to Ken Jackman. The link to the story is provided for more eastbound SR94 has put two Sailors in details. Talk to your Sailors and Marines about safe the hospital, leaving one without his legs. driving and remind them that racing and speeding can be very costly. Police say the crash was the result of street race along I-5. (Photo: 10News) GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA - According to two survivors, on the 4th of July several Marines decided to go snorkeling at Cable Beach on Guantanamo Bay. Two of the Marines entered the water to snorkel and were immediately overtaken by the strong surf and undertow. A third Marine tried to rescue the others but he was pulled into the surf by a large wave, becoming a victim himself. Leaders, this was another tragic and preventable mishap for our naval team. Talk to your Sailors and Marines about the dangers of swimming in high surf and strong undertow areas. Ensure they have a plan and use sound judgment. As a naval service, we should lead the way when it comes to water safety. Remind all of your Sailors and Marines that even excellent swimmers can be overcome by a strong undertow. Basic Risk management dictates swimming in areas with life guards and rescue services on duty. Lines of communication are open! Email: Become a FAN of Safety Center’s Facebook page. Phone: DSN 564-3520, EXT 7012 (O) 757-444-3520 EXT 7012 (C) 757-374-3317