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Bcst 002 a 10


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Bcst 002 a 10

  1. 1. SER 002A/10 SAFETY SURVEY REQUIREMENTS JUNE 2010 PART II PARACHUTE ORDNANCE SURVEYS TRAINING Required every 3 years (on commands who Recommended ordnance training: AMMO-18-DL Basics of Naval Expl Hazard Control-DL maintain parachute equipment and conduct AMMO-45-DL Introduction to Ammunition-DL parachute operations AMMO-49-DL Naval Expl. Safety Mngrs/Supvrs Orientation-DL TRAINING Resource: Online courses available through Defense Ammunition Center “Formal High Risk Training Course is (Navy Parachute Course) required”. Ref: OPNAVINST 1500.75B REFERENCES OPNAVINST 3501.225B Navy Premeditated Personnel Parachuting (P3) program SHORE/GROUND SAFETY PROGRAMS NAVY MOTORCYCLE SAFETY MANAGEMENT TOOL TRAFFIC SAFETY TRAINING REQUIRMENTS In order to give Navy a real time census All military personnel age 25 and under must of our motorcylce rider population and receive 4 hours of traffic safety training give commands a tool that will enable them within 12 months of entering Naval service. to monitor motorcylce rider training Service schools, or initial assignment status, a motorcylce safety management commands for military personnel not tool is now hosted on the Web Enabled attending “A” school, will provide the Enterprise Safety Application Management training outlined in OPNAVINST 5100.12H Para System (ESAMS). 8a. for all personnel who have not previously completed the training within 90 REFERENCES: days of arrival OPNAVINST 5100.12H CHG-1 NAVADMIN 147/10 RESOURCES: NKO E-learning “DRIVING FOR LIFE COURSE” PMV FATAITIES SAFETY SNAP SHOT 002/10 CLICK TO WATCH Lines of communication are open! Become a FAN of Safety Center’s Facebook page. Email: Phone: DSN 564-3520, EXT 7012 /(O) 757-444-3520 EXT 7012 / (C) 757-374-3317 Commander Naval Safety Center 375 A Street, Norfolk VA 23511-4399, 757-444-3520 (DSN 564)