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10 traits of highly successful salespeople


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In order to be successful as a salesperson, you need to have these essential traits.

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10 traits of highly successful salespeople

  1. 1. TEN TRAITS of highly successful salespeople
  2. 2. Despite what you might think when you see these professional models… no, good-looking is not one of the traits we’re talking about! But as with good looks…
  3. 3. these traits are innate.
  4. 4. TEN TRAITS Call it positive mental attitude or a glass-half-full outlook… optimistic people have higher morale, snap back faster after setbacks, deal more easily with change, and spread their good cheer to others. Optimistic
  5. 5. TEN TRAITS Goal-driven They don’t just set ambitious goals, but they take them seriously and work tirelessly to achieve them. They’re focused, energetic, and they love to work.
  6. 6. TEN TRAITS Trustworthy You can take the best salespeople at their word. They stand up for principles, and know right from wrong. They never bend the truth— not with clients and not with their employer.
  7. 7. TEN TRAITS Direct They have the courage to be candid. They ask the tough questions when those questions need to be asked, they raise sensitive issues when necessary, and they have no trouble asking for the order.
  8. 8. TEN TRAITS People-oriented Not all are extroverts, but all are savvy about working with people and enjoying doing so. They’re empathetic and know how to treat different people differently.
  9. 9. TEN TRAITS Problem Solver The best can sniff out problems, often before others have identified them. They don’t get stuck in the problem, but rather, analyze it and then use their resourcefulness to find or create a solution.
  10. 10. TEN TRAITS Organized They’re structured and disciplined, and thus very time-efficient. They can juggle a lot of projects and a lot of details when necessary. They don’t lose track of deadlines or leave loose ends.
  11. 11. TEN TRAITS Competitive They love to win. And they hate to lose. That’s a really strong motivational one-two punch. They compete with both themselves and others, and they’re often at their best when under pressure.
  12. 12. TEN TRAITS Caring The best are driven to help others and they place client satisfaction very high on their personal priority list. They are driven by client needs and feel compelled to deliver value.
  13. 13. TEN TRAITS Confident They have an independent streak and are ready to take smart risks. They relish big challenges and aren’t easily intimidated. Their confidence helps give their clients confidence.
  14. 14. TEN TRAITS Are there really salespeople like this? Yes.
  15. 15. TEN TRAITS Are they easy to find? No.
  16. 16. TEN TRAITS They’re easier to find when you know how. Click on the book to download it for free.
  17. 17. SELECT THE BEST Lose sleep before you hire. Not after.