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Sergio Duretti, Direttore di CSP, presenta nella sessione scientifica del convegno "la vita in 3d" di Prix ITALIA 2011 un intervento dedicato ai Centri di competenza Piemontesi e il 3D su telefoni, device portatili e multimediali, presentando anche la sperimentazione in corso a Torino per le trasmissioni stereoscopiche su digitale terrestre.

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Presentazione prix italia2011

  1. 1. La vita in 3D.<br />Le prospettive nel mondo<br />I centri di competenza Piemontesi e il 3D su telefoni, device portatili e multimediali<br />Sergio Duretti<br />ManagingDirector<br />Turin, September 19th, 2011<br />
  2. 2. CSP in one slide<br />Shareholders<br />Piedmont<br />Region<br />Whowe are<br />MunicipalityofTurin<br />PolitechniqueofTurin<br />UniversityofTurin<br />EnterprisesAssociation<br />(Unione Industriale)<br />Energy Public Utilitiy (IREN)<br />Sisvel s.p.a.<br />ResearchOrganisation<br /><ul><li>No profit
  3. 3. Industrial research and experimentaldevelopment
  4. 4. Allprofitsreinvested in dissemination, technology transfer, publication
  5. 5. No preferentialaccess to researchcapacities or resultsgeneratedforshareholders</li></ul>CSI Piemonte, the ICT in-houseoflocal PA<br />Researchersat work <br />Now: 48 employeese 43 youngresearchers<br />From 2000 to now: 483 worked in CSP asemployees, consultants, grantrecipients, graduates, trainees<br />
  6. 6. Our role in the age of digital convergence<br />Since 1999 a strong involvement in research and innovation activities and initiatives with shareholders, university and enterprises running:<br /><ul><li>Big demonstration projects of digital convergence as in regional programs for broadband networks and new services (Vos Projects)
  7. 7. Technological Labs with University devoted to Digital Terrestrial Television (since 2004 and now called DVBLab) and Software Architecture (since 2001)
  8. 8. A regional program for technology transfer to SME
  9. 9. A european action for linking technology and creativity </li></li></ul><li>A bridge from Tv to Internet<br />
  10. 10. Some examples<br />The DTT Labborn in 2004<br />An usergeneratedcontent tv in ruralareasactivefrom 2007 in WiPieProgram<br />Creating a JOINT RESEARCH AGENDA for promoting ICT-based innovations in Creative Industries<br />A new way to use and play televisionbyConnectedTVwith a demonstration project since 2010<br />
  11. 11. Mobile 3D<br /><ul><li>Technological challenges
  12. 12. Auto stereoscopic displays
  13. 13. Integrated 3D Cameras
  14. 14. New opportunities
  15. 15. A common platform: Internet
  16. 16. Running the innovation:
  17. 17. The INCA project
  18. 18. The collaboration with ST Microelectronics
  19. 19. Conclusions and scenario</li></li></ul><li>Auto Stereoscopic displays<br /><ul><li>Avoid the use of special glasses to see the 3D effect
  20. 20. Two solution are actually already made available inside products: “Parallax Barrier” “Lenticular Lens”.
  21. 21. The general principle is to cause each eye to see a different set of pixels from the original LCD display</li></li></ul><li>Integrated 3D Cameras<br /><ul><li>Designed to capture both 2D/3D videos and still images in (also in High Definition)
  22. 22. In general must incorporate some processing features to be able to create an high quality stereoscopic view
  23. 23. Some processing features includes: color/timing synchronization and axis correction</li></li></ul><li>New opportunities<br /><ul><li>More involving user experience
  24. 24. Game playing
  25. 25. Content watching
  26. 26. 3D content may be produced/shared by users
  27. 27. Allow “over the screen display” of additional information related to a content (for example user comments)</li></li></ul><li>A common platform: Internet<br /><ul><li>Not only mobile but also:
  28. 28. Connected TV
  29. 29. Next generation set-top-box and game consoles
  30. 30. 3D Desktops
  31. 31. Youtube is experimenting different 3D stereo technologies:
  32. 32. Standard 3D television
  33. 33. nVidia 3D vision for PC
  34. 34.
  35. 35. nVidia on Youtube
  36. 36. Using the HTML5 stereo view (Firefox/Windows for now)
  37. 37. Specific standardization activities:
  38. 38. W3C Web and TV Interest Group</li></li></ul><li>Running the innovation<br /><ul><li>Collaboration with industry players on specific technical arguments:
  39. 39. CSP has an active collaboration with ST Microelectronics
  40. 40. The focus is about the development of next generation HTML5 interface on the 7108 platform
  41. 41. Participation in co-financed research projects:
  42. 42. CSP is partner of project INCA (INteractive Content Architecture)
  43. 43. INCA objective is to build and open platform for authoring and accessing trans-medial content, including 3D content
  44. 44. Run on-field experimentation
  45. 45. CSP developed from 2004 the OmegaBOXas a real example of digital convergence
  46. 46. Now a customized version of this box is used to receive a real 3D channel using DVB-T (the 3DHome Project with a panel of 200 users in Turin) and an innovative format which provides an 3D higher quality
  47. 47. The same box is used as an experimental platform to show the results of different research activities</li></li></ul><li>Conclusions<br /><ul><li>Broadcast television and Internet are converging inside a common platform
  48. 48. Users will be able to access the same content with different devices and a different experience
  49. 49. Devices may interact to create an augmented user experience:
  50. 50. a mobile device should be able to display comments related to the media being played on the TV
  51. 51. A TV may show a movie while nearby users can hear the preferred audio track through their mobile phone
  52. 52. TV applications may take advantage of nearby tablet to help users in complex interaction tasks (like writing a message)</li></li></ul><li>CSP - Innovazione nelle ICT<br />Sede legale <br />Via Livorno, 60<br />Torino <br />Tel. +39 011 4815111<br />Fax +39 011 4815001<br />Seconda sede operativa<br />Villa Gualino<br />Viale Settimio Severo 63<br />Torino<br /><br /><br />