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The mosT imporTanT Csp evenT of The year

  ConCEntratEd Solar

thErmal PowEr Summit
book now for the event that shows you - step by step -
             how to take advantage of the CSP boom!
2009 - an ExCEP...
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                                                                          EvEnt a...
book now for the Event that Shows you – Step by Step
     – how to take advantage of the CSP boom!

    3rd Concentrated s...
look who’s talking... Check out our Expert Speaker line up!
                 lEarn from thE vEry bESt in thE CSP induStry
Europe’s premier CSP meeting
            6 morE GrEat
More Information, More Dialogue, More Debate
Get unique insight from leading CSP companies
Regulatory framework, infrastructure & regional initiatives
who haS attEndEd our PrEviouS CSP EvEntS?
  CSP	Today´s	Summit´s	in	Europe	and	the	USA	have	surpassed	                    ...
3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit
3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit
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3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit


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3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit

  1. 1. The mosT imporTanT Csp evenT of The year ConCEntratEd Solar 3rd thErmal PowEr Summit register now & novEmbEr 11 - 12, nh CEntral ConvEnCionES, SEvilla Save up to Europe’s premier CSP meeting place that shows €400! you how to deliver a profitable, productive and commercially successful CSP business Industry tHe Best QualIFIed • Government perspective on the real Decreto - what leaders speakIng speakers sHarIng the regulations are, how it will develop the industry long term tHeIr knOWledge and and what it means to CSP companies and investors now eXperIenCe WItH yOu! Valeriano Ruiz Protermosolar • From speculation to reality - 281MW connected by 2010! Assess how far we’ve come in the last year and how much more we have to do Luis Crespo • experiences learneD From on the GrounD csp plants Protermosolar - starting up, successful testing, and O&M experiences • is project Finance a mission impossible? - an honest appraisal from the banks on the situation in 2010 and beyond Francisco Bas Jiménez • storaGe Developments - unique analysis into Andasol I Agencia Andaluza data and the very latest technological developments such as de la Energía concrete and PCM • cost reDuction insiGht - save on your components such José Manuel Nieto as tube receivers, mirrors, turbines and transfer fluids to Acciona make your plant financially viable • emerGinG markets - which new geographical markets are the best bet for your business Manuel Blanco • technoloGy anD innovation - the lowdown on the latest CENER designs and components that will super charge your Official Sponsors CSP business Cayetano Hernández Iberdrola are you serious about CSP? 6 excellent reasons why you must attend this event! Over 450 Csp industry Over 20 hours of networking and Juan Ignacio experts set to attend business building opportunities In association with Burgaleta top case studies from plenary sessions, Torresol Csp projects 4 segments - tailor your own Bigger and better conference experience exhibition Hall Workshops, discussion groups, key note for 2009 speakers and a top award ceremony! “If you want to find the CSP Rainer Tamme DLR Organised VISITS to CSP plants + first ever CSP crowd and eliminate the PV masses, this is the event industry awards!This event is simply unmissable! to attend” Lauren engineers OPEN NOW for the full summit programme! and Constructors
  2. 2. book now for the event that shows you - step by step - how to take advantage of the CSP boom! 2009 - an ExCEPtional yEar The 1st and 2nd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power CSP business internationally. In addition, you will for CSP in SPain Summit in Spain were a runaway success with over get an update about the state of affairs of the Union 400 people attending last year in Sevilla. In 2008 of the Mediterranean and the new steps you can CSP development in Spain is progressing at a rapid hundreds of representatives from CSP companies such take to get involved asap. Plus - from solar Islands pace. Here are the facts: as Acciona, Abengoa, ACS SCE, Iberdrola, Torresol, to solar balloons you will discover the ins and outs • Solar Power Towers PS 10 and PS 20 are now fully Solar Millenium, Solel, REE and many more came of the brand new cutting edge technologies that are operational and are successfully coupled with the together to meet, learn and do business. on offer. first two commercial central tower receiver plants in the world real Csp answers from the very best 7 unbeatable ways to make in the business • Andasol 1 - Europe’s first commercial parabolic contacts and form long term 1 trough solar thermal power plant – went online in From expert advice on real decreto, financing, risk business partnerships: November 2008 and Andasol 2 and 3 are now mitigation and thermal storage, cost reduction and Our brand new online networking tool will under construction innovative technologies - this years summit has all the enable you to make introductions and break the information you need on all the topics that keep you 2 • 14 solar power plants are now under construction in ice before the conference even starts! awake at night. Spain, 4 of which will be connected in the next All networking breaks have been extended few months Day 1 – Government support, plants connected to the for 2009 - giving you more time to walk the grid and plants in construction floor, talk to the people that matter and build the Industry expert Valeriano Ruiz from 3 After the opening of the summit by governmental & relationships you need for long-term success “ Protermosolar predicts that: regional officials we will dig deep into the secrets Even more networking functions including the first We will begin 2010 with 281MW of behind the plants that are already producing, whether ever exclusive CSP Today Networking ” CSP connected in Spain and by the end of in testing phase or commercial production. Acciona, 4 Industry Party 2010 we will have 800MW of installed power Abengoa, ACS Cobra, Iberdrola and others will discuss lessons learned during construction and commercial Exclusive workshops, extended Q&A sessions There is no doubt that Spain is leading the CSP race operation, particularly O & M. Then we will visit the and panel sessions guarantee that you get to – with over 12GW of requested capacity domestically main plants which are currently being constructed. engage with the people who have the answers to your most pressing challenges 5 and with Spanish firms paving the way in other up and Day 2 – Technology & supply chain, Thermal Storage, coming CSP markets – such as the 280MW Solana Our new bigger exhibition hall gives you the Financing, New Markets & Innovation plant that Abengoa will construct in Arizona and various space to meet the service providers that will can other new plant builds in the Middle East And North 6 Day two will feature a cutting edge discussion about help you take your business to the next level African (MENA) region. state of the art technology – will PT continue to lead Site visits! Enjoy the unique opportunity to visit the way or will towers equipped with fresnel reflectors the CSP plants - and check for yourself their or dishes take over in the near future? Which new 7 But 2009 is also a year to face up to amazing future potential technologies are distinguinshing themselves fast? Is vital industry challenges Awards Ceremony! For the first time you will innovative technology the key to cutting costs and It’s clear that the shift in the economy has changed making CSP an even more attractive energy solution? be able to nominate & vote for the different the way renewable projects are financed, developed categories and spend an evening with all event Then we will focus on the supply chain – tubes, delegates at an extended networking opportunity and operated. A slow down in plant development and turbines, mirrors, frames, thermal fluids, trackers... we investors taking a cautious approach means that your cover them all! What are the newest breakthroughs in business needs to be aware of how these changes Make the smart choice and reserve your supply chain technology and how can they improve impact your decision making over the next 12 months. ticket today! your plant? What are the real world limitations and Fear not however because help is at hand, read on to what R&D is currently being done? find out how! In short, the 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power CIEMAT- PSA, DLR, Züblin and others will discuss why Summit is the most important event in your calendar As an emerging, nascent industry CSP also faces many this year. No where else will you get the opportunity thermal storage is crucial to the efficiency and end technological challenges and critical business questions; to meet, learn from and do business with over 450 value of your project – all the main technologies and Of the many technological approaches to CSP which CSP executives – all committed to cracking open the their respective costs are analyzed, from Molten salt one will win out in the long run? What is the best way profits this industry is capable of. CIEMAT to concrete (Züblin) and the Holy Grail of CSP to reduce costs and become competitive with fossil - phase change materials (DLR) – data from prototypes fuels? Will there be a definitive solution for effective CSP Today is truly excited to be running this event and lab tests are shared and conclusions are drawn on thermal storage? The 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal and our track record (over 3500 attendees at our the past, present and future of thermal storage. Power Summit has been created specifically to bring global shows in 2008) proves that this is low risk the leading industry experts together to address these No money, no project! for maximum ROI. With our select speaker line up, questions and to evaluate what the smartest choices world leading agenda and unmissable networking are that you can make now to help your CSP business. With finance becoming increasingly difficult to secure, facilities we’re 100% sure that you will benefit we will provide you with the best strategies to attract from attending. How you can overcome the challenges investment and an in-depth look at the financial solutions and credits available to you today, to make If you are serious about making it in CSP, you need and seize the opportunities in Csp sure you are not missing out! The European Investment to be at this years summit otherwise you will miss Whatever your position in the CSP value chain you are Bank, KfW IPEX, West LB, Caja Madrid, La Caixa and out on the latest up-to-date information and you will facing a once in a generation opportunity that you need other leading financial institutions will give you the very be disconnected from the CSP community and the to grab with both hands! CSP is set to be worth $200 latest in I&F and regulatory finance news. very finest minds this industry has to offer. billion by 2020 - concentrated solar power is efficient, sustainable, large scale and as the most developed New markets & Innovation – What new markets are Based on our previous events, places will run out of the renewable energy solutions it is a surefire bet ready for CSP and what are your best bets? Regulatory quickly – make sure you book your ticket now to to reap a large share of the profits as fossil fuels issues, the top threats you face and how you can guarantee your place in Sevilla. We look forward domination fades away. partner with the local community and expand your to seeing you at the show! reserve your place today – Call +44 207 37 57 575
  3. 3. Visit the Website - EvEnt at a GlanCE here you can see exactly what is taking place at the 3rd Concentrated solar Thermal power summit. Check out the unique presentation & panel sessions, roundtables and networking events to design a conference agenda to suit your business needs. date day eVents pre- pre- Conference site Visit summIt site visits (optional) All day trip with lunch. A great way to network, check out the tue 10th of plants + get the inside track on how a real plant operates! nov Plataforma Solar de Almería (in Almería) Starting off with political & strategy A series of talks and panel discussions on the day 1 keynotes and moving onto an analysis of latest from the plants in construction and top Wed 11th the plants which are fully constructed and level advice to get your project on the road of nov producing electricity. Lessons, learned, to success experiences, O & M and much more! neW for 2009 – aWarD Ceremony - Attend the first ever supply chain Thermal storage SEGMENT TWO SEGMENT ONE CSP Industry awards Tubes, turbines, mirrors, frames, thermal Thermal storage is crucial to the efficiency and end hosted by CSP Today fluids, trackers, etc - we cover them all! value of your project - all the main technologies and on Nov 11th! This What are the newest breakthroughs in supply their respective costs are analyzed, from Molten salt incredible event will chain technology? How can they improve the to concrete and the Holy Grail of CSP - phase change see the finest in efficiency of your plant? materials (PCM) CSP recognised for day 2 their contributions thu 12th and will be an of nov financing new markets & innovation excellent networking SEGMENT THREE SEGMENT FOUR With finance becoming increasingly difficult What new markets are ready for CSP and what are opportunity. An event to secure, we will provide you with the best your best bets? Plus the ins and outs of the brand new not to be missed! strategies to attract investment and an cutting edge technologies that are on offer. in-depth look at the financial solutions and credits available to you today, to make sure you are not missing out! All day trip with lunch. A great way to network, day 3 site visit (optional) check out the plants + get the inside track on how Fri 13th a real plant operates! Visit Andasol in Granada of nov See information below sIte VIsIts – yOur CHanCe tO see Csp In aCtIOn as part of this year’s Concentrated solar power summit 09 we are giving you an exclusive chance to visit some of the most groundbreaking Csp sites in the world. you will get to see for yourself, up close and personal today’s best Csp technology on the ground & producing energy. trip 1 (tue, nov 10th) - Currently the PSA holds trip 2 (thu, nov 13th) - We will visit the plants plataforma solar a variety of installations andasol I so that you can see for de almería including two solar towers, a yourself the pioneering Andasol I & II are a scenic direct steam generation cycle, PT solar field and also The Plataforma Solar of Almería (PSA), bus ride away in a different three parabolic trough fields, the record breaking located in the province of Almería province in Granada, but still in a solar furnace, 6 EuroDish molten salt tanks, is dependent upon the CIEMAT and the Andalusian region. The ride facilities, solar chemical test the first ever tanks it is one of most important solar will pass quickly as our route for water detoxification and that provide 8 hours research centres in the world for will take us through some of a desalination facility as well thermal storage for a CSP, particularly in the realm of the most beautiful landscapes as a recent addition of solar full size plant. concentrated solar thermal, with over Spain has to offer and that many hydrogen generation 90 people dedicated to R&D in tourists pay good money to see! This one-of-a-kind CSP test facility. this subject. The Andasol solar power station experience is only On this trip you will have the On this large dessertic site, the full is Europe’s first commercial available to delegates opportunity to visit the PSA force of the Andalusian sun has been parabolic trough solar thermal of the 3rd Concentrated and all its test facilities guided exploited since 1980 for the testing power plant. Andasol 1 went Solar Power Summit by the PSA staff themselves, and optimisation of a variety of solar online in November 2008 and 09. Places are limited and to learn about the past and technologies under nearly Andasol 2 and 3 are currently and will sell out fast so current R&D task forces that its practicable conditions. under construction. book your ticket today! staff are carrying out. For the latest speaker updates Visit
  4. 4. book now for the Event that Shows you – Step by Step – how to take advantage of the CSP boom! 3rd Concentrated solar thermal power summit induStry Hi, lEadErS SPEaKinG You don’t need me to tell you that the CSP industry has seen unprecedented José Manuel Nieto Jiménez, Acciona Energía growth in the past couple of years. Particularly in Spain, where we will start next year with 281 MW installed and up to 400MW by mid 2010... but make no Francisco Javier Martínez, Acciona Energía mistake, despite the economic recession this is just the beginning in the Antonio Gómez Zamora, ACS SCE CSP race! Francisco José Bas Jiménez, And with more than 14 plants currently in construction, the Spanish industry is Agencia Andaluza de la Energía thriving and steadily gaining traction nationally and internationally. Fernando Rueda, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas Jorg Hahn, Caja Madrid With new CSP markets emerging in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East facilitated by the Union of the Mediterranean and other governmental support; Marcelino Sánchez, CENER the opportunity for rapid expansion is immense, and you and your business Esther Rojas, CIEMAT-PSA need to be ready to take full advantage of it. Eduardo Zarza Moya, CIEMAT-PSA This is only the beginning, as even more regions are starting to open up to Thomas Hinderling, CSEM CSP worldwide, from US and India to Australia and South Africa – eventually Rainer Tamme, DLR CSP will be a part of every energy economy around the globe - the future of Paul Lafontaine, eSolar CSP looks very bright. Raed Sheriff, eSolar Over 6GW are predicted by 2012 worldwide. To capitalize on this growth it is Joaquín Cervino, European Investment Bank essential to make the right moves, find the right partners, impress the right contacts and choose the right projects. It’s also vital that you are up to speed Graham Ford, Heliodynamics on all the latest CSP issues and that you learn what you can from the success Cayetano José Hernández González, of the companies that are making CSP work and now seeing rapid growth. Iberdrola Energías Renovables You can do all this and more at the CSP Today 3rd Concentrated Solar Jorge Insa Tello, Thermal Power Summit 09. Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción Rosa Tarragó, KfW IPEX Bank We are now at a critical stage where the industry is facing great opportunity but rapid expansion is being held back by the international banking crisis, Daniel Parejo del Río, La Caixa with securing project finance an increasingly difficult chore. This coupled Luis Crespo, Protermosolar with the uncertainty about the new Real Decreto has stalled industry growth. Valeriano Ruiz Hernández, Protermosolar Technological challenges, reducing costs sustainably throughout time, storing Juan Francisco Alonso Llorente, heat effectively and more – you need to face up all these challenges and the Red Eléctrica de España 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit 09 gives you what you need to address these challenges. Josep Ubach, Rioglass Enrique Martínez Pomar, Solar Millenium Take a look at our agenda and you’ll see exactly what I mean. You’ll get information on all the challenges listed above plus cost reduction information, Luis Solá, SCHOTT Ibérica exclusive case studies from CSP industry leaders including Acciona, ACS Joe Cashion, Stirling Energy Systems SCE, Iberdrola, Abengoa, Iberinco, Solar Millenium, Solel, Torresol and many Arnold Leitner, Skyfuel more! José Luis Morán, Solel Over 3500 people attended our events in just the last 18 months, so you can Giuseppe Casubolo, SQM Europe be sure that you will connect with the people that will take your business to Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, Torresol Energy the next level. Nowhere else will you meet so many dedicated CSP executives Manuel Cabrerizo, West LB under one roof. It’s the European hub of CSP knowledge! Bahl Carsten, Züblin And above and beyond the agenda, we´ve worked really hard to offer much more value for your money, with site visits to Plataforma Solar of Almería and Andasol as part as the CSP experience in Sevilla, an Award Ceremony tHe which gives you the opportunity to nominate and vote for industry leaders, BrIgHtest an e-Networker service which offers the opportunity to connect with other mInds In event attendees pre and post conferences to make sure that your summit´s tHe Csp experience is even more useful, and much, much more! Industry I look forward to meeting you in Sevilla next November! Belén Gallego CSP Today For more information on who you Linked in: will meet at the 3rd Concentrated Twitter: solar thermal power summit in Facebook: sevilla please visit: reserve your place today – Call +44 207 37 57 575
  5. 5. look who’s talking... Check out our Expert Speaker line up! lEarn from thE vEry bESt in thE CSP induStry Valeriano Ruíz Luís Crespo Valeriano Ruiz Hernández has a PhD Luis Crespo Rodríguez has PhD in Aeronautical in physics and since 1982 he has Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de held the position of Full Professor of Thermodynamics Madrid and a diploma in Sociology. He began his career in 1975 in at the University of Seville in the Energy Engineering Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A. directing renewable energy projects department. He is currently in charge of the Andalusian and founding the solar energy department. Later he joined Interatom/ Renewable Energy Institute, specifically the Andalusian R&D plan. He Siemens and participated in designing and constructing the CSR project of the AIE in is president of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Germany. Subsequently he worked for ASINEL managing the joint Spanish-German Thermal Energy Industry (PROTERMOSOLAR) and he is vice-president of projects of the 1MW wind-turbine and the GAST Solar Power Plant. After this he was the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA). appointed director of the Institute of Renewable Energy of CIEMAT, promoting and Professor Ruiz Hernández has received many awards for his professional managing R&D projects for all areas of renewable technology. achievements including awards from the National Institute of Aerospace In 2008 Luis Crespo Rodríguez returned to the renewable energy sector taking on the Technology, the International Energy Agency, CENSOLAR and the Energy position of general secretary of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Agency of Seville. Thermal Energy Industry (PROTERMOSOLAR). He also manages the new Advanced Technology Center for Renewable Energy in Andalusia (CTAER). Juan Francisco Alonso Esther Rojas Llorente Esther Rojas,a PhD. in Physics from the Universidad Juan Francisco Alonso Llorente Complutense de Madrid (UCM) has been a researcher gained his degree in Industrial-Electronic Engineering at the Concentrated Solar Systems unit at the from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 1984. Plataforma Solar de Almeria (Departamento de Energa del Ciemat) since Since joining the Spanish National Grid (Red Eléctrica de España) in 1988 November 1991. he has been involved with planning and operations of the transport grid, Esther is widely experienced in active CSP field, mainly with Concentrated Parabolic developing models for expansion of the system, new technologies and troughs and Thermal Storage. This activity has been developed through national and international projects as well as developing the regulatory framework. European research projects and applications, focused on energy transmission and Following a period as Head of the Department of Network Planning, energy output improvements of these systems according to their possible applications: he is currently Head of the Department of Grid Access, responsible for electric energy generation at CSP plants or thermal energy for industrial processes. managing the connection of new agents to the grid as well as overseeing At the 3rd Concentrated Solar Power Summit, Esther will perform a presentation about the quality of service in the transport network. Salt storage from the historical perspective and will explain in depth the status and the purpose of CIEMAT´s thermal storage work team. Manuel Blanco Rainer Tamme Manuel Blanco has 25 years of Rainer Tamme is head of “Thermal Process experience as a solar researcher Technology” department at the Institute of Technical contributing to advance the state-of- Thermodynamics of the German Aerospace Center the-art of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies. (DLR) in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a recognized expert in the field of Currently, Manuel is the director of the Solar Thermal Energy Department thermal energy storage and thermo-chemical conversion technologies. of the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER). Key Qualifications in the subject energy storage are material development, design and integration of TES systems for solar power generation and for the industrial process He has been full Professor and Chair of the Engineering Department of heat sector. He has many years of experience in managing and coordinating numerous the University of Texas at Brownsville; Director of the Plataforma Solar German and EC PF5 and FP6 projects involving a wide range of industrial companies and de Almería of CIEMAT; advisor to the President of the Society for the research institutes. Energy Development of Andalusia and member of the International Test and Evaluation Team in charge of the evaluation the International Energy Rainer Tamme is a Diplom Chemiker in chemistry and chemical engineering and has Agency’s (IEA) Small Solar Power Systems Project. got a Ph.D. in solid state and inorganic chemistry from the Technische University Hannover. He has published more than 100 reviewed papers in international journals and He has authored numerous scientific publications, has participated in a proceedings on the subject thermal energy storage, thermal management, advanced large number of national and international expert groups and committees, heat exchanger, solar power plants, catalysis, Hydrogen generation and storage. and represented Spain in various international scientific forums. Juan Ignacio Burgaleta Joaquín Cervino Juan Ignacio Burgaleta completed his Joaquin Cervino joined the EIB in the spring 1987 after engineering degree at Escuela Supeior almost four years at the World Bank where he worked de Ingenieros of Bilbao. Since 1974 he for four years as a project economist for Africa. From has worked at SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas on activities 1990 to 1992 he participated in the development of a Management relating to the design of mechanical components as both Information system with a dedicated task group, which he helped lead. Head and Director of Projects. From 2005 to 2008 he has acted as the In 1992 he joined the Latin America Division, where he worked for ten years on Andean Director of R&D and innovation in solar energy. Community, Central America and Mexico, helping the EIB initiate its activities in Currently, he is Director of Technology of Torresol Energy, a joint venture Latin America. between SENER (60%) and MASDAR (40%) for the purpose of developing Since 2002 he has worked in the Spain & Portugal Department, in the Spanish private & promoting Concentrated Solar Thermal plants. sector and is currently responsible for financing of RDI. He is an active member of two Bank wide horizontal groups that respectively focus on RDI and Environment. For the latest speaker updates Visit
  6. 6. Europe’s premier CSP meeting 6 morE GrEat Welcome message from the 1 rEaSonS to attEnd Chairmen of the summit The CSP SummiT in SeViLLA iS A unique Last year the Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit in Seville managed to make a little piece of history when we eVenT for The gLobAL SoLAr induSTry witnessed the coming of age of the CSP industry in Spain We’re aware that there are other solar events out there, but and Europe. With more than 400 participants, the summit there is nothing in Europe that focuses exclusively on the reflected the diversity of the industry and all of the main specific business and technology challenges in CSP. You actors from Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. will hear case studies from industry leading companies with first-hand experience on building, running and maintaining One year later and real progress has been made. The PS 20 2 CSP plants, but you will also get unique insight on emerging successfully conducted the testing phase and is about to market opportunities. begin commercial operation. Andasol I has been successfully SiTe ViSiTS completed and it will be fully operational later this year. At the same time there are 15 other plants under construction, four We have organised two site visits - so that you can of which will connect to the grid in the next few months, which complement your CSP experience and actually see the 3 means that we will start 2010 with 281 MW of CSP power technology on the ground - connected to the grid and producing electricity! feeding into the electricity grid. And this is just the beginning! At this difficult time of economic crisis and unemployment, indePendenT forum Europe cannot afford to lose leadership or competitiveness. CSP Today is an independent information provider. We are not On the contrary, it has to be seen as an opportunity to show here to sell you a particular idea, piece of research or vendor that the CSP industry in Europe, North Africa and the Middle solution. That is why at the 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal East is a reality and that is growing at an exponential rate. Power Summit you’ll receive a well balanced, innovative and 4 informative briefing to enable you to make the best decisions And with the support of the Union of the Mediterranean and for your business. the various governmental support schemes available, the time is right. exPerT SPeAkerS, freSh mATeriAL, The 3rd CSP Today Concentrated Solar Thermal Power innoVATiVe Thinking Summit in Seville will celebrate Europe´s position as world The foremost experts in the industry who kicked started CSP leader and promote the dialogue necessary to ensure that this technology and the companies who are doing it right now! continues well into the future. This meeting is essential for all And crucially, hear from the regulatory bodies, financiers and 5 businesses who want to be a part of the CSP revolution. investors, whose decisions have the power to make or break your project. In November, hundreds of people will attend the summit to learn, to overcome challenges together and to do business. CSP SoLuTionS exhibiTion AreA We hope that you will also be there so that together we can Meet today’s leading solution providers as they take you shape the future of the CSP industry. through the latest cutting edge technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits. Find out See you in Sevilla in November! which products and services are the right fit for you and 6 see demonstrations of the latest solutions in research and production – all under one roof. oPen diSCuSSionS on The biggeST iSSueS We are committed to showing both sides of the argument, and we are convinced that to achieve solutions, discussion is of the essence. For that reason, we have included over 20 hours of networking opportunities including a very special Valeriano Ruiz & Luis Crespo party on the evening of the first day. Protermosolar First ever Csp tOday first ever award CErEmony – evening Of nov 11th let’s CeleBra te Attend the first ever CSP This year for the first time, CSP Today is offering you the opportunity to nominate your company & Csp! Industry awards hosted vote for the winner in the main category. Here is how it will work: by CSP Today on Nov 11th! This incredible Nominate your company online On the evening of the 11th, the award event will see the finest in A panel of experts will review the nomination and ceremony will take place following the CSP recognised for their select 5 finalists per category networking drinks, where you will have contributions and will be The finalists will be announced a chance to meet & connect with your an excellent networking At the event you will be able to vote for your favourites peers in a relaxed atmosphere opportunity. An event not to be missed! Make sure you put your nomination through! Find out how reserve your place today – +44 207 37 57 575
  7. 7. More Information, More Dialogue, More Debate PLENARY SESSIONS ReaL DeCReTO IN SPaIN - PLaNTS CONSTRUCTeD CaSe THe FOUNDaTION OF LONG-TeRM CSP GROWTH KeyNOTe & UNDeR CONSTRUCTION STUDy aDDReSS aNaLySIS Regulators give you the truth about the new Real Decreto and what you need to real world tips, tricks and advice on know to prepare for the future Csp costs and construction • How the government plans to support long term sustainable growth for the CSP industry • Hear first hand the lessons learned from Acciona’s experience in • What quotas for growth will be allowed and how the tariff will decrease progressively constructing complete CSP plants including Nevada Solar I, Alvarado • How to avoid future financing bottlenecks and ensure the continued financial support for and Palma del Río the industry • What are the real costs for CSP plant construction? Unique insights • New Real Decreto for CSP pre-assignation - what it is, what it means, and how does it from Acciona will give you a better estimate than you have ever impact the industry? had before Invited Speakers to be confirmed: • Cost cutting tips - how to increase efficiency, scale up effectively and Pedro Marín, Ministerio de Industria how to stretch loan terms as far as possible to lower the cost of financing IDAE José Manuel Nieto, Acciona Comisión Nacional de la Energía maintaining and running a 50mW Csp plant - real data and advice from puertollano state of the Csp nation • Hear a detailed description of all the essential logistical considerations 30 year CSP veteran, champion and innovator Valeriano Ruíz explores key industry KeyNOTe in running an operational CSP plant developments and the implications for all serious CSP players in Spain and worldwide aDDReSS • Real data from the field on the costs of construction - the vital bottom • A detailed guide to the advances of the CSP industry in the last 12 months line figures you want to hear to create more accurate and realistic fiscal predictions • The CSP industry ‘to do’ list - understand the primary challenges all players must address if the industry is to continue to thrive and grow - including; raising efficiency, reducing • Best practice operations and maintenance strategies - lessons straight costs and scaling up production from the field that will tell you how and where you can save money Cayetano José Hernández Gonzálvez, Iberdrola • Beyond subsidies and feed in tariffs - see realistic projections of grid parity • Take away Valeriano´s own assessment of the most exciting short and longer term Operations and maintenance for parabolic commercial CSP opportunities troughs Csp plants Valeriano Ruíz, Protermosolar Francisco Javier Martínez, Acciona Solar an appraisal of Csp construction and operations How Idea can help you set up • Moving into Andalucia - discover the & maintenance based on learned experience your Csp business successfully programmes that the Agencia Andaluza de la Antonio Gómez Zamora, ACS SCE in andalucía Energía has in place to help companies get established in the region experience learned in the design, construction • Understand IDEA’s role in renewable energy in Andalucía and how you can take • Find out what you need to have to qualify and O&m of ps10, ps20 and solnovas for the additional innovation incentives the Pedro Robles, Abengoa Solar advantage of their foreign investment Agencia Andaluza de la Energía has available support program to establish companies in Agencia Andaluza de la Energía gemasolar: central tower and the region molten-salt storage technology • Get it right first time! How IDEA can assist Integration into the spanish you with location information, human The first commercial installation to combine the emerging technologies electric grid - the resources, administrative paperwork and of heliostats, central tower receiver and molten-salt heat system with 15 opportunities and challenges hours storage capacity. You will discover: local partners from the transmission • Why Andalucía? Analyze the incentives, • Full details on the technical characteristics of the 17MW plant operators perspective subsidies and other IDEA resources available • The real world advantages of these new technologies over currently for the CSP industry • Transmission System Operators (TSO) used storage solutions in existing plants Red Eléctrica discuss how thermo • Not just short term help - discover how your • When Gemasolar will become operational and the current status of solar generation can be integrated into ongoing relationship with IDEA includes the construction that began in November 2008 transmission development and operation follow up and additional services after your Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, Torresol company is established • New regulations (major rules and grid code) will have consequences for the connection lessons from lebrija - best practice tips gained Agencia IDEA capacity studies and technical requirements from building a profitable 50mW Csp plant andalusian incentives and - find out what you need to know now to avoid costly fixes later on • From idea to profits - hear a first hand account of what it truly takes to support for sustainable solar develop a successful CSP plant • Hear about the lessons learned and • Understand the role the Agencia Andaluza • Gain unique insight through lessons learned from the construction and challenges overcome when integrating solar de la Energía plays in the Spanish energy deployment of the Lebrija plant’s solar field and power block energy into system operation for the first time industry as a whole and it’s vital importance • Opportunities for solar plants: how you can • Contraction risks and due diligence - what you need to know to make in the Andalucian region work with TSOs to adapt to power demand your job easier and what you can do to reduce your risks • Analyse the incentives available to the CSP curves using heat storage systems to ensure • Learn the design solutions that can avoid construction pitfalls - industry for development in the region of system dispatchability including how you can accurately model output efficiency at an Andalucia - including an insider look at the Juan Francisco Alonso Llorente, early stage 2013 and 2020 plans Red Eléctrica de España José Luís Morán, Solel Check Out the latest program updates!
  8. 8. Get unique insight from leading CSP companies FOCUSED SESSIONS FINaNCING THeRMaL STORaGe TeCHNOLOGy Finance for Csp plants - how the eib can support your project Improving thermal storage for dsg plants - • It is getting harder to secure project finance because of the tight credit markets - get a the promise of phase change materials (pCm) thorough understanding of current project finance practice in renewable energy • PCM overview - what they are, how they work and why they • The role of the EIB in CSP - what financing is available for renewable energy and how promise to be the key to unlocking mass thermal storage for DSG the EIB can help trough and tower plants • 2009 and beyond - when will credit start to flow again and what are the implications of • PCM Predictions- compare and contrast the projected results of PCM the tariff uncertainty? against the current benchmarks of other thermal storage methods • The future of the CSP industry in 2010 and beyond, and the role of the Mediterranean • Get an inside look into PCM prototypes and tests - what has been Solar Plan to encourage and incentivize the industry built to date and the performance standards achieved so far Joaquín Cervino, European Investment Bank • What’s next for PCM - get an in depth understanding of how PCM will develop in the medium and long term and figure out what this the three pillars of project finance success: legal, risk will mean for the CSP industry management & due diligence considerations Rainer Tamme, DRL What you need to focus on right from day one of the business planning stage to exceed expectations and get investors excited about your project the progress and promise of molten • Why due diligence & risk management are vital to your project finance success and why salt storage you cannot live without them • Get an informative look at the Solar II (SEGS) data on molten salt • Quantitative and qualitative risks - how to calculate them effectively and convincingly to storage and discover what you need to take into consideration ensure your project has a robust, unassailable proposal when designing and constructing a molten salt storage facility for • Leap over the legal landmines - find out how you can avoid problems with permits, site your plant acquisition, DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation) and contractual evaluations to massively reduce • The associated risks of molten salt storage - find the best time delays approaches to deal with issues such as corrosion, salt freezing and • Performance guarantees and choosing suppliers - assess the right ways to impress your other costly problems banks and create confidence in your project • The vision and progress of the CIEMAT-Empresas Task Force - how • Contractual evaluation, including EPC & MO - how they can affect your project and the it aims to improve storage options by providing a testing centre steps you need to take to give yourself the best chance of success and the data they expect to generate Pablo Valera, Amstrom Esther Rojas, CIEMAT - PSA project finance - the inside track Concrete storage solutions - Project finance can contribute as much as 90 - 95% of your financing. But to secure this costs, performance and potential investment you need to convince the banks that you will be able to repay the money you • Is concrete storage the right solution for your plant? Discover how it borrow, in this session find out what exactly the banks are looking for in a CPV project works and how much it costs to set-up and maintain • Find out what you need to do to meet the essential application requirements - licensing, • Find out why concrete storage is a reliable and flexible solution and reliability testing, insurance, test data, certification and a platform of reliable suppliers. how it’s scalable design can be a critical advantage over other solar • Understand the criteria and process of how banks evaluate renewable energy projects storage solutions and determine whether a project is a good investment or not • Results from the latest commercial projects and prototypes - get • Evaluate the lessons learnt from previous CSP plant financing - what has worked at the inside track on the lessons learned and data collected from the securing initial and ongoing funding construction and deployment of concrete storage so far Manuel Cabrerizo, West LB • Get a crash course in the development of concrete storage to date and find out what work is currently underway to reduce costs and Csp financing in depth - how solar can weather the improve performance economic crisis and come back stronger • The future for concrete storage - hear how researchers are racing • Tips and strategies from investors, banks and financiers on how to ensure your solar to create a super-solar-storing concrete mix that will double the business remains competitive and profitable throughout the current economic downturn current maximum operating temperature and reduce costs to the • Expert discussion on the likelihood that financial transactions will get easier in 2009/2010 levels needed for mass commercialization and whether on-balance financing or club deals will be the predominant model for Carsten Bahl, Züblin future transactions • Are the banks empowering traditional technologies and making it harder for new approaches stone storage for Csp - a new approach and designs to break through? Discover how you can overcome this reluctance and what • Uncover the potential of this newly developed technology that metrics matter most to the banks when it comes to taking a risk on unproven technology promises to store heat at temperatures above 500º for longer than • Understand your bank - hear different viewpoints from across the value chain on whether ever before - without breaking the bank! the terms of current warranties asked for by the banks are justified and why they are • Find out exactly how soon stone storage systems could be shortening the period of debt developed and deployed for CSP plants and what it would take to • Evaluate why CSP is in a relatively strong position to weather the current economic make it happen downturn and what you can do to mitigate risk as much as possible • How to optimize a stone storage system to take advantage of Joaquín Cervino, EIB multiple hour storage - maximizing whats technically possible Rosa Tarragó, Kfw Bank and saving costs Manuel Cabrerizo, WEST LB Graham Ford, Heliovolt Jorg Hahn, Caja Madrid Check Out the latest program updates!
  9. 9. Regulatory framework, infrastructure & regional initiatives FOCUSED SESSIONS TeCHNOLOGy & SUPPLy CHaIN MaRKeTS, R+D, DeSIGN Csp technology in depth - direct steam generation (dsg) - Insight into Csp markets worldwide and costs, performance and picking capabilities, feasibility how to grow a global solar business long-term winners and planning for deployment • CSP markets update - find out what is happening in all key • Life cycle costs and performance - find out how • DSG power vs Heat Transfer fluid (HTF) - regions around the world plus hear real life case studies of much it really costs to run and maintain a CSP are the promises of 20% cost reduction in the main CSP markets current feed in tariffs and plant and analyse the durability, maintenance electricity prices through DSG really possible? available incentives and efficiency issues that will affect every • Analyze the feasibility of DSG for your plant • New plant developments - hear details about the plants element of your site and discover the technical information, that are currently being planned and constructed in the • Learn about new exciting technologies such as capabilities and constraints that you need to USA, EU and MENA multi-towers and the new trough technology be aware of • Going global through local - discover the key to setting up that will help slash the cost of your solar field • Take advantage of valuable lessons learned partnerships with local companies in order to grow your • Tower, PT, Dish, Fresnel and multi-tower…will from the latest state-of-the-art DSG CSP business globally they all co-exist or will there be a clear winner R&D projects • How differences in business culture and regulations need in the technology battle over time? • Commercial deployment of DSG - what it to be taken into account before moving into a new market • Bankable and non-bankable technologies - what will take, what the main obstacles are, when and what the consequences can be if you don’t are banks looking for and what can be done to it will be possible and what you need to • Union of the Mediterranean - identify what opportunities turn a non-bankable technology into a positive consider to plan ahead this union will open up for your business and how you can asset that can actually help you secure funding • Hear an insider perspective on the capitalize from the international collaborations with the Moderator: Eduardo Zarza Moya, PSA - CIEMAT planning and construction of the 3MWe MENA area Arnold Leitner, Skyfuel Puertollano GD plant promoted by CIEMAT, Moderator: Raed Sheriff, eSolar Paul Lafontaine, eSolar SENER and IBERDROLA Eduardo Zarza, the need for r&d+ innovation Csp & Joe Cashion, SES Plataforma Solar de Almería - CIEMAT projections of impact in cost reduction Thomas Hinderling, CSEM • Understand why Research, Development and Innovation are key to securing the future role of CSP within the Csp supply chain in depth - - New international EPC companies operating energy mix the key developments and latest in the Spanish market and Spanish EPC • Learning curve - construction best practice and cost information you need to know in international markets will diversify and reduction opportunities when building successive plants streamline the EPC process • Bottle necks in the CSP supply chain are • Understand the impact of Research, Development and - Increasing numbers of suppliers are Innovation on delivering technological advances that will coming to an end! Get an overview of the new diversifying to markets outside their home secure the levelised cost of energy of CSP component providers that are currently testing territory; increasing competition and their products and getting ready • Practical steps to consolidate a feed-in tariff free future decreasing costs of core components to commercialise Marcelino Sánchez, CENER • “Non-Recourse project finance” for CSP projects • Receivers, mirrors, heliostats, thermal fluid, - financing a solar project without risking your Current capabilities of Csp design and trackers and other components - get an existing assets! Will these types of loan really production optimization tools update on everything you need to know and come to pass in CSP or is this just a pipe dream? what’s in store for the future • Design done right - how to make sure you are getting the • Economies of scale and technological most out of modelling and simulation tools for low, medium • Turbines for solar - receive a crash a course developments - how size and R&D can contribute and high temperature thermosolar power plants on the various turbines that are currently to cost reduction available and which ones are best adapted to • Find out how comprehensive component and system the solar market and why Fernando Rueda, Aries Ingeniería y Sistema characterisation services can save you money and increase • Discover how the standardisation process new developments for Csp tube overall plant efficiency driven by the DLR, NREL, CIEMAT and other receivers in parabolic troughs • Technical and economic feasibility studies for CSP plants - institutions will affect the future bankability the role they can play in making smart choices regarding of solar projects • Focus on efficiency: hear about the potentially new builds and future site developments radical affect that new tube designs can have on Luis Solá, SCHOTT • Understand the limitations of today’s design and overall solar field efficiency Jordi Villanueva, Rioglass optimization tools available for CSP and in what ways • Find out how new tube receivers can cut welding Giuseppe Casubolo, SQM Europe they need to improve to meet the demands of this rapidly and other associated costs through the different progressing industry solar savings - ways to cut the size specifications developed through the latest cutting edge research and development Manuel Blanco Muriel, CENER cost of Csp plants • The case for parabolic troughs - find out how • Engineering, Procurement and Construction current research indicates that the technology will (EPC) for solar - discover the key differences increase productivity tenfold in the next few years between solar EPC and EPC in other energy and why it will help CSP achieve grid parity markets, whether these markets are converging and how that could reduce Luis Solá, SCHOTT your costs Overview of the supply/demand • Find out how the openness of CSP Markets balance of the nitrates market around the world will help save on CSP Giuseppe Casubolo, SQM Europe plant costs: reserve your place today – Call +44 207 37 57 575
  10. 10. who haS attEndEd our PrEviouS CSP EvEntS? CSP Today´s Summit´s in Europe and the USA have surpassed For more information on who you will meet at the expectations and attracted thousands of industry professionals. 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit in Sevilla See below for a snapshot companies that attend our events: please visit: Abener Energía Bosch Rexroth eSolar Masdar SENER Abengoa Solar BrightSource Energy European Investment Bank Morgan Stanley SES Acciona Capital Energy Flabeg Natural Electric Shell ACICAM CENER FPL Energy NREL Siemens ACS SCE CIEMAT - PSA Gas Natural Petrobas SkyFuel AGECAM DLR GDF Suez PG&E Solar Millenium Agencia Andaluza de la DOE GE Energy Phoenix Solar Solar Power Group Energía Dow Good Energies Red Eléctrica Española Solel Agencia IDEA E.ON Google Rioglass Sopogy Alstom Power Elecnor Iberdrola Saint Gobain Tekniker Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas Endesa Lahmeyer International SAMCA Valoriza Energía Ausra ENEL MAN Ferrostaal SCHOTT World Bank Bogaris shoW off yoUr eXCepCionaL feeDBaCK from proDUCTs anD serviCes yoUr peers on oUr evenTs WorLDWiDe The 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit offers an excellent range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to suit every need and budget. We can literally tailor make a sponsorship " MUST-ATTEND conference for the solar thermal crowd. We will be there next year. " Congratulations to CSP Today. This was a first class event. You have created THE package to your needs meaning that you speak, build your brand or Skyfuel organize meetings with the leading figures in the CSP space. Do not miss out on this unrivalled opportunity to do business " The conference provided the perfect venue for those and secure sales from the CSP industry! who are serious about the solar industry. MENA Cleantech " Opportunities available include " The summit has been a full success with very positive response from everybody I was • 1 to 1 meetings with key • Build your brand with decision makers exclusive promotional • Take a speaking slot and opportunities talking to. You and your team did a great job, everything was organized very well. Enolcon " address 450 industry leaders • Host interactive workshops with core clients • Show off your latest products and services in the and prospects " CSP Today conferences allowed me to gain quickly and spontaneously a good knowledge of these niche markets, and establish a dialogue with relevant " exhibition hall And much more! stakeholders. For my work, these conferences are an obligatory stopover Limited Opportunities! Secure your space today to ensure you Leonardo Energy fill your sales book for the next 18 months! " I really enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of it. I commend you on a job Solution and service providers…ever very well done and I look forward to similar events US Digital " find yourself asking these questions? Where can I find new customers for my CSP " bring the CSP industry under one roof and provide optimum opportunity to interact and We are extremely pleased at the organised approach demonstrated by CSP today to products and services? Which emerging exchange information on the industry. Mulk Holdings " challenges will offer " We had a wonderful response as a result of participating in the San Francisco event " my business lucrative opportunities going forward? Sopogy Which partnerships will allow me to take my solutions into new markets and add significantly to my bottom line? Well, ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition SEE WHO YOU'LL MEET AT package at the 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Power THIS YEAR'S EVENT - Summit and you’ll get be guaranteed to meet and do business with over 450 CSP industry leaders who need your GO TO: solutions and services! Contact Belén Gallego today: +44 207 37 57 513 or Check for updates!