Performance Support Can Save The World!


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Bob Nutting from CornerStone OnDemand Foundation shares the initiatives of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and how you can get more involved.

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  • Welcome everyone
  • How about this for a provocative lead-in slide? Timely with all the movies about super heroes these days.In the Chat area, I’d love it if you would share with us about ways that you gave back in 2013. What volunteer activities were you fortunate to participate in. Enter them now. <respond back and thank them for their time and effort and generosity>Have you ever felt like a super hero in the work you do in training & development, human resources, and talent management?Well, I am honored and grateful to say that the work I do with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation makes me feel like this…on a daily basis. At the end of this presentation, I am hoping some of you on this webinar today will want to participate with me in a small way and be a super hero to a deserving non-profit organization here in the US and around the world.First a little about the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation…
  • Read the quoteVisit out website to learn more about our foundation and watch a short video entitled “Out 2 cents” to see what we do.
  • Read Bersin QuoteWe have 4 active signature programs—I will review them briefly…all of these programs and services are centered around building capacity in NPs so they can more effectively and successfully fulfill their missionsUse your hand tool and raise your hand if you have ever done any HR Pro Bono volunteer work before. Just curious. <wait for responses>Summary, many if not most of you have never been approached to donate your wonderful education, knowledge, and experience in your suite spot—HR and Learning and Development. Today, I would like to change that.
  • Our HR Pro Bono initiative focuses on 3 talent management areas includingLearningPerformanceAnd SuccessionLet’s do a poll…if you were given the opportunity to partner with a non-profit, from the list displayed, which topics would interest you the most? Since we are focused on learning today, I split out learning into several topics while also including the other two areas of Performance and Succession. Let’s go for about 15-20 seconds and complete the poll.<review results>Thanks for that input!So, let’s take a look at some survey results from non-profits about their needs.
  • Folks…the need is great—greater than what we see in the for-profit sector or the public sector.These are survey results that really paint a tough picture for our non-profits. It’s also what motivates me to reach out to you—the Performance Support community—with this opportunity to help out.So, I humbly come before you today to ask you to set a goal for yourself in 2014 to investigate opportunities to give back. Maybe it’s a local non-profit that you are personally familiar with. Or maybe you’d like to partner with one of the many regional, national, and even global non-profits we are working with.So, let me show the process of how we engage pro bono volunteers to give back.
  • Looking toward the future, we anticipate we will have needs in following areas:In general, we anticipate we will need volunteers to guide non-profits to:Select an authoring tool for elearning and rapid development needsCreate learning measuresCreate learning strategies—how to make sense of all our training “stuff” and put it together into a meaningful offeringIn our Gift of Learning Portal, we anticipate that we will need volunteers to:Serve as SMEs on specific topicsCreate resources (i.e. 5-10 minute best practice videos)In our veterans initiative, we also see a need for volunteers to:Create helpful resources for returning vets to handle tough interview questions, leverage your social network, and more
  • Before I wrap up, I have to tell you about the signature program I am most involved with at this time…the portal.
  • Pakistan floods in 2010  One of our clients Save TheChildren needed to train 3,000 volunteers and needed to deploy them quickly. We saw an oppt’y to leverage our learning and social networking software more broadly to provide high-quality, online training at no cost to aid workers and the ability to connect with one another all over the worldIn our signature program, we could use volunteers to help us:Update courses as neededCreate comprehensive curriculums for humanitarian workers and disaster relief workersHelp us achieve our goal of rapid development of resources within hours and days of an event such as the recent typhoon in the PhilippinesThere are many more – the future is very bright and there is a lot more work we can do to help these organizations to serve more people
  • So, I could tell you more, but I hope I have wet your appetite and given you some ideas to think about.I would love to see a whole bunch of you fill out our online form and just start the process of considering how you might give back in 2014. Here’s what I want you to consider as next steps…
  • <Read the notes>Remember, there is no obligation. You control when and how you participate. My colleagues on our Foundation team will make sure this is a great fit once you decide you are ready.
  • Performance Support Can Save The World!

    1. 1. Performance Support Can Save the World! Bob Nutting
    2. 2. Would you like to be a Super Hero?
    3. 3. CSOD Foundation: Our Mission The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation transforms the way people help people. Through the contribution of our technology and talent management expertise, we strengthen nonprofit organizations around the world by helping them develop, engage, and empower their employees and the people they serve. Visit our website to view a quick video about our work
    4. 4. Signature Programs: Our Portfolio of Work 1. Nonprofit Empowerment Program  HR Pro Bono Corps  Gift of Learning  Strategic Partnerships 2. Impact Grant Program 3. 4. Veteran’s Initiative “In the nonprofit world, as in the for-profit world, effective talent management serves as a critical source of mid- and long-term organizational efficiency and effectiveness…. Money is simply better spent, and services have more impact, when talent is welldeveloped and well-equipped.” -Bersin & Associates
    5. 5. The Solution: The HR Pro Bono Corps Coaching sessions/consulting projects will focus on one of the three talent management areas below: Learning Performance Help nonprofits evaluate and strengthen their Help nonprofits learning strategies and evaluate, retain, and programs strengthen their valuable staff Succession Help nonprofits identify and develop staff to fill key leadership positions
    6. 6. The Need for Pro Bono HR Services Top HR challenges for nonprofits: • Leadership Deficit and Succession Planning  67% of executives anticipate leaving in 5 years CompassPoint, Daring to Lead, 2011  37% of nonprofits have developed succession plans Bridgespan, The Challenge of Developing Future Leaders, 2012 • Recruitment and Retention of Employees  9 out of 10 nonprofits lack a formal retention strategy Nonprofit HR, Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey, 2013 • Training and Development  80% of nonprofits rate their ability to provide development opportunities to employees as a weakness Bridgespan, Performance Assessment: Setting the Stage for an Effective Process, 2010 • Other HR Issues  Performance Management, Strategic Use of HR Software, Change Management Credit: Nonprofit HR Solutions
    7. 7. The Solution: The HR Pro Bono Corps Program Fundamentals Choose a consulting option Areas of focus: Learning, Performance, Succession HR Professionals who want to donate their expertise and time for good COACHING SESSIONS 2-3 hour one-time engagements HR Pro Bono Corps Matched with prescreened nonprofit clients Identify coaching need OR PROJECTBASED Average 20 hours over 2-3 months Develop project plan Help nonprofits address human capital-related challenges Nonprofit Clients* *You can also select to volunteer with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
    8. 8. Sample Projects Project Sample 1: Coaching Session Project Sample 2: Project-Based Consulting
    9. 9. The HR Pro Bono Corps: Coaching Example NONPROFIT CLIENT HR PRO BONO CORPS PARTNER Education advocacy organization IMPACT: Director of Professional Development and Training THE NEED Assistance developing a learning and development strategy for staff nationwide Guidance on a needs assessment and the allocation of resources
    10. 10. The HR Pro Bono Corps: Consulting Example NONPROFIT CLIENT HR PRO BONO CORPS PARTNERS Social services agency serving at-risk youth Global Consulting ProjectFirm Management Instructional Design THE NEED Develop an online learning module teaching STEM skills to foster youth Instructional Design Learning Strategy IMPACT: 1,000 youth per year will benefit from this course
    11. 11. Signature Programs:
    12. 12. Description GOAL: to increase the preparedness and effectiveness of humanitarian aid workers globally by providing accessible, affordable, high-quality training Free, online training portal available 24/7
    13. 13. Are you ready to put on your Super Hero suit?
    14. 14. HR Pro Bono Corps: Let us know you are interested! • Fill out an information form • • • • Interests Availability Complete control No obligation • Complete a brief phone interview • • Brief review of your information Discuss possible opportunities if there is a match • We create an agreement between you and the non-profit • Complete your contribution • Everyone wins!
    15. 15. Stay Connected @CSODFoundation
    16. 16. Questions?
    17. 17. Thank you!