Getting Foundation Grants: Research and Resources


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Learn how to become a better grantseeker! Join the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and the Foundation Center for an informative discussion on the world of private grantmaking and the essentials of grantseeking from foundations and corporations. Find out how best to identify which grantmakers to approach and which tools and resources can make your search more effective.

In this presentation you will learn about:

•The structure and methodology of private grantmakers
•How to access the best resources for seeking private grants
•How to get free assistance from the Foundation Center's network and websites

To view the recorded webinar for this presentation, visit:

Or visit the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation website at

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Getting Foundation Grants: Research and Resources

  1. 1. Getting Foundation Grants: Research and Resources
  2. 2. CSOD Foundation: Our Mission The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation transforms the way people help people. Through the contribution of our technology and talent management expertise, we strengthen nonprofit organizations around the world by helping them develop, engage, and empower their employees and the people they serve.
  3. 3. HR Pro Bono Corps The HR Pro Bono Corps brings much-needed human capital management expertise to the nonprofit sector at no cost. The HR Pro Bono Corps focuses its support in three areas: • Performance Management • Learning Management • Succession Management
  4. 4. About the Presenter David Holmes Acting Director Foundation CenterCleveland
  5. 5. The Foundation Center: Our Mission To strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world.
  6. 6. Accomplishing Our Mission • Collect, organize, and communicate information on U.S. philanthropy • Conduct and facilitate research on trends in the field • Provide education and training in the grantseeking process • Ensure public access to information and services through various vehicles
  7. 7. Today’s Program Overview of the grantseeking process • What you need to know about grantmakers and how nonprofits are supported • How you identify funding partners • How you can use the Foundation Center’s resources for your grantseeking efforts
  8. 8. The World of Grantmakers Institutional Grantmakers • Private Foundations • Direct Corporate Giving Programs • Grantmaking Public Charities
  9. 9. The World of Grantmakers What Is a Private Foundation? • Nongovernmental, nonprofit organization • Has its own funds or endowment • Managed by its own trustees or directors • Established to aid educational, social, religious, scientific, or other charitable activities through the making of grants
  10. 10. The World of Grantmakers Types of Private Foundations • Independent • Company-sponsored • Operating ~ 5% payout requirement ~ Must disclose total giving and grants through Form 990-PF
  11. 11. The World of Grantmakers Other Types of Grantmakers Direct Corporate Giving Programs  Research through sponsoring companies Grantmaking Public Charities  Disclose activities through Form 990  Includes:  Community foundations  Population or issue-oriented funds  Company-sponsored
  12. 12. Finding Funding Partners Identifying Funding Needs • Why do I need funding and what kind do I need? • How much do I need? • When do I need the funds?
  13. 13. Finding Funding Partners Look for the match: • Who funds in my area of interest? • Who funds in my geographic region? • Who will provide the type of support I need?
  14. 14. Finding Funding Partners Refine the match • Has the grantmaker funded organizations like mine? • How much does the grantmaker give to organizations like mine?
  15. 15. Finding Funding Partners Application Process Follow the grantmaker’s guidelines Initial contact  Telephone call?  Letter of inquiry?  Full proposal? Variations on proposal format  Common Grant Application?  Funder’s own application form? Pay attention to deadlines
  16. 16. Grantseeking Resources
  17. 17. Grantseeking Resources Where and How To Access the Center’s Resources Foundation Center Libraries  New York  Atlanta  Cleveland  San Francisco  Washington, D.C. Web sites ( and Funding Information Network
  18. 18. Grantseeking Resources Foundation Directory Online
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Thank You!