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Non-Profits Need Love Too: Drumming Up Volunteers and Participation | SoCon13


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Presentation by Scott Sauve, Programs and Media Manager, American Institute of Architects.

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Non-Profits Need Love Too: Drumming Up Volunteers and Participation | SoCon13

  1. 1. Scott SauvéSession 21:30-2:30
  2. 2. Business 101 Profit Non-Profit Need Money Want Money Sell product/service Offer Product/Service Sales Donations/Sponsors Membership Rewards Customer Rewards Volunteers Staff *All of these can criss-cross, but use this perspective to clarify your social media communication
  3. 3. for any non-profit Appear appealing to non-members(patron) Bring value to the membership Cause membership participation Urge membership volunteering Community Outreach
  4. 4. before you start taking advice from this guy Facebook Twitter LinkedInWhy these 3?
  5. 5. (work in progress) Post Valuable Content twice a day (at least once) Jungle Jack Hannah Respond, Reply, React Don’t delete and don’t argue Be Human Casual place requires a casual atmosphere 4-1-1 1 self-serving tweet, 1 relevant re-tweet and 4 pieces of relevant content by others - Joe Pulizzi Emergency PR Protocol Applebees Meltdown
  6. 6. (work in progress) Be Creative Fox Theatre Don’t ask for shares/re-tweet unless it’s urgent The brand is not just your responsibilities Encourage employees/members to get involved
  7. 7. it’s not (just) about numbers @letsmakeadealcbs Fox Theatre Clear Defined Goals Numbers don’t define success (unless you have them) What do you want/need and pursue it Check-ins, “talking about this”, etc Take time to analyze your work
  8. 8. Venue’s Today SMP 100Social Media Power 100 Formula:Number of Facebook Fans + Number of Tweets + (Number of Facebook Check Ins + Number of FourSquare Check Ins x 10%) + (Number of Twitter Followers x 25%) + (Number of Facebook Talking About This x 3.5) = Raw ScoreRaw Score is then adjusted by building size and each category gets a subsequent upward adjustment: Stadiums - 1%; Large Arenas - 2%; Small Arenas - 3%; Theaters - 4%; Clubs - 5%Capacity adjusted score is then handicapped for market size. Cities smaller than Detroit got a .5% boost, cities smaller than Portland, Ore., got a 1% boost and cities smaller than New Orleans received a 2% boost.The fully adjusted score is then rounded up to a whole number and divided by 1,000 to create the Power 100 Score.
  9. 9. you get what you paid for Transition training Start with Popular events/functions Unless it’s your big fundraiser Ask ahead of time Schedule your communication Consistent precedence Repeat, Repeat Start upgrading the communication level Social media Email Phone In Person
  10. 10. Thanking the free labor Pictures/Video Published Thank You Exclusive Content
  11. 11. don’t tell the SoCon folks we talked about this Small Audience Patrons/Donors Target Audience Sometimes other communication is just more effective Email, Phone, In Person, Etc.
  12. 12. that you probably know What I use professionally Constant Contact – email blast, registration Hootsuite – facebook, linkedin, twitter YouTube – board approval, compilations What I use personally A lot of Google products BTW MySpace