Social Media Canvass For Crime Prevention SMILE Conference Vancouver by Scott Mills


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The police can broaden their reach from one person/one door to many by thinking to patrol/canvass the virtual world simultaneously when walking the beat and/or conducting a door to door canvass in search of a suspect. By doing check

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Social Media Canvass For Crime Prevention SMILE Conference Vancouver by Scott Mills

  1. 1. “The Social Media Canvass For Crime Prevention”
  2. 2. Healthy Relationships = Safe Communities @OfficerVella Meets #SMiLEcon #OccupyTO #OWS @Daniela_Aum IF YOU EAT THE CAKE!!!Social Media Is An Effective Tool
  3. 3. Key Messages• Crimes can be PREVENTED if police engage on social media• Crimes can be SOLVED quickly if police are engaged on social media• Relationships between police officers and the community in social media are key to preventing and solving crime• Anonymous Crime Stoppers programs led by community in partnership with police and media are integral to community safety.
  4. 4. Relationships Are Key! Make It Memorable! The Maple Syrup Game! • Make a new friend outside of the room • Tweet “The State of NOW” & #SMiLEcon for an authentic Canadian MAPLE CANDY!!! :) @ONGIA@TPAca @CPPOM @TorontoPolice @PreventGangs@TPAAAca @HeroesInLife @GraffitiBMXCop @WalkForJustice @NoToGangsorg@CSIWorld @UMOVEto BronteEvents@1800222tips @SSENca @Water4Tanzania@CanStopCrime
  5. 5. #SM | Purpose | Process Payoff | Potential 4 #LE
  6. 6. Presentation Disclaimer• This presentation is prepared by Scott Mills for the purpose of showing the purpose, process, payoff and potential of police using social media with a theme of relationships and technology to prevent and solve crime. The viewpoints are my own and do not reflect the official policy and procedures of the Toronto Police Service or Crime Stoppers International who I represent in official capacities.
  7. 7. “How Do We Do This?” “High Tech - High Touch” @WardClapham• Purpose• Process• Payoff• Potential
  8. 8. BE A WITNESS Call The Police Directly Should Be Encouraged• Need to put the officer name and contact info out regularly – Both Telephone # and E-mail• Emergency 911• Non-Emergency Police #
  9. 9. Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips PREVENT | Solve Crime• Talk• Type• Text• Facebook “Leave A Tip” Tab• iPhone App• Android App
  10. 10. Purpose Social Media Canvass• ID the suspect wanted for sex assault• Arrest suspect for sex assault• Warn other potential victims• Improve atmosphere of safety in area• Personal, caring message from officer• Direct access to viewing composite sketch• Direct access to viewing surveillance video• Continue the canvass online after club goers have gone home
  11. 11. Process• Victim and composite artist meet to do sketch• Composite sketch released to media and official police social media on Facebook and Twitter• Video appeal of officer recorded and posted to Youtube - engaged on Facebook and Twitter• QR Codes created via• Flyer created by Crime Analyst
  12. 12. Social Media Canvass “How To Do This”• Social media canvass is dependent on relationships in social media of individual police officers• Need officers with a following on Facebook and Foursquare of the target audience• Those involved in gang prevention, school cops, and street cops are the best for this• In Toronto ideal officers are the Community Response Unit officers in the downtown core known as 52 Division.
  13. 13. Case Study #1 Violent Sex Assault• October, 2010• Toronto Entertainment District• Composite Sketch of Suspect• Police canvass of the area• Media Releases• Additional Police Presence• *NEW* - A Social Media Canvass!
  14. 14. Composite Sketchby Toronto Police Artist Jo Orsati Suspect to ID Sexual Assault October, 2010 Toronto, Ontario Canada
  15. 15. Personal Appeal by Officer Youtube Video
  16. 16. Surveillance Video of SuspectPosted to Official Police Youtube
  17. 17. Composite DescriptionContact Info Youtube Facebook TwitterVideo of OICSurveillance Video
  18. 18. Toronto Ontario Canada Entertainment District
  19. 19. 52 DivisionToronto Entertainment District
  20. 20. 52 DivisionStreet Level Talking With People
  21. 21. Facebook Places Check Ins Foursquare Check Ins
  22. 22. Introduction To Followers That Cop is “On Patrol” + Posting To Social Media
  23. 23. Starting Out The Patrol “Having a Tea”
  24. 24. Social Media Check Ins KeepOfficers/Community Aware of New Names Of Clubs
  25. 25. Check Ins Allow Officers/Community To Know What Is Going On/Where
  26. 26. Check In At Club Near Scene At Similar Time to Incident
  27. 27. Foursquare Check In AtRestaurant Near Scene
  28. 28. Chatter About “Scene” on Street At Night Club
  29. 29. Facebook Places Check In Club Near Scene
  30. 30. Talking to Club OwnersFacebook Places Check Ins
  31. 31. Virtual Canvass Leads To Positive Police-Community Interactions The Next Day
  32. 32. Facebook Places Check InMore Engagement Than Foursquare
  33. 33. Benefit: Continue Virtual Canvas From Office Videos of appeal posted days later Different officers can participate Community can/will assist In social media
  34. 34. Mothers DayVirtual Canvass Continues
  35. 35. Virtual Canvass Continues At #SmileCon
  36. 36. Virtural Patrol Leads ToCommunity-Cop Connection
  37. 37. Check Ins at Homicide Scenes +Follow Up With Community Appeal
  38. 38. Homicide SceneCheck Ins Help Find Witnesses + Solve Cases
  39. 39. Face of Toronto PoliceHomicide Squad Social Media• Detective Sergeant Frank Skubic
  40. 40. Toronto Police ServiceHomicide Squad Social Media
  41. 41. IDEAS/ “Food For Thought”Balance Prevention | Solving Crime Personal | Professional Following Slides Are Points Of Interest From An Officer Who Has Lived 8 Years of Professional Social Media Use
  42. 42. Teamwork & Positive AttitudeSocial Media Key To Success• Thanks to our Corp Comm Team
  43. 43. Graffiti Community
  44. 44. “TRUST Cops/Kids/Community” BMX | Youth Engagement
  45. 45. Personal | Professional | Cops | Social Media @DaveMarcus“Establish Your Own + Family’s Comfort Level”
  46. 46. Relationships / Technology Prevents | Solves
  47. 47. Community | PoliceWorking Together For Success & Safety @SSENca | @SSENca | TY Laurie! @lawscomm {*Hugs*} #smilecon
  48. 48. Positive Relationships Are Key To Community Safety Worldwide FOCUS YOUR *ROI* ON RELATIONSHIPSAND …… EAT THE CAKE!!!!!“Be safe & know that you are loved and appreciated. We