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Digital media has progressed considerably over the past few years and the media technology are profoundly reshaping our society. New terms keep popping out; some become the next big thing while others fail in a heartbeat. Those left enjoyed both competitive and complementary relationship with the traditional media. It is crucial for the company to grasp the pulse of the market.

Meanwhile, we all have loads of data that talking about digital media usage in American and European market. How about China? Is digital media only for young and geek here? How about the affluent class? They are the groups with surprisingly high consumption power which makes them perfect target for luxury brands. China’s affluent class diversified in both income and lifestyle. They have their unique and sometimes exclusive social circle. It is because of this, their media touch point and usage is something the company cannot afford to ignore.

If you are managing a luxury brand, or you are in charge of digital communications of client’s brand that targeting at affluent class, you definitely want to know:

Ø What are their profiles, any further segmentation?
Ø Is there any unique or unexpected media usage for affluent class?
Ø Are they the group keep pace with the latest thing in digital world or the one being left out?
Ø Which new media form (SNS/digital marketing) imposes the biggest impact on the affluent class?
Ø How many of them have Weibo account? How many have seen a mini-film? How many will join the digital marketing campaign?
Ø What kind of marketing campaign would better engage them?
Ø Of course, there are more questions need to be answered.

Now we are here to launch AFFLUENT Class MEDIA Touch Point in DIGITAL AGE research project! We want to invite you to explore the above-mentioned topics with CSG under the model of SICAS (Sense – Interest/Interactive –Connect/communication – Action - Share).
We will involve many clients in this project, which would take place in 2012 AUTO CHINA. We will conduct Intercept Interview with affluent class via our Tablet from Apr. 25th to May. 2nd. AUTO CHINA targets at high income and high social status group which makes it a perfect place to conduct this research.

For more information, please see the last page for the contact person.

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Affluent class media touch point in digital age teaser

  1. 1. Content Who are they? Business impact How do we help? How this research stands out?
  2. 2. Who are they? Labeling them as “affluent class” is simply unfair as they diversified in income, profession, hobby, and lifestyle. Business Oriented Senior white-collar Multinational enterprises, Hard-core in workLifestyle while pursuing the quality life Young entrepreneur Private owner / Senior management, professionals, Busy daily schedule, Blue blood limited personal time The owner of listed companies, family business successor, Indulgent group aristocrat , high-quality Well-off family, stay away from and relaxed life professional life Life Enjoy the LOHAS lifestyle Oriented High Income Extremely High
  3. 3. Consumer’s timelineMock - Up Timeline 11:30 Get up, brunch LBS, iphone Micro blogging 14:00 Facial Massage Indoor advertisement; 16:00 High Tea Fashion/lifestyle Magazine 20:00 Dinner at fancy restaurant Indulgent TV/Pad Time 23:00 group
  4. 4. Business impact If you are managing a luxury brand, you definitely want to know • How do I develop a digital strategy for affluent class? • How do I maximise opportunities with the affluent class in digital platform? • Which channels or platforms should I focus on? • What social media strategies are viable? Where? • Which sources of information do affluent class use when researching / purchasing in my category?
  5. 5. Business impact If you are in charge of digital communications of client’s brand that targeting at affluent class, you definitely want to know • How do I tailor the message? • What content may generate more discussions? • How do I attract more fans? • How do I generate more comments and repost? • How do I engage the affluent class on digital media? • Will they buy in the latest digital media form like pinterest or Micro-film?
  6. 6. Changes of consumer behaviour ~7~AIDMA-AISAS-SICAS Produce the Phase Interested Memory Purchase Note commodity desire to in remains actions I purchase Phase To be Active Purchase Active Intrigued attracted Search actions Sharing II Interest & Connect& Phase Sense Communi Action Share III Interact cation ive Source: DCCI
  7. 7. How do we help? ~8~ Sense Interest& Action Interactive Connect& Share Communication Sharing is embedded in almost every step of consumers’ purchasing process Our Solutions Media Preference Decision Touch Attitude & Sharing Making Point
  8. 8. Media Touch PointWhere to catch them? (Traditional vs. Digital) Media within reach Senior white-collar • 42% of respondents use mobile phones • Status Quo of Affluent Class to see all kinds of financial news on daily basis traditional/new media touch point • 26% of respondents remembers the content of (Time and Frequency) busy advertisement they saw in the past three days. • Trend • 12% of respondents use ipad more than two • Differences among segmentations hours everyday. ......
  9. 9. Media Touch PointWhere to catch them? (Digital) Digital Media within reach • Digital media/APP touch point 23% of the senior white-collar types of users in the Sina • Time and frequency Weibo and other social media attention to brand home • Context page 20% of Young entrepreneur upstart flipboard news • Acceptance aggregation application access to information 32% idle family last week to read the micro-film 12% of the respondents last three days with the Tablet PC by the Youku APP watch video
  10. 10. ImplicationWe help you figure out……
  11. 11. AttitudeHow to impress them? • Digital media U&A • Motive • Function preferences • Channels to get information • Preference on brand communication • Social account of years • 30% Young entrepreneur perceive weibo as a source of news and information . They also categorize friends while using company as a approach to get new product info • 35% affluent class have started using social search, among which, 58% is to grasp the hot news. They believe that compared with traditional media, social search is more spontaneous. • 41% respondent mute the ads on online video sharing site and going through other web pages while waiting. • Friends management preferences However, if the ads is presented as a mini movie or with appealing storyline, they may considering wait and watch. • In the face of PR crisis, 70% consumers say that they would forgive the brand if the company weibo gives appropriate feedback promptly.
  12. 12. ImplicationWe help you figure out……
  13. 13. PreferenceHow to convert them? • Sharing willingness • Social media sharing content preference • Sharing objectives • Sharing motives • Sharing channels • share content • Shared motives • Sharing groups and standards • Sharing of • 36% respondent have channels once shared the new product info via company weibo to their • 26% respondent use LBS on weekly basis, especially when they dinning in fancy restaurant.
  14. 14. ImplicationWe help you figure out……
  15. 15. Decision MakingHow to influence them? • Key purchasing influences on digital media • UGC influences • Category differences • 20% senior white collar have purchased product via the link on SNS, 80% are under 1000 RMB. • 70% shows that they have never purchase luxury product online, however, if the approach is convenient and trust worthy, they are willing to try. • 58% Young entrepreneur have paid for E-magazine via their ipad
  16. 16. ImplicationWe help you figure out……
  17. 17. How this research stands out? Digital media landscape is changing in a heartbeat We catches the latest trend and innovation in digital media
  18. 18. How this research stands out? Normally, they are impossible to reach…… We pinpoint the right group of people
  19. 19. How we do it? AUTO CHINA 2012, a MUST-GO event for affluent class! Auto China targets at high income and high social status group which makes it a perfect place to conduct this research.
  20. 20. Our research method • Avant-garde data collection tools • Rational sample selection DATE:4.27-2012.4.28 Sample:300 Age above 25 yrs. Household assets above RMB 300,000(Fixed asset not included)
  21. 21. Thank You !For more details, please contactJean Wang ( Tang (