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Public Finnish infrastructure for data science


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CSC – IT Center for Science offers services for computational science, data storage and scientific collaboration. We provide a powerful computational environment and Finland's best IT experts to support your computational research. CSC is a non-profit, state-owned enterprise that is administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Collaboration with CSC can provide your research team with new opportunities and facilitate your research. Our experts can offer assistance in, for example: choosing suitable software and methods, processing data in CSC's powerful computational environment, and storing and archiving data.

Through CSC, you can also gain access to several international research infrastructures and services.

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Public Finnish infrastructure for data science

  1. 1. Public Finnish infrastructure for data science
  2. 2. Service model for scientific computing Contract with Ministry of Education and Culture Free of charge services for computing, consultation, data storage, training, cloud… 2 Contract covers research and education in higher education institutions
  3. 3. Computing resources • Three kinds of computing environments o Interactive Unix shell o High-performance computing o Cloud computing • We provide o Full control over your environment (cloud) o Long running and heavy computation o Applications such as Python, R and Matlab o Extra large memory o Large data storage • Close link to Open Science and Research Services (Avoin tiede ja tutkimus) for e.g. data storage and publishing 3
  4. 4. Language resources CSC runs services for Kielipankki (The Language Bank of Finland, FIN-CLARIN) • Text corpora ( o Examples: Suomi24, The Newspaper and Periodical Corpus of the National Library of Finland • Speech corpora ( o Examples: The Longitudinal Corpus of Finnish Spoken in Helsinki, Samples of Spoken Finnish • Raw access to corpus materials • Metadata search ( • Registration of URNs • Access to restricted resources by electronic application 4 <
  5. 5. Cloud benefits 5 Flexibility and freedom to use any applications Support for sensitive data: ePouta cloud Support for tools with graphical and web interfaces Technical control: root access and control over firewall Windows support
  6. 6. User support and training • We offer Service Desk, guides and training courses • Support for using computing environment and help on using data science methods • Over 50 training events per year, such as: Introduction to data science for researchers, Python in high-performance computing, Introduction to R programming, CSC Pouta cloud course, Speeding up MATLAB computations using CSC clusters… 6 CSC Training and Events:
  7. 7. 7 What is CSC? • Non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture • Started in 1971 as an operator of Univac system within State computer center (VTKK) • CSC employs 280 specialists Letters CSC are derived from the former name "Centre for Scientific Computing”
  8. 8. Tell us what you think We are building up our service offering for data driven science Feedback and development ideas are very much appreciated! 8 To get started, go to
  9. 9. More about us: @CSCfi