CSC Web Performance Testing


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When web-based applications tied to mission-critical business processes fail, it turns away customers and damages the enterprise. New cloud computing solutions for testing the performance of web apps are presented in this white paper from CSC Trusted Cloud Services.

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CSC Web Performance Testing

  1. 1. TODAY’S BUSINESS REQUIRES NEW TESTING METHODS What impact does the reliability of your web KEY BENEFITS OF TRUSTED CLOUD Trusted Cloud Web applications have on your business WEB PERFORMANCE TESTING performance? Most enterprises rely on the Performance Testing • Effective web to attract, develop and sustain customer delivers web scale testing relationships. Website performance impacts Know in real-time if your application or and real time analytics in an revenue and company image as well as website is performing reliably and reduce customer loyalty and satisfaction. Testing time to issue resolution. CloudTest affordable on-demand model web application performance has become a monitors in real time the application, the to improve reliability of web network and the database servers. business imperative. applications. Interactive analysis presented during test Today, 90% of all websites remain untested execution pinpoints issues and fault points (Information Week) largely due to barriers across the application environment. associated with the hardware, software and staff previously required to implement web • Affordable performance testing. Now, Trusted Cloud A pay-per-use, turnkey offering Web Performance Testing allows you to dramatically reduces the costs associated mitigate risk and improve reliability through with hardware availability, software real world, highly scalable performance licensing and staff time required for testing using the elasticity of the Cloud. The building and deploying large scale pay-per-use model allows for "on-demand" performance tests. implementation without business disruption. • Scalable Trusted Cloud Web Performance Testing By leveraging the Cloud, web-scale testing frees you from trying to predict how your capabilities can meet the most demanding application will perform in critical, high- needs. The SOASTA CloudTest™ demand environments. Now you and your platform can simulate tens of thousands to team can know that your web application or millions of users simultaneously accessing website can readily handle expected load your site. This could leverage 100s if not and better respond to potential peaks and 1000s of cloud servers generating load surges in traffic. Our approach offers load from multiple worldwide locations. and performance testing by simulating real • Agile world users and web traffic to rapidly isolate Dramatically improve the typical performance, latency, network, server and turnaround time associated with complex application issues so that you can know your tests with the ability to design, schedule site is going to perform reliably. and execute in just days. SOASTA and the SOASTA Logo are trademarks of SOASTA, INC.
  2. 2. WEB PERFORMANCE TESTING ENGAGEMENT AND DELIVERY TESTING BEHIND THE FIREWALL Trusted Cloud Web Performance Testing AND IN THE CLOUD includes test design, provisioning of The CloudTest™ Appliance provides self- hardware resources, real-time analysis and a service capability for doing load and results report. The engagement and delivery performance testing inside the firewall. process follows the steps outlined below: Tests executed inside the firewall can be rapidly reused to test performance to web- 1. Defining Business And Testing scale in the Cloud. Requirements Kickoff engagement conducted to match FIND OUT MORE business objective with testing CSC Trusted Cloud Web Performance requirements. Testing is part of CSC Global Testing Practice. To find out more visit our website: Or contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss your situation in more detail and give you a live demonstration. 2. Test Development And Setup NORTH AMERICA CSC performance engineers create user Email scenario and test plans, including load, Call +1 800 345 7672 stress, performance testing parameters, ramp speed and duration, among others. EMEA Email 3. The Cloud Test Call +44 (0)845 602 4204 The required load is provisioned on Cloud Servers. CloudTest™ is pointed at the target application and testing begins. AUSTRALIA CloudTest™ monitors all aspects of Email networks, system and applications. Call +61 (0)2 9034 3000 4. Results And Analytics CloudTest™ real time dashboards presents live test results and analysis. Test engineers review live data with your team as the test is running. A written report, including screen shots and recommendations is presented to the customer. SOASTA and the SOASTA Logo are trademarks of SOASTA, INC.