Innovative tools; creativity and communication in the EU


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Innovative tools; creativity and communication in the EU

  1. 1. DelibProcess SCP Closing Conference December 7th-8th, 2009 Brussels, Belgium Who can invest in actions towards SCP? Innovative tools; creativity and communication in the EU Siegmar Otto ( Institute for Ecological Economy Research, Germany Siegmar Otto
  2. 2. Agenda Sample projects How does communication work? Are there innovative ways of communicating SCP at all? Conclusion Siegmar Otto
  3. 3. Example - project ASCEE Assessing the potential of various instruments for sustainable consumption practises and greening of the market Some results •  provision of information - not sufficient •  individual consumption outcome of –  individual behaviours –  collective practices –   intervention on individual and social level •  consumption shaped by habits and routines –   targeting critical life events (e.g. child birth, job change) •  consideration of social and symbolic qualities Siegmar Otto funded by DG Research within 6th FP
  4. 4. Example - project BALANCE Learning From Commercials – Communicating Sustainability Issues to New Audiences BALANCE – Development, application, and distribution of a communication and trendsetting-concept on sustainability in every day life and the economy. (funded by BMBF) Media Partner: Welt der Wunder GmbH (TV-production company) Media Science part: Siegmar Otto Prof. Clemens Schwender Siegmar Otto Dennis Mocigemba
  5. 5. Example - project BALANCE Concept of “Sustainment” The public debate about ecological issues has lost its momentum. The SUSTAINMENT This debate is … concept •  Restricted to a “closed society”  Open to the public •  Restricted to a political debate  Personal relevance •  Dominated by anti-symbols  Positive context •  Dominated by threat and fear  Positive emotions Siegmar Otto messages
  6. 6. Example - project BALANCE Communication Process Message Production + Narration (Johnson, 1997) + Emotions Broadcast Reception + Emotions (Brosius 1993) + Narration (Goldman, et al. 1986) Message Siegmar Otto
  7. 7. Example - project CORPUS Enhancing connectivity between research and policy-making in sustainable consumption - CORPUS - Project accepted within call of FP7 Beginning 1.1.2010 Siegmar Otto
  8. 8. Example - project CORPUS Modules of knowledge brokerage events Priorities Decisions Mindsets Actors Trends focus And And And And And Agenda Communi- Rationalities Relations Perspectives Setting cation instrument Cognitive System Scenario Open Participative mapping Maps technique Space MCA Siegmar Otto
  9. 9. communicating SCP @ politics @ business @ science @ civil society Brundtland report Brundtland definition of sustainable development discourse discourse discourse discourse indicators discourse data notion data connotation of sd notion notion of sd of sd ideas, data meanings, indicators indicators definitions Siegmar Otto
  10. 10. communicating SCP @ politics @ business @ science @ media recipient discourse discourse discourse discourse communication strategies ??? efficiency ??? sufficiency ??? consistency .... Siegmar Otto
  11. 11. communicating SCP Processes Television (all new) Web 2.0 Particip. Concepts of SCP WWW Radio Print … Efficiency o o o n o Sufficiency n n n n n Consistency o o o n o Relevant media attributes Investment H H M S M volumes Innovation chances for S S M H H CSOs manpower Siegmar Otto money
  12. 12. conclusion Siegmar Otto
  13. 13. Siegmar Otto
  14. 14. communicating SCP @ science Efficiency: derived from an inputʼs discourse ratio to its utility in respect of a certain strategies measure. efficiency Sufficiency: Consistency:
 self-limitation, sufficiency especially with regard reintegration of the industrial metabolism into to (materialistic!) consistency natural processes or consumption separation of the .... metabolism from the environment Siegmar Otto
  15. 15. communicating SCP what is the definition of meaning? denotation connotation John Stuart Mill (1843) Siegmar Otto