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CSC Cloud Usage Index


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Businesses are in the cloud for the long term, with 65 percent of organizations choosing cloud subscriptions lasting one year or more. Click on image to discover more cloud findings from the CSC Cloud Usage Index, developed from a global survey of more than 3,500 IT decision makers who use cloud.

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CSC Cloud Usage Index

  1. 1. AHEAD IN THE CLOUD The CSC Cloud Usage Index Information access to multiple Few companies downsize IT after computing devices is the top driver cloud adoption 33% of companies adopted cloud primarily to access information After cloud adoption: from any device rather than 14% 20% cut costs Downsized Hired Only 14% of companies downsized Top reasons for adopting 33% 17% IT after adopting cloud—20% hired cloud computing Mobility Cost more cloud experts The majority of businesses save money with cloud, but savings are small 23% of U.S. businesses, and Percentage 45% of U.S. small businesses of businesses Percentage saving (less than 50 employees) of all businesses reported no savings while saving 35% of U.S. businesses saved less than $20,000 92% 70% $ $ $ $ Dollars saved Brazil Australia $ $ $ $ 82% of all $ $ $ $ companies Brazilian businesses reap $ $ $ saved money the most cost benefit with on their last 92% saving money, while $0 <$20K 82% cloud adoption only 70% of Australian project businesses saved money 23% 35% Percent of U.S. businesses Businesses are into the Cloud computing gives cloud for the long term businesses a green boost 64% of companies consumption 65% of companies say that adopting choose cloud subscriptions cloud has helped lasting one year or more Energy them reduce waste Waste and lower energy 65% J•F•M•A•M•J•J•A•S•O•N•D consumption Nearly all businesses boost improvements in IT performance after cloud adoption Percent of companies seeing Companies reporting Lower t costs en improvement em ov 52% 47% pr 93% Im Increased 80% J • F • M • A • M • J efficiency 93% of all companies saw 52% reported increased 80% experienced at least one area of data center efficiency and improvements improvement in their IT utilization, while 47% of within six months department since companies said they of moving to the adopting cloud witnessed lower operating cloud costs after cloud adoption Small businesses face less workforce Employee preparation in advance of resistance to cloud adoption cloud implementation varies widely % of companies that prepared employees United States 80% Australia 81% Brazil 97% 74% US and Australian businesses lag in preparing employees for cloud adoption with 80% and 81% of companies 74% of small businesses say that providing any information or training, no one in their company resisted while 97% of Brazilian companies the move to the cloud prepared their employees Data security concerns do not change significantly after adopting cloud computing Only 25% of 47% of businesses 47% of Brazilian companies in Singapore companies said expressed more expressed more they are less concern about concern about concerned after data security data security switching to 25 after adopting 47 following cloud 47 the cloud cloud services adoption More More Less Concerned Concerned concerned Half of U.S. government IT workers say theyve moved work to the cloud 48% of U.S. government agencies % of U.S. agencies that moved a workflow to the cloud moved at least one workflow to the cloud following the new requirement that U.S. federal agencies adopt a 48% moved "cloud-first" policyThese key findings are from a global Design: Stanford Kay Studiosurvey of 3,645 IT decision makers stanfordkaystudio.comin eight countries conductedindependently by TNS andfunded by CSC.