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The pressure is on, to drive growth and improve profitability by transforming how you do business. It means speeding great ideas from concept to reality so you can bring innovative products to market, faster. It means building high performance teams that
communicate and collaborate in profound new ways. And it means streamlining and enhancing your IT infrastructure to support new devices, technologies, processes and behaviors that drive value for your business. Done right, your organization can more successfully compete for customers, partners and employees and strengthen your leadership position in your market. Read More at:

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CSC Unified Communications

  1. 1. COLLABORATIONMADE EASYCommunications and Collaboration Solutions from CSC Enter Here »
  2. 2. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT THE VALUE OF COLLABORATION Embracing collaboration, quickly and easily, is your key to success in a changing world The pressure is on, to drive growth and improve Strengthen Relationships profitability by transforming how you do business. It It’s easy to find the right people and share expertise means speeding great ideas from concept to reality with safe, secure collaboration technology. By including so you can bring innovative products to market, employees, customer, partners and vendors in your faster. It means building high performance teams that processes, you’ll build enduring, more productive communicate and collaborate in profound new ways. relationships with win-win results for all stakeholders. And it means streamlining and enhancing your IT infrastructure to support new devices, technologies, Empower Your Workforce processes and behaviors that drive value for your From mobile communication devices to cloud-based Did You know? business. Done right, your organization can more and social networking tools, you need a comprehensive successfully compete for customers, partners and strategy that integrates tools, systems and platforms employees and strengthen your leadership position in and enables anytime, anywhere collaboration. The your market. result? Improved business practices, more effective meetings, and a quantum leap in workforce productivity. Build Better Products Nothing stimulates innovation more than bringing Streamline IT Infrastructure people together with easy-to-use tools for Replace underperforming communication and communicating, collaborating and sharing knowledge. collaboration tools with cost-effective, fully compliant And with a state-of-the-art, collaborative work alternatives that raise efficiency, simplify maintenance, environment, you’ll attract the best and brightest in your improve system speed and stability, and help your field and set new standards for innovation. organization achieve its business goals.2 — Collaboration Made Easy
  3. 3. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT Easy to use The best technology solutions can’t deliver value Find and Contribute Information unless they are embraced and fully adopted by your Empower your workforce with a unified repository workforce. Of course they must be intuitive and easy to of documents, images and vital business information use, and they must also help people work faster, smarter to improve decision making and help stay on top of and easier, regardless of location. CSC can energize enterprise-wide initiatives. Flexible data management your teams with communication and collaboration tools also make it easy to access and append data from solutions that stimulate creativity, foster networking and a variety of low-friction entry points, increasing its value relationship-building, and provide unprecedented access to the organization. to the people and information they need to achieve organizational and individual goals. Deliver Better Results Accelerate the development of innovative ideas with Locate and Share Expertise dynamic, more productive meetings and flexible Presence, “people finder networks” and other communications on a wide range of integrated mobile collaboration tools make it easy to find the best people devices. With the right collaboration technology, you to get the job done, inside and outside the organization. can improve productivity, deliver better products faster, (Roll over to open / click to close) Teams can dynamically engage with individual experts and enhance the satisfaction of your users, customers and other groups to share best practices, policy and stakeholders. SUCCESS! guidelines and competitive insights; and gain unique NASA Jet Propulsion perspectives to better shape their activities and ensure Laboratory positive outcomes.3 — Collaboration Made Easy
  4. 4. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT EASY TO MANAGE When technology leaders and business leaders have Strengthen Capabilities shared vision, the result is a finely-tuned infrastructure Go beyond the basics and turn routine communications that sharpens the organization’s competitive edge. CSC into higher value interactions. With the right can help you meet the latest business and technology collaboration, social networking and cloud-based challenges with flexible, cost-effective communication capabilities, you can support individual work styles on and collaboration solutions that are easy to use, easy to various devices while standardizing work flows within a manage, and meet the highest standards of security and unified collaboration framework. compliance. Simplify IT Management Increase Business Value CSC makes it easy to streamline and manage your Accelerate the realization of organizational goals by infrastructure while simplifying business processes and aligning IT infrastructure and development with the improving the user experience. We can recommend vision of business leaders. By implementing state-of- open, industry-leading applications and platforms that the art communication and collaboration technology, reduce IT complexity and enable a more reliable and(Roll over to open / click to close) you can transform how work is done to drive growth, compliant infrastructure, and provide comprehensive increase productivity and help recruit top talent. managed services so you can focus on business goals. SUCCESS! Royal Mail Group4 — Collaboration Made Easy
  5. 5. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT EASY TO INNOVATE Behind every initiative to improve productivity Drive Business Growth (Roll over to open / click to close) and simplify processes is the need to bring Meet the demand for innovative products and innovative products and services to market faster services with collaboratively-developed, market- than the competition. Responding capably to ready solutions. By strategically investing in an SUCCESS! market pressures and new opportunities requires a integrated communication and collaboration AMP Limited collaboration infrastructure that stimulates creativity infrastructure, you can release products faster and and quickly transforms the best ideas into reality. more consistently, thus building a robust pipeline CSC can help you design and deploy technology- and generating more revenue faster. enabled workflows that allow users to share information and business intelligence and facilitate Innovate Freely and Successfully collaboration across time zones, geographies and Implement a rich, game-changing collaboration cultures. culture that enables innovative thinking within a structured environment. CSC will help you choose Improve Global Productivity the best solutions for stimulating the free flow Achieve breakthrough productivity by automating of ideas and information across and beyond the and simplifying communication and collaboration enterprise. And with innovative products and processes. Your global workforce can do more work, services that are collaboratively-developed, you’ll faster, with real-time brainstorming, knowledge increase customer satisfaction and strengthen sharing and easy communication with team leadership within your market. members. And with anytime, anywhere access to the latest intelligence, teams can make better decisions that are aligned with business goals.5 — Collaboration Made Easy
  6. 6. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT easy to innovate What if you could go beyond devices and applications and simply click to initiate communications at will? What if you were part of a work flow that automatically notifies key parties when actions are required, and escalates communications if necessary to keep the process moving? What if you could respond the moment a problem needs to be solved, and bring people together instantly in times of emergency or opportunity? With CSC Communications Enabled Applications, you can embed your communications infrastructure into the heart of your business processes to work and communicate in perfect synchronicity.6 — Collaboration Made Easy
  7. 7. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT SOLUTIONS MADE EASY Leverage CSC’s technical and industry expertise, global relationships and renowned infrastructure to create CSC COMMUNICATIONS & COLLABORATION SOLUTIONS communications and collaboration solutions that meet your organizational and budget requirements. However you define success, you can be confident that our industry-leading products and services will deliver measurable results, quickly and more easily than you thought possible. Collaboration Made Easy want more info? COMMUNICATIONS INFORMATION INNOVATION CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT UNIFIED WEB & MULTIMEDIA PORTALS SOCIAL CONTACT CENTER COMMUNICATIONS CONFERENCING MAIL & ENTERPRISE DOCUMENT VIRTUAL MOBILE MESSAGING SEARCH MANAGEMENT COLLABORATION INDUSTRY GLOBAL CLOUD STANDARD APPLICATION BEST PRACTICES & IP SERVICES (aaS) PLATFORMS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY CUSTOMIZATION IMPLEMENTATION MIGRATION MANAGEMENT7 — Collaboration Made Easy
  8. 8. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT why csc? Collaborative Partnership… Global Expertise CSC is consistently recognized for its uncompromising Cost-Effective Collaboration Solutions focus on client satisfaction and our flexibility in meeting CSC offers pre-defined and industry-specific solutions client demands. Combine this with our industry that are cost-effective, secure and rapidly deployed. Our and technology expertise, delivery capabilities and flexible pricing models can reduce costs and remove global compliance leadership, and you have a trusted barriers to adoption so you can increase productivity technology partner that builds long term relationships and realize business benefits faster. and innovative, world-class solutions that will exceed your expectations. Flexible Services CSC ensures success on your terms with a full suite of Industry and Technology Expertise professional services that take you from vision through CSC is a global, Tier 1 leader in network services with adoption of the right communication and collaboration (Roll over to open / click to close) industry and technology experience across multiple technologies for your business. Services include technologies, platforms and industries. Every CSC client strategy, customization, integration, implementation, Did You know? benefits from the best ideas, practices and solutions migration, management and support. culled from our horizontal and vertical expertise. Global Security and Compliance Leadership Unique Perspectives; Unique Capabilities As trusted security providers to the world’s most CSC leverages its experience, best practices and “big security-conscious organizations, CSC sets new picture” view to deliver vendor-independent solutions standards for data security and compliance for that satisfy your unique requirements. We are pioneers government and industry. We will transform and manage in cloud computing and emerging services, and are your security and infrastructure to ensure rock-solid leading the transformation of IT with robust outsourcing compliance with all audit, access and data protection and “as-a-service” delivery models. specifications.8 — Collaboration Made Easy
  9. 9. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT why csc? The fastest way to get behind is to evolve slowly. CSC is transforming its business so its clients can do the same. Seek those who deliver fully integrated, scalable solutions.9 — Collaboration Made Easy
  10. 10. INDEX | PRINT | EXIT contact us Contact us to learn how THE AMERICAS CSC communications and +1.703.876.1000 collaboration solutions will improve productivity, Europe, Middle East, Africa accelerate innovation, and empower your +44(0)1252.534000 organization for success in a changing world. AUSTRALIA +61(02)9034.3000 ASIA +65.6221.9095 — Collaboration Made Easy