What are the most effective lead-gen programs for CSBs?


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Sales and Marketing tips for the CSB. What are the most effective lead generation programs?

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  • Thank you for your time today. I hope that you found this introduction to our company and our approach to managed IT solutions to be informative. May I suggest that we continue our dialog by starting with the business requirements discovery phase? I would be happy to meet with you and others in your company to gather information leading to a preliminary design and pricing proposal for the right IT solution for your business.
  • What are the most effective lead-gen programs for CSBs?

    1. 1. Sales & Marketing: What are the most effective lead generation programs? A CSBcommunity Presentation By MSPexcellence October 2013 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    2. 2. Lead Generation Methods • Webinars & ground seminars • Outbound telemarketing • Events and speaking events (exhibits, conferences) • Email marketing (news letters, promotional offers) • Internet marketing (SEO, PPC, Banner ads, etc.) • Social Media Marketing (SMM) • Referral programs and agent partners • Integrated marketing programs • Budget and effectiveness measurement Page 2 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    3. 3. Lead Gen Starts with Compelling Content Based on Your Value Proposition • • First: Determine your CSB value proposition & your target audience Identify the top problems/concerns of your target audience – – Productivity improvement: worker productivity, operational efficiency – Business growth: customer acquisition & retention – • Cost control: operating and capital expenses Business risk: downtime, data loss, security breach, regulatory compliance Articulate your solution for these problems – – • How do your cloud services address the concern What is the role of technology used, services delivered and people involved Demonstrate the business value of your solutions – – Compare in-house/competitive costs to your managed services fee – • Present an ROI for your solution (typical engagement) Back it up with customer proof points(customers from same vertical) Call To Action – – Page 3 Offer a free assessment, evaluation or an ROI analysis – • Offer a white paper or other educational resource Provide a demonstration or “Proof of Concept” Your Role: Educate –> Recommend –> Sell –> Deliver Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    4. 4. Webinars and Seminars • • • • • • Excellent vehicle for communicating a complex message Educational, but showcases your solution and business value Access to 45 minutes to 1 hour of your prospect’s time Held online, on neutral ground & no travel time The goal: convert interest into action (strong call to action) Pros: – Education is valuable – especially about the cloud – Webinars are cost effective and can be held frequently – Almost anyone can execute them – they can also be used for seminars – Produces high quality leads • Cons: – Require a lot of preparation – They are time consuming – Low volume lead source Page 4 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    5. 5. Outbound Telemarketing • Uses a dedicated inside sales resource . . . • Or the simply the owner/principle “dialing for dollars” • Or your sales reps calling their rolodex • Or farmed out to an outsourced telemarketing firm or even a college kid that needs some money • Pros: – A numbers game: “X” Dials per day = “Y” appointments per day – Can be effective when combined hit list (e.g., vendor list, prior customers, industry association membership) • Cons: – Difficult to get to the real decision-maker (get around “gatekeepers”) – Costly to outsource – Often produces “future buyers” (interested, but not now) Page 5 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    6. 6. Events and Speaking Engagements • Trade shows, industry conferences, associations • Targeted events are best (your target verticals) • Try to get the attendance list or some way to market to attendees at the event at low cost • Leverage the event - schedule customer/prospect meetings around your presence at the event • Pros: – Networking opportunity to build awareness and collect business cards – Face-to-face marketing is always more valuable – Speaking opportunity enhances the value versus an exhibit-only event • Cons: – Can be expensive (booth space, properties, equipment rental) – Can produce a lot of unqualified leads (e.g., badge swipes are not leads) Page 6 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    7. 7. Email Marketing • • • • • • Can be effective, but entirely dependent on the list…. Use a purchased list based on criteria that match your target audience (geography, size, industry, title, etc.) Communicate with your prospect/customer database on a recurring basis (i.e., nurturing campaign) Be sure to provide educational content and/or promotional offers that represent real value Very effective when combined with other marketing programs (e.g., webinars, events, social media, etc.) Pros: – Drive higher traffic to your website (is your site designed for conversion) – A compelling offer or call-to-action can generate leads cost effectively • Cons: – Can be perceived as SPAM by recipients (don’t get blacklisted) – Email addresses are expensive to purchase (about $3 per address) Page 7 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    8. 8. Internet Marketing • Website leads driven by multiple traffic sources (e.g., SEO, Google adwords, PPC, banner ads, etc.) and converted to leads via offers and registration/landing pages on your site • Pros: – Inexpensive and potentially high volume lead source – Can be a good source of new email addresses to add your prospect database • Cons: – Can result in lots of unqualified leads – Can be difficult and costly to qualify these leads – Usually requires expertise to formulate an efficient process (SEO, keyword selection, banner ad placement, site conversion strategy) Page 8 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    9. 9. Social Media Marketing • Build a community of online followers that share a common interest in the solutions, technologies and values of your company through held via social media outlets • Enables a “thought-leadership” approach to building your brand and connecting with new potential customers • PROs: – Can be an inexpensive and effective way to build quality leads over time – Allows nurturing of future buyers and self-qualification of prospects based on how closely your content matches and their interest and needs • Cons: – Very time consuming . . . requires frequent and consistent contributions to blog posts, twitter feeds and other SMM platforms with quality content – Can take a long time to build up a following Page 9 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    10. 10. Referral Programs and Agent Partners • A reward system that provides an incentive for customers (and others) to refer business to your company • Rewards can take the form of cash (most common), service credits or contributions to local charities • Usually awarded after the lead becomes a customer • Example: $500 awarded for any referral that becomes a customer within 90 days (positioned as customer referral program) • Pros: – Can be a very effective lead gen program that runs itself – Referrals an be very qualified leads • Cons: – Requires some level of administration (for tracking and payouts) – Requires some rules and restrictions (who, how long, minimum deal size) Page 10 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    11. 11. Integrated Marketing Programs • Integrate multiple programs into one integrated campaign – Email campaign to announce webinar • Targeted list (purchased or from a recent event) • Outbound telemarketing follow-up – Webinar with content tailored for a target audience • What will they learn, what is the call-to-action • Held one-time, weekly, is it recorded – Reinforce with Internet and SMM • Blog posts to build interest – tweets to get the word out • Promote on your website – lots links to the registration page – Follow up with email fulfillment (literature, slide deck), call-toaction/offer, online discussion of topics, telemarketing follow-up to attendee list – Use the webinar for a face-to-face ground seminar (lunch & learn) for existing customers and known prospects Page 11 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    12. 12. Building a Lead Generation Machine • How many leads/quarter do you need to feed the pipeline? – • What are your conversion rates? – • As often as possible to meet your targets How much should you budget? – Page 12 Maximize conversion rates to save money and operate efficiently How often should you run them? – • You should implement basic lead tracking & pipeline management What type of marketing campaigns should you run? – • You need to supply enough fuel for your marketing machine Measure the metrics and invest in the most effective programs Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    13. 13. Metrics for Measuring Effectiveness Quality Leads Will Maximize Conversion Rates & Produce the Most Deals 1st Lead Source Qualified Leads Lead Generation Campaigns Sales Opportunities 2nd Lead Source Qualified Leads Closed Deals 3rd Lead Source Tracking Performance Qualification Rate % Conversion Rate % Win Rate % Setting Targets Page 13 Response Rate % 10/(QR% x CR% x WR%) Reponses 10/(CR% x WR%) Qualified Leads 10/WR% Opportunities 10 Deals Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    14. 14. Using Lead Gen Metrics to Drive Revenue Webinar-Generated Leads, Opportunities and Customers 500 Contacts Your list from your target vertical market (5% Response Rate) Response to your webinar campaign = 25 Leads The number of attendees for your webinar (30% Qualification Rate) Attendees who meet the qualification criteria = 7 Opportunities (30% Close Rate) = 2 Deals Progress through 4 stages of the sales cycle The number that covert to customers Assume an average deal value of $1,000/month   If the total program cost $2K and you earn 40% margin from services, then your cost for the program is recovered in less than 3 months  2 Webinars/rep /quarter = 16 deals per year = $192K/year/rep  Page 14 2 Deals x $1K/mo x 12 months = $24K annualized revenue from 1 Webinar What if... you doubled your average deal value? Or increased your response rate? Or increased your qualification rate? Or increased your close rate? Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    15. 15. Lead Generation Measurement Page 15 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    16. 16. Questions & Comments? Page 16 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013
    17. 17. Thank You! Contact MSPexcellence: Website: www.mspexcellence.com Todd Hussey: todd@mspexcellence.com Dave Zwicker: dave@mspexcellence.com Voice: 800.785.4620 Fax: 800.714.9645 Page 17 Copyright MSPexcellence 2013