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Metsäpaikka - Making forest management easy


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Mikko Pohjola: metsäpaikka - making forest management easy

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Metsäpaikka - Making forest management easy

  1. 1. Making forest management easy Mikko Pohjola
  2. 2. Problem Forest management sector is changing globally Remote forest ownership is increasing The forest service SMEs suffering as subcontractors Confidental © Wuudis Oy
  3. 3. Solution Full-service digital forest property management platform For both forest owners and forest service providers. A market place for forest services and selling timber Confidental © Wuudis Oy
  4. 4. Confidental © Wuudis Oy Tomi Järvinen, CEO Teemu Saramäki, CMO Veli-Matti Plosila, CTO Mikko Pohjola, Chief Evangelist Seppo Huurinainen Co-founder, Wuudis Oy CEO MHG Systems Oy
  5. 5. Metsäpaikka - making forest management easy Mikko Pohjola Chief Evangelist, Wuudis Oy Confidental © Wuudis Oy