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C-SAP e-learning forum: MA in Legislative studies


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C-SAP e-learning forum: MA in Legislative studies

  1. 1. MA in Legislative Studies Online: distance learning to support students' ownership of their learning C-SAP, e-Learning Forum, July 2010 Cristina Leston-Bandeira Department of Politics and International Studies
  2. 2. Contents • The case study: MALSO • The students • The teaching • Outcomes and limitations
  3. 3. The Case Study: MALSO MA in Legislative Studies Online A very specialised programme Parliamentary studies Follow on from on-campus programme Entirely taught online Part-time, two years
  4. 4. The Students Work with / in parliament Working full time Wide ranging experiences
  5. 5. The Students Party Attack Officer (!), Auditor General Office Westminster Research Officer, Canada UNDP Official (United Nations Baroness, Westminster Development Programme), Vietnam, N.Y., Lesotho Clerk, Scottish Parliament, RSPCA Officer, London Edinburgh MP Research Assistant, Citizenship Teacher, Westminster Lincolnshire, Russia
  6. 6. The Students Work with / in parliament Working full time Wide ranging experiences; Something in common: parliament
  7. 7. The Students Huge commitment Very busy professional lives Flexibility of access to the course: key
  8. 8. The Teaching Flexibility of delivery Combined with integration with on-campus processes and rules Long-thin modules 10 seminars per module Each seminar: reading, tasks Followed by Discussion Two weeks for each seminar
  9. 9. The Teaching Reading material: online journals, Electronic Short Loan Library, eBooks, 12 books to purchase, specialised papers Tasks: making the most of students’ experiences Example: group work to devise a plan for action in the area of parliamentary development Work developed according to students’ own timings Asynchronous discussions Importance of online discussion
  10. 10. Student performance Exchange of very wide range of experiences Learning reinforced by online record Very high achievements: very good discussions emphasis on analytical skills highest marks in our MAs work of publishable standard
  11. 11. Limitations Online communication: easy misunderstandings Integration with University: not always easy Can take over your time Building a Learning community
  12. 12. Conclusions Flexibility of delivery allows to Recruit better students (able and committed) Bring together students with enriching experiences Promote enhanced learning Make the most of students’ own professional experiences Conciliate traditional teaching with constructivist
  13. 13. Thank you - Any questions?