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Monday Muse: Jenny Godfrey


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A Monday Muse by Jenny Godfrey from Howard Gardens Library

Published in: Education
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Monday Muse: Jenny Godfrey

  1. 1. Learning Resources (a somewhat personal history)
  2. 2. Books are one of our first learning resources. In the 1950’s they had black and white illustrations Books in the 1950’s might boast one or two colour illustrations and a coloured dust cover but the pictures inside mostly looked like this
  3. 3. In the 1950’s the family television was also black and white and on a very small screenSome people worried that watching toomuch television was harmful but this ladysaw it as a learning resource (she turnedout to be right)
  4. 4. Artists and Designers know that exploring and playing with the materialworld is a learning experience that can continue beyond childhood In Singapore in the late 1950’s I experienced the world in full Technicolor
  5. 5. Back in the UK in the early 1960’s in secondary schools a new learning resource had appeared………. The Audio-Visual Aid
  6. 6. In the 1960’s and 70’s (before photocopiers in schools) if teachers wanted tocirculate information they used the Banda machine. The sheets it producedwere a very pungent learning resource
  7. 7. In 1970 I went to University to study Fine Artcolour illustrationswere very smallcompared to todaymany of my artbooks were stillmostly illustrated inblack and white The revelations all came in the slide lectures
  8. 8. So it was all rather fortunate for me that after an apprenticeshipin the Book Library I became a Slide Librarian
  9. 9. all the while the Slide Library was expanding something else was happening……things went digital !!and then? …they went more and more digitalThe InternetCamerasScannersE-books and journalsCD’sDVD’smobile phonesLaptopsI pads, I podsKindlesYoutube, VimeoSpotifyFacebookTwitterEmailDigital TVLinkedInGooglePinterestBlogsFlickr
  10. 10. of course the Library went digital tooDatabases, including image databasesE-journals(in the Electronic Library)DVD’s and e-books(on the library catalogue)Library blog on the CSAD websiteJenny’s art, design and architecture blogLibrary Twitter @CardiffMetLearn
  11. 11. from The Student Room or The Staff Room select The Learning Portal
  12. 12. The Learning Portal Select Electronic Library
  13. 13. The Electronic Library Select Database A-Z
  14. 14. Database A-Z Click the relevant letter to go to databases by title
  15. 15. Useful databases for Art and DesignArt Full TextArt Bibliographies ModernArts & Humanities Full TextBritish Humanities Index (BHI)Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)International Bibliography of Art (IBA)Vogue ArchiveWorth Global Style Network (WGSN)NewsbankJSTOR For an individual tutorial on using any of these or our other databases please contact Jenny Godfrey who will be pleased to help you find what you are looking for
  16. 16. Some great multimedia sitesBridgeman EducationWellcome ImagesVADSV&ANYPLTate onlineSpecialist advice from Jenny Godfrey
  17. 17. Jenny Godfrey Information Advisor for CSAD/Howard Gardenshelp with finding information and images contact : blog: