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Vigore brochure (1)


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Vigore brochure (1)

  1. 1. VIGORE INC. 305 King Street West, 10th floor Kitchener, ON N2G 1B9 Cell: 647.975.6810 Office: 519.224.3435 Email: VACUUM BREADBOX BREAD STAYS FRESH UP TO 3X LONGER PRODUCT AVAILABILITY READY AND WAITING! Product is available for immediate shipment.
  2. 2. COLOUR SELECTION Vigore Bread Box helps preserve the quality, and shelf life of breads and fruits keeping them fresh up to 3X longer. HOW IT WORKS: • The electric air pump removes the air from the device and creates a vacuum. • The vacuum slows down the harmful effects aerobic microbes (e.g. moulds) that are present in foods and stops their reproduction as well as the aging process. • In a vacuum the speed of oxidation (rancidification) decreases and the flavour changing process slows down keeping the products fresh up to 3X longer. With many different colour options to choose from the Vigore Bread Box fits into any kitchen with a sleek and modern look. WHY CHOOSE VIGORE BREAD BOX: A survey among potential users proves that the Vigore Bread Box is much more effective than similar products available. It’s practical and simple to use, as well as convenient in today’s fast paced world. Vigore Bread Box not only extends the life of your bread products and fruits and vegetables, it saves you money as well. A totally unique international product with a European Patent (EP) and United States Patent (USA) there is nothing else like it!