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The Narrative of Star Wars the Old Republic


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My analysis of the elements composing Star Wars the Old Republic, focusing on the aspects of the game which comprise a meaningful narrative to the player.

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The Narrative of Star Wars the Old Republic

  1. 1. The Birth of a Legend Analysis of Star Wars the Old Republic By Colton Revia
  2. 2. The Hero (Villain)
  3. 3. The Environment
  4. 4. The Environment pt. 2
  5. 5. Massive Control of Self
  6. 6. The Hero and the Environment  Customizable Character − Partipulation was the act of participating in your own manipulation − Becomes your cave − Environment heightens realism
  7. 7. Worlds, Known and New
  8. 8. The Worlds pt. 2
  9. 9. The Worlds pt. 3
  10. 10. Many Worlds  Notable Attachments – Sut Jhally's Culture − Walk in their world − Carry titles − Tools of the trade
  11. 11. The Game
  12. 12. The Friends!
  13. 13. The Epic Saga
  14. 14. The Friends, the Fun, the Fiero!  Play together − −  Join friends who can further enforce the world Friends can also take you out of the cave Learn together − −  Become a mentor to a new player Explore this shadow world and learn its rules Conquer together − Defeat powerful enemies, rise above others, change the world