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Windows 8 aplikace, která je na přímo propojená s Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

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  1. 1. Vladimír VencálekExecutive Director
  2. 2. Team overview Jakub Nešuta .NET Software Developer – WCF services, Azure Development, Silverlight Development, CRM Developments (plugins), Software Architect Jan Holinka .NET Software Developer – MVC 4, Web forms, Web appi, Windows 8, Ajax, HTML Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 Ondřej Valuštík Marketing & Graphic specialist – Adobe Master Collection, Social Marketing, Online Marketing, 4 years experiencesVladimír Vencálek Solution Architect , 5 years Microsoft Dynamics CRM experiences
  3. 3. Demo
  4. 4. Benefits Your bridge to your partnersImproves your information exchange with your partnerin format that is easy for you to maintain.Gives you insight in to the partner performanceBetter cooperation on opportunitiesHigher profitCost effective and easy to use tool
  5. 5. ExperienceWhat was your take on the app challenge?- How to build Windows 8 application- Information about coding best practises from Microsoft representativeDid it add value to you?- Yes, we got some information that are not available on internet andhelp us a lot with problems even with order projects.Would you recommend others to participate in it?What things can we change?
  6. 6. Future roadmapWhere do you think this can go?- Customer portal with help desk, integrated eshop, Windows 8 mobile, atc.In eXtreme Berlin we started e-shopdevelopment. Now its real product.
  7. 7. Your feedback is welcome @creativemages Thanks for great help from eXtreme App mentorsSpecial thanks for Nikhil Hasija