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Upcoming events 2011-12-09

  1. 1. Rural Policy Events Calendar / Calendrier des événements sur la politique rurale December 9, 2011 / 9 décembre 2011JANUARY / JANVIER Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research / Conference Canadienne de la Recerche sur les Peches January 5-7 – Moncton, NB / 5 au 7 janvier – Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick) http://www.uwindsor.ca/glier/ccffr/ The Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research is a forum where researchers and graduate students present and discuss the latest advances in freshwater and marine fish and fisheries research. The overall programme themes typically focus on aquatic and fish/fisheries science advances and the ability of new research to provide predictions and solutions for various problems. La Conférence Canadienne pour la Recherche de Pêche est un forum où les chercheurs et les étudiants gradués peuvent présenter et discuter les dernières avances dans la recherche deau douce et marine de pêche. Les thèmes globaux de programme se portent généralement sur des avances aquatiques et de pêche de la science et la capacité de la nouvelle recherche de fournir des prévisions et des solutions pour des problèmes de pêche. International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability January 10-12 – Vancouver, BC http://onsustainability.com/Conference-2012/ The Conference will work in a multidisciplinary way across the various fields and perspectives through which we can address the fundamental and related questions of sustainability. Plenary speakers include some of the leading thinkers in these areas, as well as numerous paper, colloquium and workshop presentations. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting different perspectives or disciplines. Arctic Frontiers 2012 - Energies of the High North January 22-27 – Tromsø, Norway http://www.arctic- frontiers.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=207&Itemid=308&lang=en Arctic Frontiers 2012 will address "Energies of the High North", including nonrenewable and renewable resources of energy. The policy section of the conference will commence with a "State of the Arctic" segment. In accordance with tradition, we invite government representatives and policy makers to present their Arctic agenda of 2012. Seeds of Co-operation: Guelph Organic Conference 2012 January 26-29 – Guelph, ON http://www.guelphorganicconf.ca/ Since 2003, the Annual Conference & Expo has been organized and promoted by a federal non-profit corporation – ‘Organic Food Conferences Canada’ – managed by representatives of 16 public sector, non- profit organic groups. First International Conference on Rural Development: Experiences and Future plans in Local Development January 31 - February 2 – Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran http://seminars.usb.ac.ir/1strd/en-us/default.aspx The conference will provide an opportunity for stakeholders, researchers, academic experts, both internal and
  2. 2. external professionals to meet and discuss the current issues and new ideas on rural development, and share their country‘s experience and research findings in promoting rural development. Scientific articles presented during the conference and professional plenary sessions are mainly focused on effectiveness, conclusiveness and practicality.FEBRUARY / FÉVRIER Nothern Lights 2012: Business and Cultural Showcase of Canadas Eastern Arctic and North February 1-4 – Ottawa, ON http://www.northernlightsottawa.com/ The Business & Cultural Showcase is a celebration of Canadas north and the eastern arctic, including the regions of Nunavut, Nunavik, Nunatsiavut and Labrador. Attracting approximately 1,000 attendees and 140 exhibitors, Northern Lights strives to strengthen partnerships between Canadas northern and southern key business and government stakeholders, and is the ideal platform to learn about the many opportunities emerging in our prosperous and thriving northern regions. Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show February 8-10 – Ottawa, ON http://www.fcm.ca/home/events/2012-sustainable-communities-conference-and-trade-show.htm Hundreds of cities and communities across Canada are leading the charge towards local sustainability and the shift to a green economy. Every year, they come together to share their experiences, learn from experts and discuss the latest strategies for sustainable community development. Be part of this exciting forum for municipal sustainability champions. Attend the 2012 Sustainable Communities Conference (SCC) and Trade Show hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. EnerCan West 2012: Energy and the Environment February 13-14 – Regina, SK http://enercanwest.com/ This year’s conference is all about energy and the environment, and will feature plenary sessions discussing cutting-edge innovations, best practices, and approaches to the urgent problems and issues that the environmental and energy industries face in our carbon-challenged world. Current research and examples of technology in action will also be offered in breakout sessions organized into two tracks, Oil & Gas & Energy and Other Energies & Fuels, as well as in poster presentations and trade show exhibits. Northern & Aboriginal Housing Forum & Tradeshow 2012: Building It Right! February 21-23 – Winnipeg, MB http://www.frontiersmb.ca/events.html No description available Canadian Federation of Agriculture Annual Meeting February 21-24 – Gatineau, QC http://www.cfa-fca.ca/whats-new/coming-events/annual-meeting No description available USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum 2012 February 23-24 – Arlington, VA http://www.usda.gov/oce/forum/ No description available Fishermen and Scientists Research Society Annual Conference February 24-25 – Truro, NS http://fsrs.ns.ca/events/ac2012.html
  3. 3. The conference will include a range of workshop sessions, the Scientific Program Committee Report and Workplan for 2012/2013, and the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the workshop sessions, the conference will include posters and displays. Rural Ontario Municipal Association / Ontario Good Roads Association Combined Conference February 26-29 – Toronto, ON http://www.ogra.org/OneItemPage.asp?itemcode=OGRA-CONF-GENERAL Ontario Good Roads Association and the Rural Ontario Municipal Association combined their respective conferences in 2000. Since then the ROMA/OGRA Combined Conference has become one of the largest municipal conferences in Canada attracting over 1,500 delegates and more than 2,300 participants in total. 2012 Building SustainAble Communities Conference February 27 - March 1 – Kelowna, BC http://www.freshoutlookfoundation.org/events/bsc/2012/2012-building-sustainable-communities-conference The program – inspired by 75 industry experts on 11 planning committees – features a variety of plenaries, breakouts, panels, workshops, debates, and interactive sessions to provide opportunities for enhanced communication and collaboration. Cultivating and Sustaining Your Creative Economy Summit February 28-29 – Toronto, ON http://www.creativecitiescanada.com/ After years of trial and error, what are some of the practices that have flourished and failed? Meet with and benefit from the insights of the visionaries furthering successful cluster initiatives across North America. They will share proven strategies that will drive your economic growth. Network directly with businesses, creative industries, and municipalities to gain a combination of perspectives on how to: increase job growth, boost tax revenue, attract new investments, and develop a successful cluster. 14th National Metropolis Conference February 29 - March 3 – Toronto, ON http://www.metropolis2012.net/home The 2012 National Metropolis Conference will focus on future immigration trends and policies and the challenges and opportunities that they create for Canadian society. The conference will include six plenary panels with distinguished speakers and workshop and roundtable sessions on a wide variety of topics related to immigration and diversity. We anticipate over one thousand participants from Canada and abroad.MARCH / MARS Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium March 13-14 – Calgary, AB http://www.arcticgassymposium.com/ The Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium is a gathering place for industry players, community leaders, government and regulators involved in northern projects. It is your opportunity to get the latest policy and project updates, as well as explore challenges and opportunities on the forefront of Canadian and U.S. Arctic oil and gas development. GLOBE 2012 March 14-16 – Vancouver, BC http://2012.globeseries.com/ GLOBE 2012 will be the 12th event in one of the worlds largest and longest-running event series dedicated to business and the environment. Every two years, the world gathers in Vancouver for three days of thought- leading sessions presented by world-renowned sustainability experts, for the opportunity to see leading-edge environmental innovations, and to participate in unparalleled global networking opportunities.
  4. 4. AAMDC Convention: Spring 2012 March 19-21 – Edmonton, AB http://www.aamdc.com/aamdc-convention Every year the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties holds two conventions in Edmonton – one in spring and the other in fall. Delegates from member municipalities hear plenary speakers, participate in breakout sessions and vote on the resolutions that guide the AAMDC’s advocacy efforts. Gathering Our Voices March 20-23 – Nanaimo, BC http://www.bcaafc.com/newsandevents/gathering-our-voices The 10th Annual Aboriginal Youth Conference will be held in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This year’s theme is “A Generation on the Move”. Aboriginal Youth aged 14-24 are invited to take part in a dynamic conference that will focus on many important issues including Health, Language, Culture, the Environment, Employment, Education, Sports and Recreation. Many workshops, cultural activities, an interactive Career and Education fair, evening entertainment and afternoon sport and recreation activities will be offered. National Congress on Rural Education March 25-27 – Saskatoon, SK http://www.usask.ca/education/ruraled/index.htm The Congress this year will celebrate how rural schools have taken advantage of their culture to provide rich educational experiences through increased student involvement, attention to student individual learning needs, enriched programming, advanced technology, unique partnerships and organizational arrangements that allow rural schools to prosper.APRIL / AVRIL International Conference on Multifunctional Agriculture and Urban-Rural Relations April 1-4 – Wageningen, The Netherlands http://www.agricultureinanurbanizingsociety.com/UK/ This conference aims to advance the scientific state of the art in research on multifunctional agriculture and urban-rural relations by bringing together scholars from a wide range of disciplines (sociology, economics, spatial planning, land-use planning, regional planning, urban planning, crop sciences, animal sciences, soil sciences, architecture, etc.) from many parts of the world. Growing Rural Tourism Conference April 2-4 – Camrose, AB http://www.growingruraltourism.ca/conference/ This Conference delivers take-home information that you will find both valuable and applicable to your own rural tourism initiatives. It provides an opportunity for you to hear real-life success stories, renew and build friendships, share new ideas and have some fun! National Rural Health Association (USA) Annual Rural Health Conference April 17-20 – Denver, CO http://www.ruralhealthweb.org/go/left/programs-and-events/nrha-conferences/nrha-annual-conference NRHAs Annual Rural Health Conference is the nations largest rural health conference, created for all of those with an interest in rural health care, including rural health practitioners, hospital administrators, clinic directors and lay health workers, social workers, state and federal health employees, academics, community members and more. From Knowledge to Action – International Polar Year 2012 Conference / De la connaissance à l’action – Conférence de l’Année polaire internationale 2012 April 22-27 – Montreal, QC / 22 au 27 avril – Montréal (Québec) http://www.ipy2012montreal.ca/
  5. 5. http://www.ipy2012montreal.ca/index-fr.php The International Polar Year Conference draws international attention to the Polar Regions, global change, and related environmental, social and economic issues. From Knowledge to Action will bring together over 2,000 Arctic and Antarctic researchers, policy- and decision-makers, and a broad range of interested parties from academia, industry, non-government, education and circumpolar communities including indigenous peoples. La conférence de l’Année polaire internationale attire l’attention de la communauté internationale sur les régions polaires, les changements globaux et les enjeux environnementaux, sociaux et économiques qui y sont reliés. De la connaissance à l’action réunira plus de 2 000 spécialistes de l’Arctique et de l’Antarctique, des décideurs et analystes politiques, ainsi qu’un grand nombre d’intervenants du milieu universitaire, de l’industrie, d’organismes non gouvernementaux, du monde de l’éducation, des collectivités arctiques et des peuples des régions circumpolaires.MAY / MAI Annual Conference and General Meeting of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities May 9-11 – North Bay, ON http://www.fonom.org/?q=node/3 No description available Global Geospatial Conference / Congrès géospatial international May 14-17 – Québec, QC / 14 au 17 mai – Québec (Québec) http://www.gsdi.org/gsdiconf/gsdi13/ http://www.geoide.ulaval.ca/conference-2012.aspx This conference will explore the complementary roles of government, private industry and the academic community in realizing better means for sharing geographic data and technologies and developing improved location-based services for meeting real world needs. Ce congrès examinera le rôle complémentaire que peuvent jouer les gouvernements, lindustrie privée et le milieu de lenseignement dans lamélioration du partage des données et des technologies géographiques et dans le développement de meilleurs services mobiles susceptibles de répondre aux besoins du monde réel. National Association for Rural Mental Health (USA) Annual Conference May 15-18 – Anchorage, AK http://www.narmh.org/conferences/2012/default.aspx The National Association for Rural Mental Health invites you to join us in the land of midnight sun, aurora borealis, mountains majesty, salmon filled waters and rich traditional cultures for the 38th Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Reflecting a strong rural identity and vast network of service providers and communities, the title of this conference is Alaska: We are RURAL and then some! Policy and Research in Community Investment – 2nd Rural Research Workshop / Politique et recherche en matière d’investissement communautaire – 2ème Atelier sur la recherche rurale May 24-25 – Ottawa, ON / 24 au 25 mai – Ottawa (Ontario) http://billreimer.net/CRRF/?page_id=556 http://billreimer.net/CRRF/?page_id=715 Continuing the theme of relating policy to research, and vice versa, the second national Rural Research Workshop (RRW) “Policy and Research in Community Investment” will focus on the complex relationships between policy and research as they relate to the practice of rural community investment. Poursuivant l’établissement de liens entre la politique et la recherche et vice versa, le deuxième Atelier sur la recherche rurale (ARR) national intitulé « Politique et recherche en matière d’investissement communautaire » mettra l’accent sur les relations complexes qui existent entre la politique et la recherche dans le contexte des pratiques d’investissement dans les communautés rurales.
  6. 6. JUNE - JUIN Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Conference and Trade Show June 1-4 – Saskatoon, SK http://www.fcm.ca/home/events/upcoming-events.htm No description available Canadian Apprenticeship Forum 2012 Conference June 3-5 – Regina, SK http://www.caf-fca.org/conference/ Apprenticeship is an important building block to ensure a strong future workforce. This years conference invites discussion on the many strategies for success in apprenticeships, with a special focus on diversity, innovation and engagement. Grassroots, Growing Sustainable Rural Communities – 7th BC Rural Communities Summit June 7-9 – Grand Forks, BC http://www.bcruralnetwork.ca/node/1108 Call for Proposals Now Open The BC Rural Network and Community Futures Boundary will bring together rural stakeholders from across BC to learn firsthand about effective and practical approaches to empowering rural communities in the challenges and opportunities presented to them by a changing climate and a climate of change for rural BC. Building on the success of previous Summits, this event will engage participants through a variety of information sessions, interactive workshops, skills development, debates and dialogue. Time for Action! – International Coastal Zone Canada Conference / L’heure de l’action! – Conférence internationale Zone côtière Canada June 9-14 – Rimouski, QC / 9 au 14 juin – Rimouski (Québec) Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Université du Québec à Rimouski will host this major event, which brings together researchers, environmental and natural resource managers, policy advisors, decision-makers, educators, students, First Nations and other interested citizens. Coastal Zone Canada 2012 will take a look back at the progress made in recent decades and will examine promising approaches for addressing new challenges in oceans and coastal zone management. Pêches et Océans Canada et l’Université du Québec à Rimouski sont les hôtes de cet événement majeur qui accueille les chercheurs, gestionnaires de l’environnement et des ressources naturelles, conseillers politiques et décideurs, éducateurs, étudiants, citoyens des Premières Nations et autres citoyens. Zone côtière Canada 2012 jettera un regard sur le chemin parcouru dans les dernières décennies et étudiera les avenues prometteuses pour relever les nouveaux défis en matière de gestion des océans et des milieux côtiers. Rio+20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development June 20-22 – Rio de Janiero, Brazil http://www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/ The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, will focus on two themes: "Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication", and "Institutional framework for sustainable development". International Comparative Rural Policy Studies 2012 Summer Institute June 21 - July 6 – Montreal, QC http://icrps2012.ca/ The ICRPS summer institutes provide students with the opportunity to study in two countries. For students who wish to attend two consecutive schools (one in North America and one in Europe), the program includes advanced topics and an opportunity to share research results with faculty and other students. Students work in
  7. 7. groups to make presentations, analyze documents, prepare policy briefs, meet policy professionals and takepart in field trips. Each intensive summer school connects faculty and international students in a dedicatedlearning environment.National Value Added Ag/Rural Communities Conference (USA)June 24-26 – Traverse City, MIhttp://ruralcommunitybuilding.fb.org/2011/10/26/2012-national-value-added-agrural-communities-conference/The Michigan State University Product Center and American Farm Bureau have joined forces to co-host the14th National Value Added Ag Conference. A Rural Communities focus will be added to the conference toemphasize the importance of rural economic development in building vibrant rural communities in today’seconomy. This national conference will be attended by Extension educators, community developmentpractitioners, academic researchers specializing in rural economic development, and Farm Bureau leaders witha stake in the success of rural communities.Regional Studies Association Global ConferenceJune 24-27 – Beijing, Chinahttp://www.regional-studies-assoc.ac.uk/events/2012/June-Beijing/The Regional Studies Association annual conference is being organised around the theme of SustainingRegional Future. Debate and discussion, contrast and comparisons are essential to the success of RegionalStudies Association conferences and to academic endeavour. Critical analyses and sharing of experiences inall these topic areas will ensure the Beijing conference achieves the aims that the Regional Studies Associationand its partners have set out for it.