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Crrn rdn meeting2011_final


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Presented to the
Rural Development Network (RDN)
Annual General Meeting

Published in: Education, Technology
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Crrn rdn meeting2011_final

  1. 1. Canadian Rural Research Network (CRRN):a rural challenge, an opportunity for all, and what is the CRRN in 5 minutes Alessandro Alasia Network coordinator Presented to the Rural Development Network (RDN) Annual General Meeting Ottawa, Ontario May 4, 2011
  2. 2. Knowledge dissemination in a high density environment
  3. 3. Knowledge dissemination in a low density environmentOur challenge: overcome “distance” to each other’sknowledge and the “low density” of rural knowledge
  4. 4. The opportunity: today there are new ways to get together, to share knowledge, to collaborate and benefit from the agglomeration of ideasThe Virtual Choir
  5. 5. CRRN visionA vibrant, free and comprehensive on-linecommunity of rural research stakeholdersthat facilitates links, exchanges, partnershipsand information sharing among all partiesinterested in rural research by means of newand innovative networking approaches
  6. 6. CRRN in numbers• Established in June 2009• Over 30 organizations sharing rural research information• A team of 10 people who volunteer their time to maintain the CRRN blog and social media• Over 300 posts with research related information, plus calendar of events, videos, documents, etc.• Close to 400 social media users, many of which are organizations• About 42,000 pages loads since 2009 (from close to 20,000 visitors)• Just started: The Opinion and Lessons Learned
  7. 7. How does it work? http://www.rural-research-network.blogspot.comBi-monthly emailupdate
  8. 8. Stayconnected Join the networkThank you