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Platform progresses-made


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Published in: Technology
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Platform progresses-made

  1. 1. Photo : Amare Haileslassie – ICRISAT/ILRI CGIAR- Dryland Agriculture & Livelihood System Research Program in South Asia: Progresses made Amare Haileslassie & Ramilan,Thiagarajah Platform/Jodhpur/14/06/13)
  2. 2. Inception phase process 2 Identifying key partners Analysis macro-level data Regional workshops to identify: ―Sites and priority production & livelihood systems ―Observed changes in systems ―Major drivers of change & future trajectories of change ―Research hypotheses and activities Progresses made
  3. 3. Progresses made Post- inception phase- action villages identified 8 Villages representing the different production systems of West Rajasthan: — Jodhpur/ Osien; — Barmer/ Chotan ; — Jaisalmer/Jaisalmer
  4. 4. Progresses made 8 action villages in West Rajasthan
  5. 5. Progresses made Post- inception phase- how the villages were selected — Partners involved( NGOs, CBOs, line departments) — Extensive travel within the respective blocks (Osien; Chotan and Jaisalmer) — Diversity in terms of system components — Diversity in terms of water management Photo : Amare Haileslassie – ICRISAT/ILRI
  6. 6. Progresses made Post- inception phase-baseline survey — Tool development — Village appraisal — 250 households interviewed — GPS of the households recorded — Data entry is progressing
  7. 7. Progresses made Post- inception phase-biodiversity survey — Tool developed and the survey is lunched
  8. 8. — Biophysical components based technologies — System management based technologies Post- inception phase: technology identification Progresses made
  9. 9. — High resolution satellite image ( 5X5m) based land use land cover analysis and water harvesting potential — NVDI based biomass productivity estimation — This data will be linked to the biomass demand side estimation ( e.g livestock feed) — Will serve as the bases to asses biomass yield gaps and impacts of interventions Post- inception phase: land use land cover and biomass productivity assessment Progresses made
  10. 10. — Soil sampling for an integrated nutrient management — Testing and demonstrating NRM (water, soil, varieties…..) in 6 villages — Testing and demonstrating NRM on CPR ( protection, high yielding grass and tree species, institutions Post- inception phase: preparation for demonstration of selected technologies Progresses made
  11. 11. Thanks for your attention