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OTN Calendar [2011-Q2]PUBLIC

  1. 1. 2011 CALENDAR OF TRADE-RELATED MEETINGS SECOND QUARTER = New Item = Negotiations = UrgentNd = No date agreed Np = No place determined M = Ministerial APRILDate Event Venue 4 CARICOM Working Group on Free Movement Guyana rd 4‐8 3 Round of Negotiations for a CARICOM‐Canada Trade and Ottawa Development Agreement 4‐8 CARICOM Workshop on Merchandise Trade Statistics – Trade Indices Trinidad & Tobago Modules 5‐7 1st Joint Meeting of Officials on the Free Movement of Persons and Guyana facilitation of Travel and Contingent Rights 6‐7 Working Meeting o Elaborate Priorities for OECS Agriculture Dominica11‐12 Seminar on the CARIFORUM‐EC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Antigua & Barbuda for Legislative Drafters11‐15 18h CROSQ Council Meeting The Bahamas12‐13 Workshop on Cooperation and Integration: The Way to Government Jamaica Procurement ‐ Development in the Caribbean on Government Procurement12‐14 CRFM Multi‐Disciplinary Workshop to Finalize the Common Fisheries Guyana Policy12‐14 1st Commonwealth Caribbean Public‐Private Symposium Antigua & Barbuda th14‐15 6 Meeting of Senior Public Procurement and Trade Officials Jamaica th14‐15 Meeting of Officials Preparatory to the 14 Meeting of the Council for Guyana Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) 15 9th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum Guyana18‐21 CSME Public Education: National Consultations on – St. Lucia i) Contingent Rights NOTE: Please monitor the OTN’s website for details. http://www.crnm.org
  2. 2. APRILDate Event Venue ii) Chamber of Commerce 20 Special Meeting of the COTED on Rules of Procedures Video‐Conference20‐21 Consultation on the CARICOM Investment Code (CIC), within the context St. Lucia of the OECS Economic Union27‐29 National Consultations on Trade Agreements and Negotiations Haiti nd28‐29 2 Meeting of the Re‐Constituted Inter‐Governmental Task Force (IGTF) Guyana28‐29 XVII Forum of Culture Ministers Responsible for Cultural Policies in Bolivia M Latin America and the Caribbean28‐29 OECS Consultation on the WTO Doha Development Agenda Negotiations DominicaTBD Meeting of Officials of COTED to Review the Report on the Guyana Comprehensive Review of the CET and Rules of Origin NOTE: Please monitor the OTN’s website for details. http://www.crnm.org
  3. 3. MAYDate Event Venue 3‐4 Working Group on Labour for CARICOM‐Canada Trade and Barbados Development Agreement 4‐5 14th Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations St. Kitts & Nevis M (COFOR) 5‐6 Working Group on Environment for CARICOM‐Canada Trade and Barbados Development Agreement11‐12 1st Meeting of the Open‐Ended Committee on the Governance of Belize CARIFORUM9‐13 Meeting of Regional Trade Officials to Discuss the Draft Harmonised Jamaica Legislation – Antidumping Bill9‐13 Regional Meeting/Seminar – Building Capacity For Trade Remedies Jamaica Relating to Dumped and Subsidised Goods10‐11 6th Meeting of the CARICOM Technical Negotiating Team on Air Services Guyana10‐13 WTO‐IDB/INTAL Regional Workshop on Market Access for Non‐ Jamaica Agricultural Products (NAMA) for Caribbean Countries16‐17 Meeting of Officials Preparatory to the Meeting of the 32nd Council on Guyana Trade and Development (COTED)19‐20 Meeting of the 32nd Council on Trade and Development (COTED) Guyana M17‐19 CARICOM Train the Trainers Workshop in the Organization and use of St. Lucia Statistical Databases24‐25 Meeting of Officials Preparatory to the 36th Council on Trade and Grenada(tbc) Development (COTED) – (Information and Communication Technology) (tbc)25‐26 41st Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Board of Trinidad & Tobago Governors26‐27 Regional Consultation ‐ Review of a Model Audio Visual Co‐ Jamaica Production Treaty for CARIFORUM Member States25‐27 Regional Agro‐Tourism Seminar Jamaica(tbc) (tbc) 27 CARICOM Central Bank Governors’ Meeting Barbados 27 Meeting of the 36th Council on Trade and Development (COTED) – Grenada(tbc) (Information and Communication Technology) (tbc) NOTE: Please monitor the OTN’s website for details. http://www.crnm.org
  4. 4. MAYDate Event Venue th Nd 15 Special Meeting of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Guyana M Government (RETREAT) JUNEDate Event Venue 2‐3 Workshop on CARIFORUM Trade in Services Officials Guyana 9 International Forum on Caribbean Investment and Development Washington, DC st9‐10 1 Meeting of the Trade and Development Committee under the CF‐EC Barbados Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)14‐16 OECS Regional Workshop on Scheduling for Agriculture and NAMA St. Lucia th Nd 28 Meeting of the Community Council of Ministers Grenada M (tbc)For Official Programme of WTO Meetings please see http://www.wto.org/meets_public/meets_e.pdf Remember that you can also follow OTN on the following Social Media links: NOTE: Please monitor the OTN’s website for details. http://www.crnm.org