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  • Hello, I am Walter Cole. we represent local artisan miners of raw AU Gold, Rough and uncut Diamonds from various communities here in Guinea . We are looking to get International buyers and investors, individuals and cooporations alike for sales of the minerals and partnerships in the mines. We sell our Gold the Rough uncut Diamonds at very competitive rates. We also represent some communities and villages that have presently mines for lease and some for outright sales . Interested persons and organisation may get back to us for details on this contact email: Regards.
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  • We represent Mining Communities and sell Gold and Diamonds and we also export to buyers refinery.We sell 18% below LME price.We have 312kg of Gold Bar and 2,000 Karats of Diamonds available.Contact Person:Mr.Richard George,GOLD TECH CENTRE
    P.O.BOX 1690,Central-Accra,Rep. of Ghana.Tel:+233 269933881,Cel:+233 549844388Email:

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  • is delighted to inform you that we have:

    Gold Dust;
    Quantity:Presently we have 63 kilos of Gold but we are capable of
    supplying more than 200kg per month.
    Quality: 22 carat
    Purity: 95.6%
    Price:$30,000.00 USD per Kilogram

    Rough Diamonds:
    Sizes:From 5-28 Carats
    Quantity:Presently we have 1000 carats but we are capable of
    supplying more than 5,000 carats per month.
    Price:From $450.00 USD per carat.

    Contact us for details regarding this offer.

    +232 78 442 426 (Cell phone).
    Mr.Alfred Deen.
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BELTRAIDE - Belize Importers & Exporters Directory

  1. 1. FOREWORD The Government of Belize continues to place special emphasis on establishing this country as a reputable and reliable supplier of quality goods and services. Notwithstanding its relatively small size, Belize’s export sector capacity and capability continues to grow and remain competitive in particular niche markets such as papayas and hot-pepper. The export sector has adopted competitiveness and quality as selling points as it seeks to improve even further an already impressive record. The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) was mandated to be the implementing arm of government policy in the area of Export Promotion and Investment. BELTRAIDE has been successful in producing its first edition of an Importers and Exporters Directory worthy of the highest commendation. The directory complements other initiatives that BELTRAIDE has undertaken such as the Exporter’s Manual andThe Priority Sectors for Investment and Export Promotion. BELTRAIDE, as part of its active support for trade globalization, industrial activities and foreign investment, sincerely hopes that this directory will stimulate further business with Belize. The Government of Belize, in order to facilitate the best enabling environment and infrastructure, is engaged in a series of international trade negotiations. We are committed in the negotiation process for the Free Trade Areas of the Americas. The globalized trade arena has posed its share of challenges to the Belize economy, but our exporters have been able to maintain their presence in traditional markets such as CARICOM, the United States of America and Europe, while making important inroads into non-traditional markets such as Japan. We take this opportunity to express on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Investment and BELTRAIDE to thank all those involved in producing this Directory of Importers and Exporters. We are sincerely grateful to the many entities that cooperated in the preparation of this directory, including all of the companies and associations, as well as the advertisers appearing in the directory, and to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for funding the production of this directory as an activity of the BELTRAIDE-IDB Technical Cooperation Project. I wish to reiterate the Government of Belize’s commitment to the production of quality goods and services, and to thank BELTRAIDE for providing another window showcasing this country’s products to the world. Sincerely, Hon. Ralph H. Fonseca Minister of Home Affairs & Investment 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 1 Table of Contents 2 About BELTRAIDE 3 Belize Country Profile 4 Important Information 5 Infrastructure 6 Political Framework 6 Legal Framework 7 Economic Industries 7 Belize Import Statistics 8 Belize Export Statistics 10 Caribbean Community & Common Market (CARICOM) 13 Tariffs 13 Common External Tariff (CET) 14 Belize Embassies & Consulates Abroad 16 Priority Sector Profiles 18 Directory: Advertising, Business & Marketing Services 22 Agro-Processors 27 Animal Feed 28 Aquaculture 28 Architects 30 Aromatherapy & Perfumes 31 Bakeries 31 Battery Manufacturers 32 Boat Manufacturers 33 Business Support Organizations 34 Chemical Companies 35 Cigars & Cigarettes 37 Construction & Engineering Companies 37 Construction Supplies 38 Dairy Producers 41 Employment Agencies 42 Entertainment 42 Financial Institutions 44 Fish Farms & Fishermen Cooperatives 47 Garment Manufacturers 48 Gases 48 Government Departments & Statutory Bodies 49 Grain Producers 50 Handicraft Producers, Artists & Sculptors 51 Hotels 55 Importers 57 Insurance Companies 58 Investment & Trade Promotion Agencies 60 Law Firms 60 Liquor, Beer, & Wine Manufacturers 62 Livestock & Meat Processors 63 Manufacturers General 64 Mining Companies 64 Natural Medicines 65 Non-Traditional Agricultural Crops 65 Paper Companies 69 Pharmaceuticals 69 Plastic Manufacturers 70 Poultry Products 70 Purified Water & Fruit Juices 71 Realtors 72 Registries 74 Snack Foods 75 Traditional Agriculture 75 Transportation & Cargo Services 77 Utility Companies 80 Wood Industry 81
  3. 3. The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) is a statutory institution governed by a Board of Directors. On the Board are representatives from Government, Private sector, and Civil Society. The Board is the principal policy making organ of BELTRAIDE. The BelizeTrade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) is committed to offering local and foreign investors the services of a one-stop center for investment and trade activities. Our Investment Attraction, Export Promotion, Business Facilitation, and Trade and Research Departments strive to efficiently respond to requests, inquiries, and needs of investors and business persons. BELTRAIDE promotes investments that create job opportunities and increase foreign currency for Belize. BELTRAIDE’s main objectives are: • Attracting and facilitating new investments • Efficiently managing the Fiscal Incentives Program for the Government of Belize • Identifying new non-traditional export products and markets; supporting traditional exporters • Tendering advice and recommendations to the Government on trade promotion • Developing trade policies and participating in trade negotiations • Providing accurate, timely data and research on trade matters BELTRAIDE maintains a comprehensive trade and investment library for all business persons to utilize. Potential investors can contact BELTRAIDE to collect necessary information about incentive programs, regulations, and procedures governing investment in Belize. For more information concerning BELTRAIDE’s services, or information on trade and investment in Belize contact: The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) 14 Orchid Garden Street Belmopan City, Belize Tel: (501) 822-3737/0175/0177 Fax: (501) 822-0595 Email: Website: “BELTRAIDE - MAKING BUSINESS HAPPEN.” ABOUT BELTRAIDE Disclaimer: BELTRAIDE cannot be held responsible for the availability of the products and services listed, the reliability of the companies, or any other problems which may occur in negotiations, fulfillment of contracts, etc. The companies listed range from small to large entities, and their ability to supply or purchase goods and services varies accordingly. Some of the companies already have international marketing networks, others may be seeking new markets or embarking on overseas trade and transactions for the first time. We therefore recommend, that checks as to the credit standings and market research on the companies, should be carried out before entering into any contract. Should any disputes arise, they must be settled through the international commercial arbitration system. 3
  4. 4. SIZE OF THE MARKET Population GEOGRAPHICAL DATA Area: Total: 8,867 sq. miles Water: 100 sq. miles Land: 8,767 sq. miles STRATEGIC GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION Belize, formerly British Honduras, is located on the eastern coast of Central America, in the heart of the Caribbean Basin. BORDERS Mexico to the North Guatemala to the West and South The Caribbean Sea to the East LENGTH & CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COAST The coastline of Belize extends for 241 sq. miles, along the eastern coast of Central America. The Barrier Reef, which is 185 miles long, runs along the coast, and is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Belize is the only country in Central America without a coastline on the North Pacific Ocean. BELIZE COUNTRY PROFILE Maya Mountains. The second-largest barrier reef (185 miles long) and three of the four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere fall within Belize’s territory. Hydrography The major rivers of Belize flow eastward from Guatemala. The Belize River, with Belize City as its mouth, empties into the Gulf of Honduras. The Rio Hondo River forms much of the boundary with Mexico, and Sarstoon River forms much of the southern border with Guatemala. Topography The northern half of mainland Belize is a plain which supports sugar cane farming along with native scrub vegetation, dense hardwood tropical forests, and coastal mangrove swamps. Central Belize is comprised of large savannas that rise into the Mountain Pine Ridge and the Source Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize *2004 Mid-Year Population Estimate **UNDP Human Development Report World 2004* Total Population (thousands) 282,600 Growth Rate 1.8%** Gender Distribution Men 50.50% Women 49.50% Age Distribution 0-14 40.90% 15-64 54.80% 65+ 4.30% Population (thousands) Corozal 35,000 Orange Walk 43,800 Belize 84,200 Cayo 63,900 Stann Creek 28,900 Toledo 26,800 4
  5. 5. IMPORTANT INFORMATION CURRENCY Belize Dollar (BZ$). The Belize dollar has been pegged to the US dollar since 1976 at the exchange rate of US$1=BZ$2. LOCAL SCHEDULE Central Standard Time (CST); GTM – 6 hours BUSINESS HOURS Banks: Monday to Thursday, 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P. M. All banks on Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Individual bank hours may vary, and some also open on Saturday mornings. Commerce & Industry: Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Some businesses also open on most weeknights and on Saturday as well. Government: Monday toThursday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Fridays. RELIGION The Roman Catholic Religion is the most widely practiced religion in the country. Most other denominations are represented and offer prayer services. LANGUAGE English is the official language of Belize. However Spanish, Creole, Garifuna, and Mayan are widely spoken throughout the country. CLIMATE Belize’s climate is subtropical with an average yearly temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit and average humidity of 85 per cent. Annual rainfall ranges from 50 inches in the north to 170 inches in the south. The Rainy season is usually between June and August and the dry season is between February and May. Hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends November 30th . HOLIDAYS January 1st (New Years Day); March 9th (Baron Bliss Day); Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday (Easter); May 1st (Labour Day); May 24th (Commonwealth Day); September 10th (St. George’s Caye Day); September 21st (Independence Day); October 12th (Pan American Day); November 19th (Garifuna Settlement Day); Decem- ber 25th (Christmas); December 26th (Boxing Day). ENTRY REQUIREMENTS A valid passport and visa (if required) is necessary for entry into Belize. Visitors are allowed to stay 30 days, after which an extension will be required. Extensions are granted by the Immigration Department, at a cost of US$25.00. Visas are not required for citizens of the USA, European Union, British Commonwealth (except India), Mexico, Costa Rica or Austria, who have a valid passport and an onward plane ticket. Citizens of all other countries must obtain a visa from their nearest Belizean Embassy or Consulate for US$25. Application for visas can also be made at British Embassies. TOURISM Belize is known for its diversity – the people, the attractions and its history. With its white sandy islands surrounding the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef, jungle-covered foothills rising up to the Maya Mountains, world-class fishing and diving, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, ancient temples and abundant wildlife, Belize is truly “Mother Nature’s best-kept secret”. Belizeans are committed to eco-tourism, conserving natural and cultural heritage and are happy to share their paradise with those who wish to help preserve it. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Internet Access: There are several companies which offer internetservicesinBelize–mainlyBelizeTelecommunications Limited, and Baymen Cable Network. These companies offer dial-up and high speed internet connections, as well as internet by cable. Belize Telecommunications Limited offers international and national telephone services, internet connections and mobile phone services. Internet Cafés have become very popular in Belize and can be found easily within the city and in areas that are highly visited by tourists. These cafes offer internet services by the hour and rates vary by establishment. MEDIA Belize currently has 30 radio stations and 2 major television stations available without cable. There are nine newspapers currently in circulation throughout the country. 5
  6. 6. JUDICIAL BRANCH This branch consists of the Supreme Court of Justice, made up of three judges – the Chief Justice and two others known as Puisne Judges. All three judges are male. GOVERNING PARTY The People’s United Party (PUP) ROAD SYSTEM Belize has 1,951.25 miles of roads throughout the country. Of this a total of 398.2 miles are paved. The road system consists of three categories: Main roads, Secondary roads and Feeder roads. There are four main highways in Belize. These are the Northern Highway (Belize City to Corozal); the Western Highway (Belize City to the Benque Border in the Cayo District); the Hummingbird Highway (Belmopan to the Stann Creek District); and the Southern Highway (Stann Creek to Punta Gorda). For more information contact: Ministry of Works Belmopan City, Belize Email: INFRASTRUCTURE SEA PORTS Belize has six international sea ports. Four are located in the Belize District: ∙ Fort Street Tourism Village – Cruise Tourism ∙ Esso Standard Oil Ltd. – Bulk Fuel Shipments ∙ Port of Belize Ltd. – Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo ∙ Belize Sugar Industries (Floating Port) – Sugar and Molasses shipments Two other ports in the South - Big Creek and Commerce AIRPORTS AND AIRLINES Belize’s international airport is the Phillip SW Goldson International Airport, located 10 miles outside of Belize City. The airlines currently operating in Belize are: AMERICAN, CONTINENTAL, UNITED and DELTA from the United States;TIKAL JETS from Guatemala; and GRUPOTACA, an alliance of the five Central American countries. There are two major local airlines – Tropic Air, and Maya Island Air. Both offer local and international charter flights and daily scheduled flight destinations around the country, and Guatemala. Two other local airlines – Cari Bee Air Service and Javier’s Flying Service Ltd – offer local and international charters only. For more information contact: The Belize Airports Authority P.O. Box 1564, Belize City Email: POLITICAL FRAMEWORK EXECUTIVE BRANCH The Chief of State is Queen Elizabeth II (since February 6, 1952) represented by Governor General, Sir Colville Young Sr. (since November 17, 1993). The head of government is the Prime Minister, Said Wilbert Musa (since March 5, 2003). OPPOSITION PARTY The United Democratic Party (UDP) GOVERNMENT TYPE Belize is a Parliamentary Democracy and the government is divided into three branches: the Legislative, the Judicial, and the Executive - all independent of each other. LEGISLATIVE BRANCH The bicameral National Assembly consists of the Senate (12 members) and the House of Representatives (29 seats). Elections are held every five years. Beight in the Stann Creek District - are used for ship- ments of Bananas and Citrus respectively. For more information contact: The Belize Port Authority Caesar Ridge Road P.O. Box 633 Belize City, Belize Email: 6
  7. 7. INVESTMENT CLIMATE Belize provides three main elements sought by international investors: • Stability: long – standing, democratic tradition; independent judiciary; fixed exchange rate since 1976 • Profitability: attractive fiscal incentives and concessions; Commercial Free Zones; Export Processing Zones; repatriation of profits and dividends • Liveability: subtropical climate, virgin rainforest, un-spoilt beaches, spectacular barrier reef and friendly people Furthermore, Belize is strategically located next to Mexico andCentralAmerica,neartheUSandCaribbeanislands,rich in natural resources with a stable and supportive economy, bilingual workforce and established infrastructure. The Government offers a variety of incentives to attract investors: • 100% foreign ownership of land and company assets • Joint ventures with local entities • Legislation for the provision of incentives for the retirement industry • Flexible fiscal incentives and concessions • Commercial Free Zones and Export Processing Zones • Vibrant, International Financial Services Industry TRADE AGREEMENTS Belize enjoys incentives under trade agreements with several developed countries. These include: • Preferential market access to the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) • Preferential treatment from the USA under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) • Duty free access for certain commodities such as bananas and sugar under the Lome IV Convention • Under CARIBCAN, certain Belizean goods enter Canada duty free LEGAL FRAMEWORK ECONOMIC INDICATORS Consumer Price Index Gross Domestic Product (Per Capita) Current Dollars Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Annual Variation (%) 0.6 1.1 2.2 2.6 3.1 Food, Beverages, & Tobacco 0.5 0.5 1.1 2.6 2.5 Clothing & Footwear -3.7 -3.5 -0.9 0.7 0.4 Rent, Water, Fuel & Power 1.6 2.1 -0.5 3.1 5.2 Household Goods & Main. -0.6 -0.9 0.4 0.1 0.1 Medical Care 2.6 1.9 2.5 0.7 1 Transport & Communication 1.9 5.3 9.7 5.1 5.5 Recreation, Education & Culture 0.4 -0.4 1.9 1 1.3 Personal Care 1.2 0.3 0.8 0.2 -0.9 Year 1994 5,504 1995 5,727 1996 5,777 1997 5,691 1998 5,777 1999 6,026 2000 6,660 2001 6,742 2002 6,938 2003 7,223 7
  8. 8. BELIZE IMPORT STATISTICS Gross Imports by Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), US$ million: 2000-2004 Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Food and Live Animals 53.13 59.38 53.92 59.36 54.62 Beverages & Tobacco 3.77 3.82 4.16 4.47 4.93 Crude Minerals 4.00 5.78 3.76 3.34 3.63 Mineral Fuels & Lub. 86.99 77.26 57.77 66.41 77.33 Oils and Fats 1.98 1.60 1.52 1.65 1.59 Chemical Products 42.39 35.84 42.50 41.33 38.16 Manufactured goods 71.91 68.10 64.09 64.33 68.43 Mach. & Transp. Equip. 118.56 115.24 104.23 101.83 87.96 Other Manufactures 32.24 37.92 40.22 51.61 40.91 Commodities n.e.s 0.22 0.20 0.12 0.45 0.01 Export Processing Zones 50.28 43.51 40.00 65.35 56.96 Commercial Free Zone 57.24 66.01 110.58 90.25 78.31 Personal Goods 1.53 2.14 1.59 1.70 1.32 Total 524.22 516.80 524.46 552.08 514.16 Gross Imports by SITC, 2000-2004 (US$ million) 1.59 38.16 68.4387.96 40.91 0.01 56.96 78.31 1.32 77.33 3.634.93 54.62 Food and Live Animals Beverages & Tobacco Crude Minerals Mineral Fuels & Lub. Oils and Fats Chemical Products Manufactured goods Mach. & Transp. Equip. Other Manufactures Commodities n.e.s Export Processing Zones Commercial Free Zone Personal Goods 8
  9. 9. Gross Imports by Origin, 2000-2004 (US$ million) Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 United States of America 253.54 237.23 221.35 234.80 199.04 Mexico 44.06 43.35 41.06 43.65 52.99 United Kingdom 14.05 16.32 16.44 14.03 11.96 Other European Union 26.15 20.18 26.19 28.20 19.88 Central America 47.01 60.70 87.13 91.80 98.38 CARICOM 14.70 21.87 16.08 15.06 13.20 Canada 8.05 6.74 8.58 6.84 6.24 Other 116.71 110.41 107.66 117.69 112.44 Total 524.27 516.80 524.49 552.07 514.13 9 Other Canada CARICOM Central America Other European Union United Kingdom Mexico United States of America
  10. 10. BELIZE EXPORT STATISTICS Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Bananas 32.91 21.4 16.75 26.29 26.5 Garments 19.79 15.5 15.22 15.45 18.55 Grapefruit Concentrate 6.7 7.85 6.47 6.26 11.91 Marine Products 35.22 33.21 35.18 55.08 53.36 Orange Concentrate 47.62 34.42 26.74 33.12 27.75 Papayas 5.72 5.13 7.75 8.37 11.41 Sugar 37.19 29.68 32.99 36.87 40.77 Other 25.21 15.51 16.72 10.86 14.83 Total 210.36 162.7 158.32 192.3 205.08 Major Domestic Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million) 26.5 18.55 11.91 53.3627.75 11.41 40.77 14.83 Bananas Garments Grapefruit Concentrate Marine Products Orange Concentrate Papayas Sugar Other 10 Major Domestic Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million)
  11. 11. Marine Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million) Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Aquarium Fish 0.05 0.02 0.03 0.05 0.09 Other Fish 0.81 1.06 0.06 0.32 0.62 Conch 1.79 2.49 1.72 1.87 2.91 Lobster 7.71 6.27 6.62 6.80 7.57 Pink Sea Shrimp 0.25 0.12 1.08 0.43 0.44 White Farm Shrimp 24.57 23.28 25.70 45.88 42.14 Total 35.18 33.24 35.21 55.35 53.77 Marine Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million) White Farm Shrimp Pink Sea Shrimp Lobster Other Fish Aquarium Fish Conch Aquarium Fish Other Fish Conch Lobster Pink Sea Shrimp White Farm Shrimp 11
  12. 12. Other Domestic Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million) Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO), Belize 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Black Eye Peas 1.50 1.43 1.23 1.70 1.00 Grapefruit Oil 0.12 0.05 0.15 0.01 0.78 Grapefruit Squash 4.04 0.97 3.54 0.19 0.89 Molasses 0.13 0.82 1.34 1.24 0.88 Oranges 1.66 1.02 1.82 1.20 1.05 Orange Oil 0.12 0.19 0.41 0.28 1.04 Orange Squash 9.89 2.32 1.54 0.74 1.11 Pepper Sauce 0.33 0.20 0.20 0.30 0.56 R.K. Beans 0.94 1.64 1.22 0.83 1.07 Sawn Wood 2.36 1.15 1.28 1.78 1.49 Veneer Sheet 0.01 0.06 0.21 0.12 0.01 Other Exports 4.11 5.64 3.77 2.45 4.92 Total 25.21 15.49 16.71 10.84 14.80 Other Exports, 2000-2004 (US$ million) 1.00 0.78 0.89 0.88 1.05 1.04 1.110.561.071.49 0.01 4.92 Black Eye Peas Grapfruit Oil Grapefruit Squash Molasses Oranges Orange Oil Orange Squash Pepper Sauce R.K. Beans Sawn Wood Veneer Sheet Other Exports 12
  13. 13. The Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) was established by theTreaty of Chaguaramas, which was signed by Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, andTrinidad andTobago, and came into effect on August 1st , 1973. CARICOM is aimed at the eventual integration of its members and economies, and the creation of a common market – the CARICOM Single Market Economy (CSME). Under the CARICOM agreement, all imported products entering Belize from one of the CARICOM member countries are exempted from import duties. In order to receive an exemption, importers must produce to the Comptroller of Customs a CARICOM Certificate of Origin which validates the CARICOM origin. CARICOM Members Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia,Trinidad and Tobago CARICOM Observers Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Netherlands Antilles On May 1st , 1971, Belize (then, British Honduras) became a member of CARICOM. Within CARICOM, Belize is listed as a Less Developed Country (LDC), and has been designated as one of the disadvantaged countries in the Community. Belize can export most of its products to CARICOM duty-free. Products which do not meet the qualifying conditions (i.e. Rules of Origin) must face the import duties as prescribed in the Common External Tariff (CET). What is a tariff? A tariff is a tax placed on imported or exported goods, sometimes called a customs duty. A revenue tariff is set with the intent of raising money for the government. A protective tariff, usually applied to imported goods, is intended to artificially inflate prices of imports and “protect” domestic industries from foreign competition. What is an ad valorem tariff? An ad valorem tariff is a fixed percentage of the value of the good that is being imported. In some instances these may be problematic as when the international price of a good falls, so does the tariff, and domestic industries become more vulnerable to competition. Conversely, when the price of a good rises in the international market, so does the tariff. What is a specific tariff? A specific tariff is a tariff of a specific amount of money that does not vary with the price of the good. These tariffs may be harder to decide the amount at which to set them, and may need to be updated due to changes in the market or inflation. CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY AND COMMON MARKET (CARICOM) TARIFFS 13
  14. 14. THE COMMON EXTERNAL TARIFF (CET) Belize, as a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), adopts the Common External Tariff (CET), which is a single-tier tariff schedule for goods imported from non-CARICOM countries. The following is a list of sections and chapters included in the Belize Customs Tariff and Trade Classification, Laws of Belize Chapter 38 (Effective 1st April 1998): Section I: Live Animals; Animal Products Section II: Vegetable Products Section III: Animal or Vegetable Fats and Oils and their Cleavage Products; Prepared Edible Fats; Animal or Vegetable Waxes Section IV: Prepared Foodstuffs; Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar; Tobacco and Manufactured Tobacco Substitutes Section V: Mineral Products Section VI: Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries Section VII: Plastics and Articles Thereof; Rubber and Articles Thereof Section VIII: Raw Hides and Skins, Leather, Furskins and Articles Thereof; Saddlery and Harness; Travel Goods, Handbags and Similar Containers; Articles of Animal Gut (Other than Silk-Worm Gut) Section IX: Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal; Cork and Articles of Cork; Manufactures of Straw, or Esparto or of Other Plaiting Materials; Basket ware and Wickerwork Section X: Pulp of Wood or of Other Fibrous Cellulosic Material; Recovered (Waste and Scrap) Paper or Paperboard; Paper and Paperboard and Articles Thereof Section XI: Textiles and Textile Articles Section XII: Footwear, Headgear, Umbrellas, Sun Umbrellas, Walking-sticks, Seat-sticks, Whips, Riding-crops and Parts Thereof; Prepared Feathers and Articles Made Therewith; Artificial Flowers; Articles of Human Hair Section XIII: Articles of Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos, Mica or Similar Materials; Ceramic Products; Glass and Glassware Section XIV: Natural or Cultured Pearls, Precious or Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Metals, Metals Clad with Precious Metal, and Articles Thereof; Imitation Jewelry; Coin Section XV: Base Metals and Articles of Base Metal Section XVI: Machinery and Mechanical Appliances; Electrical Equipment; Parts Thereof; Sound Recorders and Reproducers, Television Image and Sound Recorders and Reproducers, and Parts and Accessories of Such Articles 14
  15. 15. Section XVII: Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels and Associated Transport Equipment Section XVIII: Optical, Photographic, Cinematographic, Measuring, Checking, Precision, Medical or Surgical Instruments and Apparatus; Clocks and Watches; Musical Instruments; Parts and Accessories Thereof Section XIX: Arms and Ammunition; Parts and Accessories Thereof Section XX: Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles Section XXI: Works of Art, Collectors’ Pieces and Antiques For additional information on customs duties, contact: The Comptroller of Customs The Customs Department Customs House Port Loyola P.O. Box 146 Belize City, Belize Tel: (501) 227-5031 Fax: (501) 227-4970 Email: or 15
  16. 16. Embassy of Belize, Austria Address: P.O. Box 982 A-1011 Vienna Austria, Europe Tel: +00 43 (1) 533-7663 Fax: +00 43 (1) 533-8114 Email: Embassy of Belize, Belgium Address: Boulevard Brand Whitlock 136 1200 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +00 32 (2) 732-6204 Fax: +00 32 (2) 732-6246 Email: Belize High Commission, Canada Address: 350 Albert Street, Suite 2120 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 1A4 Tel: +00 1 (613) 232-2826 Fax: +00 1 (613) 232-4279 Email: or Belize Mission to CARICOM Address: c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation New Administrative Building Belmopan City, Belize Tel: +00 (501) 822-2167 Fax: +00 (501) 822-2854 Email: Embassy of Belize, Republic of Cuba Address: Calle 5a. A No. 3608 C/36 y 36A Miramar, Playa Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba Tel: +00 53 (7) 204-3504 Fax: +00 53 (7) 204-3506 Email: Embassy of Belize, Dominican Republic Address: E.P.S A-137 7801 N.W. 37th Street Miami, Florida Tel: +00 1 (809) 567-2293/7159 Fax: +00 1 (809) 567-7159 Email: Belize High Commission, United Kingdom Address: Third Floor, 45 Crawford Place London, W1H, 4LP United Kingdom Tel: +00 44 (207) 723 3603 Fax: +00 44 (207) 723 9637 Email: Embassy of Belize, Guatemala and Central America Address: 5 Avenida 5-55, Zona 14 Europlaza, Torre II, Oficina 1502 Guatemala City, Guatemala Tel: +00 (502) 367-3883 Fax: +00 (502) 367-3884 Email: Embassy of Belize, Japan Address: No. 38 Kowa Bldg. 4-12-24-907, Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031 Japan Tel: +00 81 (3) 4000-9106 Fax: +00 81 (3) 4000-9262 Email: Embassy of Belize, Mexico Address: 215 Calle Bernardo de Galvez Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico, D.F. 11000 Tel: +00 52 (55) 520-1274 Fax: +00 52 (55) 520-6089 Email: Embassy of Belize, El Salvador Address: Calle El Bosque Norte Block P. Casa Col. La Cima IV San Salvador, El Salvador Tel: +00 (503) 248-1423 Fax: +00 (503) 273-6744 Email: Embassy of Belize, Kingdom of Thailand Address: 10th Floor, Pilot Pen Bldg., 331-331/1-3 Silom Road Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Kingdom of Thailand Tel: +00 66 (2) 636-8377 Fax: +00 66 (2) 235-7653 Email: Website: BELIZE EMBASSIES & CONSULATES EMBASSIES 16
  17. 17. Embassy of Belize, Republic of China Address: 11F No. 9 Lane 62 Tien Mou West Road, Shih Lin Taipei 111, Taiwan Republic of China Tel: +00 886 (2) 2876-0894/0895 Fax: +00 886 (2) 2876-0896 Email: Website: Permanent Delegation of Belize to UNESCO Address: 1 Rue Miollis Room M339 75015 Paris, France Tel: +00 33 (1) 45-68-32-11 Fax: +00 33 (1) 47-20-18-74 Email: Permanent Mission of Belize to the United Nations Address: 675 Third Avenue Suite 1911 New York, NY 10017, U.S.A Tel: +00 1 (212) 986-1240/ 593-0999 Fax: +00 1 (212) 593-0932 Email: Website: Embassy of Belize, United States of America Address: 2535 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20008 Tel: +00 1 (202) 332-9636 Fax: +00 1 (202) 332-6888 Email: Website: CONSULATES Consulate of Belize Cancun Address: Avenida Nader 34, 1st Floor Cancun, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico Tel: +00 52 (9) 887-8417 Fax: +00 52 (9) 887-8631 Email: Consulate General of Belize Chetumal, Quintana Roo Address: Armada de Mexico 91 Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico Tel: +00 52 (9) 832-1803 Fax: +00 52 (9) 833-1934 Email: Consul General of Belize Republic of Panama Address: P.O. Box 0819-12297 El Dorado Republic of Panama Tel: +00 (507) 236-4132/3762 Fax: +00 (507) 236-4132 Consul General of Belize Los Angeles, California, United States of America Address: 5825 Sunset Boulevard Suite 206 Hollywood, California 90028, USA Tel: +00 1(323) 469-7343/7344 Fax: +00 1 (323) 469-7346 Email: 17
  18. 18. Traditional Agriculture Belize’s economic output has traditionally been primarily based on agriculture. However, within the past five years there has been a prominent shift towards the services sector with emphasis on tourism and finance. Belize’s top three agricultural exports are citrus, sugar, and bananas. Agriculture currently provides about 71% of the country’s total foreign exchange earnings, and employs approximately 29% of the total labour force. Sugar accounts for about 60% of Belize’s agricultural exports, and the principal crop is sugar cane which is used for sugar production and a feed stock for ethanol production. Sugar cane is grown primarily in Northern Belize. About 50% of Belize’s sugar exports are sent to the EU under the EU Sugar Protocol and the Special Preferential Quota. Sugar exports to the US enter duty-free under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). Growth in citrus exports over the past ten years has averaged 24% per annum, making it the fastest growing agricultural industry. Citrus production is concentrated in the Stann Creek and Cayo Districts. Citrus harvesting and processing takes place during the months of October to July, and the main crop varieties are Valencia and Temple. Over 95% of the fresh fruit citrus is processed into concentrates and not-from-concentrates (NFC’s), with the balance sent for export mainly to the U.K. The U.S, Europe, Japan, and CARICOM are the main importers of Belizean citrus products, and Belize continues to depend heavily on preferential duty-free treatment into these markets. Banana production is concentrated in Southern Belize. Privatization of banana estates began in 1985, and prior to this the industry was publicly owned. The species grown in Belize are of the “Cavendish” type, which is one of the most commonly grown varieties. All of Belize’s banana exports are sent to the U.K. through the Banana Growers Association (BGA). PRIORITY SECTOR PROFILES Agro-Processing Agro-processing was identified as an area of high priority as Belize has an abundance of raw materials available to sup- port the industry. With the advent of the loss of preferential access into the U.K, Belize will have to take pro-active mea- sures to protect its agricultural industry. With this in mind, there has been a push towards value-added traditional crops, as well as the promotion of non-traditional crops such as papayas, hot peppers, soybean, and organically grown veg- etables. An opportunity has also been identified to brand, differentiate, and niche market some of these products in order to de-emphasize price as the leading determinant of exports. The shift towards the promotion of value-added and non- traditional agricultural crops has led to an increase in light manufacturing and agro-processing. Sugar, citrus, banana, and rice-based value-added products such as banana flour, banana chips, banana figs, crystallized citrus, orange and grapefruit segment, and dried fruits, as well as hot peppers in the area of non-traditional crops have been identified as areas that should be targeted for export and additional investment. Diversifying into agro-processing represents a viable strategy that would make the agricultural industry in Belize more sustainable, in light of the phasing out of preferential access to markets. In addition, value-added products typically command higher prices, and provide greater opportunities for branding Belizean products and niche marketing. This would thereby help to eliminate some of the cost disadvantages that Belize faces when competing with countries that have larger scale production and cheaper labour. 18
  19. 19. Offshore Financial Services In an effort to increase economic diversification, Belize is a tax haven with investor friendly advantages for non- residents. The Offshore Financial Services Industry has been identified as an area of opportunity for Belize given the size of the industry worldwide and in the Caribbean, as well as the fact that Belize has well developed legislation for Offshore Financial Services, a reasonably well-developed domestic financial industry, and its proximity to the large USA, Mexican, and Canadian markets. Belize also boasts that it is the only English-speaking country in Central America, has a literate workforce, low operating costs, a stable economy, flexible fiscal incentives, and has had a fixed exchange rate for 25 years. Today, there are more than 35,000 active International Business Companies (IBC) on the register, and in addition there are other corporate vehicles available in the jurisdiction such as limited liability companies, mutual funds, protected cell companies, offshore trusts, international insurance, and offshore banking. Belize has also established programs such as Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and Commercial Free Zones (CFZ) to encourage investment. Despite the September 11th attacks, Belize is the only country in Central America that has experienced steady and continuous growth in the International Financial Services Industry. Belize has put in place a variety of measures to combat money laundering and fraud. The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the reputation of Belize as a viable offshore financial center. The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was also recently established in a further effort to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The Unit is also responsible for investigating and prosecuting money laundering and other financial crimes such as internet fraud. Furniture Manufacturing Belize has an abundance of forestry resources, and the forestry industry has a long history in Belize. As a British colony, logwood was the first product ever exported from Belize in the 1600s. By the end of the 1700s, exports turned to mahogany, and until 1959 when sugar and citrus became the main exports, the Belizean economy was dependent on the mahogany trade. The main location of the largest furniture manufacturers in Belize is in the Cayo District, namely San Ignacio and Belmopan. Proximity to lumber yards is the predominant reason for this location. Typical secondary processed wood products in Belize include carved doors of Mayan and Colonial type, clam chairs, Caribbean patio sets, hammock chairs, cutting boards of tropical mixed hardwoods, carved coffee tables, office furniture, and bedroom furniture. Approximately 700 species of trees are native to Belize, making tropical timber a valuable resource. This natural resource serves as Belize’s potential comparative advantage, shielding it from the import prices of the international lumber market, and as such, sustainability is vital. A positive indicator of future trends in forestry, however, is the low population density of Belize. Higher densities tend to put pressure on land and natural resources due to agricultural production and urban development. In addition to this, the government is working on restricting exports to legally and sustainably harvested timber. 19
  20. 20. Tourism Tourism is one of the largest contributors to the Belizean economy. Less vulnerable than the traditional industries, tourism serves as a catalyst for further national development, as it encourages new investment by both the private and public sector. It allows Belize to gain worldwide recognition and helps us to create greater awareness and appreciation for our own cultural and natural resources. Belize is home to a wide array of natural attractions. White sand islands surround the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef, jungle-covered foothills rising up to the Maya Mountains, world-class diving and fishing, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, ancient temples, and abundant wildlife are just a few of the attractions that allows Belize to be truly considered “Mother Nature’s best-kept secret”. Belizeans are committed to eco-tourism, conserving natural areas and cultural heritage, and are happy to share their paradise with those who wish to help preserve it. Each year more and more visitors come to Belize to enjoy its many wonders. Friends and families are drawn to this magical and beautiful land to dive, fish, hike, explore, learn, or just to relax. In 2004, total overnight tourist arrivals were 230,832, a 4.7% increase from 2003 figures (220,574). The main market for Belize continues to be the United States, and approximately 137,367 tourists were Americans. This represents a 7.9% increase from 2003. In 2004, there were 406 cruise ship calls into Belizean port. This represented a 28.9% increase in cruise ship calls over 2003. Total cruise passengers for 2004 totaled 851,436, which represents a 48.0% passenger increase from 2003. Tourism has been identified as one of Belize’s priority sectors for attracting investors, as additional investment would result in the earning of additional foreign exchange through the export of tourism services. Growth in the industry would also result in spillover benefits in other sectors/industries such as agriculture, handicraft making, and services that support or complement tourism. Each year the Belize Tourism Board releases its Travel & Tourism Statistics Digest showing the performance of the tourism industry. For more information on the tourism industry in Belize, and a comprehensive listing of accomodations, restaurants, charters, tours, etc. please visit the BelizeTourism Board’s website at, or contact them at: Belize Tourism Board Central Bank Building, Level 2 Gabourel Lane, Belize City, Belize Tel: +(501) 223-1913 Toll Free: 1-800-624-0686 Fax: +(501) 223-1943 Email: 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. ADVANCE ADVERTISING IDEAS Belcan Bridge/ Farmers Market P.O. Box 1808 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3658/3622 Fax: 501-223-3667 Email: Contact: Michael Estephan or Rozanni Pariente Services: Manufacturer and Wholesaler of un- imprinted and custom printed T-shirts and custom printed promotional items ALIGRAPHICS LIMITED 6226 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard P.O. Box 499 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1838 Fax: 501-223-2079 Email: Contact: Ali Husman Services: Commercial Printers, Stationary Manufacturers, Graphic Designers THE ANGELUS PRESS LIMITED #10 Queen Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5777 Fax: 501-227-8825 Email: Website: Contact: Amparo Noble Services: Office & school supplies; business machines & office furniture; retail & wholesale; com- mercial printing; copy center services; business machine repair BEL-CARIBE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED 7 Gabourel Lane Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3893 Fax: 501-223-3894 Email: Contact: Cynthia E. Henry Services: Radio & TV Production, Desktop Publishing, Conference Planning BEL-PUBLISHING 129 South End P.O. Box 187 Corozal Town, Belize Tel: 501-603-9105 Email: Contact: Alan Pasho Services: Producer of a weekly flyer; publisher of a cookbook, calendar, and several board games about Belize BRC PRINTING 42 Saint Joseph Street Benque Viejo Del Carmen Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-823-2143 Fax: 501-823-3082 Email: Contact: Cal Cathers or Bernadette Cathers Services: Non-profit printer providing educational support to schools CREATIVE MARKETING 5752 Lizarraga Avenue Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1062 Fax: 501-224-4354 Email: or Website: Contact: Jose Ketz Services: Graphic design, print media promotional materials, screen printing, Trade Show booth sales, social and wedding invitations CUBOLA PRODUCTIONS 35 Elizabeth Street Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District Belize Tel: 501-823-2083 Fax: 501-823-2241 Email: Website: Contact: Montserrat Duran Services: Publishing services DOLPHIN PRODUCTIONS 1053 Graduate Crescent West Landivar, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-203-0129/223-1837 Fax: 501-223-1837 Email: Contact: Edita Pariente Services: Designing and Printing Solutions FER-DE-LANCE PRODUCTIONS 5755 Moguel Street, #5 P.O. Box 560 Belize City, Belize ADVERTISING, BUSINESS, & MARKETING SERVICES 22
  23. 23. Tel: 501-223-5797 Fax: 501-223-5797 Cell: 501-600-8283 Email: Contact: Suzette Zayden Services: Media & Public relations consultancy; Audio Visual productions; Production coordination services for international films; graphic design; campaign management; Event coordination GENESIS ARTS DESIGN HOUSE #3 F Street, King’s Park Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3537 Fax: 501-223-2448 Email: or Website: Contact: Michelle, Mike or Carolie Rudon Services: Desktop publishing, Graphic designs, advertising GO GRAPHICS 6238 Park Avenue Buttonwood Bay P.O. Box 1024 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4660 Fax: 501-223-2775 Email: Website: Contact: Isabel Goldberg Services: T-shirt wholesalers and retailers; screen printing; graphic design for t-shirts and advertising media; T-shirt boutique, clothing, jewelry and gifts GREAT BELIZE PRODUCTIONS LIMITED 17 Regent Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3146/5541/5931 Fax: 501-227-4936 Email: Website: Contact: Stewart Krohn Services: Regional and International Production and Programming, Advertising Agency and Counselor HORWATH BELIZE 35 A Regent Street P.O. Box 756 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-6860/6861/6629 Fax: 501-227-6072 Email: Website: Contact: Stanley Ermeav or Lisa Zayden Product: Assurance and business advisory services IA3D Island Galleria San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-2289 Fax: 501-226-2465 Email: Website: Contact: Marisa Alamilla Services: Computer generated 3-D Animation 23
  24. 24. IDEALAB STUDIOS 1632 Buttonwood Bay Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6386 Fax: 501-223-6386 Email: Website: Contact: Damien Solano or Nicole Usher Services: Full service advertising agency with services in print, video, web design, and a focus in tourism marketing IMAGE PRO P.O. Box 917 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-205-2008 Fax: 501-205-2247 Email: Contact: Virginia Jones Services: Screen printers; manufacturers of illumi- nated signs, traffic signs, banners & posters; Export Processing Zone developer KRIOL GYAL PRODOKSHANS LIMITED 840 Vista Del Mar Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-3320 Fax: 501-225-3103 Email: Contact: Silvana Woods Services: Advertising LAUNCHPAD CONSULTING 1805 Henderson Avenue Buttonwood Bay, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6590 Fax: 501-223-6591 Email: Website: Contact: Celene Cleland or David Gomez Services: Marketing, Management, Strategy Development, Project Management, Trade & Business Development Services MADISCO 42 Cleghorn Street P.O. Box 34 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4172 ext. 258 Fax: 501-223-1797 Email: Website: Contact: Alberto Young Products: Marketing & Distribution Company 24
  25. 25. M-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 13 Cork Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6766/5616 Fax: 501-223-5424 Email: Website: Contact: Linda Munoz Services: Mailing & Fax Forwarding; QuickBooks & Secretarial Services; Tax Consulting; High Speed Internet; Full local office services MORA’S SCREEN PRINTING 2 ½ Miles Western Highway P.O. Box 1260 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-5200 Fax: 501-222-5201 Email: Contact: Jose Mora Services: Manufacturer of screen printed T-shirts, caps, flags, uniforms, stickers, etc. NATURALIGHT PRODUCTIONS LIMITED Benguche Area P.O. Box 216 Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-522-2995 Fax: 501-522-2570 Email: Contact: Tony Rath Services: Professional photography, and website production NEON PLASTICS LIMITED 1745 Coney Drive P.O. Box 1802 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3243 Fax: 501-223-3248 Email: Contact: Cathy Barothy or Trevor Miles Services: Manufacturer of signs, billboards, formed letters, graphics, banners, and awnings PRINT BELIZE LIMITED One Power Lane Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-0194 Fax: 501-822-3367 Email: Website: Contact: Lawrence J. Nicholas Services: Printing establishment REAGAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 8 ½ Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2500 Fax: 501-225-2247 Email: Contact: Virginia Jones Services: Marketing; Business & Financial Consulting SLINGSHOT ADVERTISING 15 Saint Thomas Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6348 Fax: 501-223-6348 Email: Contact: Karim Berges Services: Billboards, Graphics, Banners, Outdoor Advertising, Logo Designers TRADEWINDS ADVERTISING 1686 Buttonwood Bay P.O. Box 1551 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-0366 Fax: 501-223-3222 Email: Contact: John or Lucy Jaramillo Products: Printing of pens, stickers, key rings, calendars, caps, clocks TURNKEY MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Island Galleria San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-2289 Fax: 501-226-2465 Email: Website: Contact: Marisa Alamilla Services: Management and marketing of resorts, sales, and tourism YELLOWTAIL DESIGN 11A Cork Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6391 Fax: 501-223-2158 Email: Contact: Anthony Hunt Services: Technical Corporate designs 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. AGRO-PROCESSORS 27 AGRO WORLD COMPANY LIMITED Chinox Village Corozal District, Belize Tel: 501-409-2030 Fax: 501-410-2016 Email: Website: Contact: Mr. Basilio Paneque Products: Fresh Habanero peppers, squash, and coco yams BEL-CUISINE Alta Mira Corozal Town, Corozal Tel: 501-422-0354 Fax: 501-422-3958 Email: Contact: Crisologo Sosa Jr. Products: Red & Black Recardo, Dried Seasonings, Bar-b-que Seasoning BIRD’S EYE VIEW JAMS & JELLIES Crooked Tree Village P.O. Box 1976 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-203-2040 Fax: 501-222-4869 Email: Contact: Verna Samuels Products: Fruit Preserves and Jams GALLON JUG AGROINDUSTRY LIMITED #1 King Street P.O. Box 37 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7031 Fax: 501-227-7062 Email: Website: Contact: Valerie Schart Products: Gallon Jug Coffee, Lizette’s Secret Sauce, Jams and Jellies FRUIT-A-PLENTY Santa Elena P.O. Box 50 San Ignacio Town, Belize Tel: 501-824-2755 Email: Contact: Christopher Lowe Products: Producers of “Pure” Peanut Butter, Granola and Granola Bars HOT MAMAS Mile 58 Western Highway Unitedville, Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-824-3475 Fax: 501-824-3649 Email: Contact: Wilana Oldham Fuller Products: Habanero pepper sauces, jellies, smoked meats KING BELIZE, LIMITED #8 Mango Street Belmopan, Belize Cell: 501-602-4160 US Tel: 718-607-5154 Email: Contact: Richard Belisle Products: Habanero Pepper Sauce Export Markets: Northeastern United States PRAGMATICA INVESTMENTS #47 Blue Bird Street San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-824-4888 Fax: 501-824-4888 Email: Contact: Richard Harrison Products: Agri-business involved in the processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of edible oils, tomato-based sauces, oil-based spreads, natural honey and fruit syrups, vinegar, fruit/vegetable pickles, dehydrated fruits, and coffee products MARIE SHARP’S FINE FOODS LIMITED #3 Pier Road Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Belize Tel: 501-522-2370 (Office)/ 520-2087 (Factory) Fax: 501-522-3504 Email: Website: Contact: Marie Sharp Products: Habanero pepper sauces, jams and jellies Export Markets: United States, Japan SEAWELL SPICES 6028 Graduate Crescent West Landivar, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1076/207-4402 Fax: 501-223-1076 Email: Contact: Arthur Seawell Products: Spices
  28. 28. AQUACULTURE ANIMAL FEED BELIZE MILLS LIMITED 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway P.O. Box 911 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2924/2925 Fax: 501-223-2175 Email: Contact: Philip Miliken or John McCutcheon Products: Wheat, flour, and animal feed millers. Producers of Aquatic feed. Export Markets: Aquatic & Animal feed in the Caribbean and Central America BRAUN’S FEEDMILL Center Road Spanish Lookout P.O. Box 427 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0106 Fax: 501-823-0034 Contact: Henry Braun Products: Broiler Feed, Cow Feed, Pig Feed, and Laying Mash (for Red Chicken) REIMER’S FEED MILL Center Road, Spanish Lookout P.O. Box 456 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0105/0273 Fax: 501-823-0229 Email: Contact: John B. Dueck Products: Manufacturers of poultry feed and veteri- nary health products, as well as suppliers of agricu- tural equipment WESTERN FEED Blue Creek Orange Walk District, Belize Tel: 501-323-0627 Fax: 501-323-0021 Email: Contact: David Bergen Products: Producers of chicken feed AMBERGRIS AQUACULTURE LIMITED Angel Coral Street P.O. Box 175 San Pedro Town, Belize Tel: 501-226-2708 Fax: 501-226-4448 Email: Contact: David Leong Products: Shrimp AQUA-MAR BELIZE LIMITED Big Creek Independence Village Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-3026 Fax: 501-520-3026 Email: or Contact: Linda Thurton or Michael Dunker Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States, Jamaica BELIZE AQUACULTURE LIMITED #1 King Street P.O. Box 37 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7031 Fax: 501-227-7062 Email: or Contact: Valerie Schart or Michael Bowen Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States CARIBBEAN SHRIMP LIMITED 1 Marage Plaza Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-3360 Fax: 501-225-3360 Contact: Charles McIntosh Email: Products: Shrimp 28
  29. 29. 29 CRUSTACEANS LIMITED Old Forest Independence Village, Belize Tel: 501-520-3027 Fax: 501-520-3027 Email: Contact: Marco Chan or Roger Strickland Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States HANEY FARMS LIMITED Cabbage Haul Creek P.O. Box 238 Dangriga, Stann Creek District, Belize Tel/Fax: 501-523-7001 Email: or Contact: Herman Haney or Elsner Cruz Products: Shrimp MELINDA MARICULTURE LIMITED Mile 4, Melinda Road P.O. Box 22 Dangriga, Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-522-2500 Fax: 501-522-2224 Email: Contact: Eugene Zabaneh or Munir Mulla NOVA COMPANIES BELIZE LIMITED 13 Miles Northern Highway P.O. Box 1360 Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2301/2614 Fax: 501-225-2309 Email: or Website: Contact: William Burke or James Hydes Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States, Jamaica, Guatemala, Europe NOVA TOLEDO Independence Village Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-3003 Fax: 501-520-3004 Email: or Website: Contact: Francisco Bartlett Products: Shrimp PARADISE SHRIMP FARMS LIMITED 30 Miles Coastal Road P.O. Box 186, Dangriga Town Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-2012/2013 Fax: 501-520-2028 Email: or Contact: Patrick Flores Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States ROYAL MAYAN SHRIMP FARM Big Creek, Independence Village Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-3066/523-2611 Fax: 501-520-3011 Email: or Contact: Alvin Henderson or John Rempel Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States & Mexico TEX MAR LIMITED Independence Village Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-3075 Fax: 501-520-3075 Email: Contact: Harold Bowers &/or David Ortiz Products: Shrimp Export Markets: United States TOLEDO FISH FARMING COMPANY LTD. Monkey River Estate Toledo District, Belize P.O. Box 450, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-523-2082 Fax: 501-523-2582 Email: Contact: John Briggs Products: Shrimp TRITON MARICULTURE LIMITED Southern Highway P.O. Box 137 Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-520-2113/522-0447 Fax: 501-520-2113 Contact: John Usher or Santiago Juan Email:
  30. 30. ARCHITECTS 30 MITCHELL-MOODY ASSOCIATES 22 St. Thomas Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4469/223-1706 Fax: 501-223-1734 E-mail: Contact: Ariel Mitchell or George Moody POLYSTRUCTURE & ARCHITECTURAL WORKS Mile 5 ½ Western Highway P.O. Box 1779 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4239 Fax: 501-222-4235 Email: Contact: Nicola Sacksick or Tessa Matus-Sacksick ROJAS, SCHULTZ AND NELDER Santo Paula Area P.O. Box 122 San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-3477 Fax: 501-226-3478 E-mail: FRED SHYU AND ASSOCIATES 2 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-0252 Fax: 501-223-5462 E-mail: Contact: Fred Shyu STRUKTURE ARCHITECTS 122 Eve Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-0617/1112 Fax: 501-223-0766 E-mail: Website: ANTHONY THURTON AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED 1 ½ Miles Western Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4781/55/99 Fax: 501-222-4790 E-mail: Contact: Anthony Thurton PAMELA & KLAUS ADAMEK 2 Marigold Street Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-0019 Fax: 501-822-0019 Email: Contact: Pamela or Klaus Adamek JAVIER GUTIERREZ 4264 Central American Boulevard Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-5803 Cell: 501-610-1339 Fax: 501-227-5032 E-mail: Contact: Javier Guitierrez GUERRA CONSULTING ARCHITECTS 88 North Front Street P.O. Box 1348 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-0190 Fax: 501-223-2359 E-mail: Contact: Gustavo Guerra INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS LTD. 35 New Road P.O. Box 1846 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6996 Cell: 501-610-3997 Fax: 501-223- 6403 E-mail: or Website: Contact: Daniel and Carlo Argüelles ECKERT LEWIS DIP ARCH 7138 Belize Estate Company Layout Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5448 Fax: 501-223-5448 Email: Contact: Eckert Lewis or Dr. Gilda Lewis WOLRIC H. LIND ASSOCIATES 2 Toledo Street Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-2428 Fax: 501-822-0239 E-mail: Contact: Wolric H. Lind
  31. 31. AROMATHERAPY & PERFUMES 31 VIVID ARCHITECTURE 56 Regent Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3580 Cell: 501-610-2883 Website: Contact: Sumathi Ponnambalam Courtenay Services: Architectural Services Pre-design, Preliminary design, construction drawings, bidding, construction administration, construction; Engineering expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering; Planning Services, Interior Design Services, Graphic Design Services BELIZE PERFUMES Caye Caulker Belize District, Belize Tel: 501-226-0350 Fax: 501-226-0320 Email: Contact: Irene and Elmo Miller Products: Aromatherapy Oils; Perfumes; Natural Insect Repellants; Hand-made wooden gift boxes CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES OF BELIZE 521 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3635 Fax: 501-223-5659 Email: Contact: Omar Gongora Products: Essence oil for aromatherapy and massage JA’MBU ISLE Steadfast Village Belize Tel: 501-606-2174 Email: Contact: Christine McIntyre Products: Aroma therapeutic products pure essential oils, therapeutic synergies, body and massage oils, butters & waxes, lotions, scrubs & polishes, shampoo’s & conditioners, baby care products, crèmes & masks, and repellant SEW MUCH HEMP Hopkins Village P.O. Box 269 Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District, Belize Email: Contact: Barbara Mock Products: Body Care Products All natural bug repellent; Hair and Body Oil for Massage or Tanning; Moisturizing Cream; Also hemp clothing, painting and screen printing on cotton t-shirts and hemp t-shirts, hemp canvas paintings of local wildlife, crochet hemp hats, bags, and bathing suits
  32. 32. BATTERY MANUFACTURERS RENCO BATTERY FACTORY 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1686 Fax: 501-223-2274 Email: Contact: Dalila Norris Products: Manufacturers of automotive, marine, and deep cycle batteries in a complete range of sizes, and cranking amps RYO BATTERY MANUFACTURING CO. LTD. 521 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3635 Fax: 501-223-5639 Email: Contact: Omar Gongora Products: Manufacturers of heavy duty batteries – automotive, commercial, industrial, and deep cycle 32 BAKERIES KEE’S BAKERY 29 Queen Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2817 Contact: George Kee Products: Breads and Buns LA POPULAR BAKERY #1 Bethias Lane Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-3229 Fax: 501-322-2122 Contact: Rosendo Santana Products: Bread & Baked goods PETER’S BAKERY 82 Dean Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7871 Contact: Lizburn Peters Products: Bread, Buns REYES BAKERY 33 San Francisco Street Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-2549 Contact: Josephine Reyes Products: Breads, buns, biscuits SUNNY-SIDE BAKERY 63 Racecourse Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-5344 Contact: Zebedee Pitterson Jr. Products: Bread & Buns TORRES BAKERY 58 West Street P.O. Box 37 San Ignacio Town, Belize Tel: 501-824-2108 Fax: 501-824-2977 Contact: Gustavo Torres Products: Bread & Buns
  33. 33. BOAT MANUFACTURERS ARTHUR HOARE COORDINATED BOATYARD 37A North Front Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4278 Fax: 501-223-1242 Contact: Arthur Hoare Products: Boat Builder—Wood BELIZE FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS 75 Bradley’s Crescent Belama Phase II, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4389 Fax: 501-223-3885 Email: Contact: Denys Bradley Jr. Products: Manufacturer of Fiberglass boats (11-47ft). Brand “Wayward” Export Markets: United States, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos BRADLEY’S BOAT YARD Central American Boulevard/ Peter Seco Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4538 Fax: 501-223-1252 33 Email: Website: Contact: Denys Bradley Sr. & Stephen Bradley Products: Manufacturer of Fiberglass boats (8- 50ft). Brand “Bradley Pelican” Export Markets: United States & the Caribbean BRADLEY’S MARINE 3648 Maurice Bishop Street Belama Phase II Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-610-4009 Contact: Travis Bradley Products: Fiberglass Boat Construction, Fiberglass Repairs FUN BOATS P.O. Box 1538 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3549 Fax: 501-223-2522 Email: Contact: Vernon Bevans Products: Manufacturer of boats
  34. 34. BUSINESS SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS 34 AMBERGRIS CAYE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Boat Yard Marina Crocodile Drive, P.O. Box 148 San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-3245 Email: Contact: Jules Escalante or Tom Vidrine AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE c/o M-Business Solutions 13 Cork Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6766 Fax: 501-223-5424 Email: Contact: Linda Munoz BANANA GROWERS ASSOCIATION (BGA) Big Creek Independence, Belize Tel: 501-523-2000/2001 Fax: 501-523-2112 Email: Contact: Sam Mathias or Zaid Flores BELIZE BAR ASSOCIATION c/o Shoman & Chebat 53 Barrack Road P.O. Box 2491 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4160/4161 Fax: 501-223-4222 Email: Contact: Mr. Michel Chebat -President BELIZE BRITISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (BBCC) c/o British High Commission Embassy Square, Ring Road P.O. Box 91 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2146/2717 Fax: 501-822-2761 Email: Contact: Mike Hernandez - Secretary BELIZE BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB) 69 Albert Street P.O. Box 1882 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-0164 Fax: 501-227-0190 Email: or Website: Contact: Dr. Cardo Martinez or Marga Sanchez BELIZE CANE FARMERS ASSOCIATION 34 San Antonio Road Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-2005 Fax: 501-322-3171 Contact: Francisco Garcia or Adonai Blanco BELIZE CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION 9 Miles Stann Creek Valley Road Belize Tel: 501-522-3585 Fax: 501-522-2686 Email: or Website: Contact: Bridget Cullerton BELIZE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (BCCI) 63 Regent Street P.O. Box 291 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3148 Fax: 501-227-4984 Email: Website: Contact: Kevin Herrera BELIZE LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION (BLPA) 47 ½ Miles Western Highway P.O. Box 427 San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Belize Tel: 501-824-3221/2444 Fax: 501-824-3235 Email: Contact: Orlando Habet or Fred Hunter BELIZE POULTRY ASSOCIATION (BPA) 9 Far West Street P.O. Box 427 San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Belize Tel: 501-824-3221/2444 Fax: 501-824-3235 Email: Contact: Orlando Habet
  35. 35. BELIZE TOURISM INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (BTIA) 10 North Park Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-5717 Fax: 501-227-8710 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Godoy INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF BELIZE Blake Building, Hutson Street P.O. Box 1223 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2455 Fax: 501-227-5792 Email: Contact: Donald Conners or Giacomo Sanchez TAIWANESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE #1 Saint Mark Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2349 Fax: 501-223-4995 Email: Contact: Alex Chan CHEMICAL COMPANIES BRODIES AGROCHEMICALS 16 Regent Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7070 Fax: 501-227-5593 Email: Contact: Erasmo Franklin Products: Agricultural Chemicals CARIBBEAN CHEMICALS & DISTRIBUTIONS 6059 Buttonwood Bay, 4th Street, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-604-4950/223-1243/227-0322 Email: Contact: Jose Larios Products: Furniture Polish, Hand Sanitizers, Shampoo for cars; anti-rust agents CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES OF BELIZE 521 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3635 Fax: 501-223-5659 Email: Contact: Omar Gongora Products: Producers of distillate water; citrus based cleaners; as well as essence oil for aromatherapy and massage FEMAGRA INDUSTRIES LIMITED #13 Eve Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3096/3430 Fax: 501-223-3097 Email: Website: Contact: Mrs. Liliana Molina Products: Manufacturer of chemicals such as bleach, disinfectants, industrial and cosmetic chemicals; purified water and vinegar 35
  36. 36. MATUS BROTHERS LIMITED Cor. Central American Boulevard & Mahogany Street P.O. Box 494 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4551 Fax: 501-223-4863 Email: Contact: Arturo Matus Products: Manufacturers of Bleach (“Chlorox”) PROSSER FERTILIZER AND AGROTEC COMPANY LIMITED 8 Miles Western Highway P.O. Box 566 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5384/225-1027 Fax: 501-222-5548 Email: or Contact: Salvador Espat Jr. Products: Straight & Mixed fertilizers; Agro-chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides); veterinary medicaments, vegetable seeds, agricultural sprayers 36
  37. 37. CIGARS & CIGARETTES BELIZEAN CIGAR COMPANY LIMITED 1632 Buttonwood Bay P.O. Box 670 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5308 Fax: 501-223-3564 Email: Contact: Steve Saemmler Klein Products: Hand rolled cigars CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING COMPANIES BURRELL-BURRELL ASSOCIATES 7133 BEC Layout Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4750/4770 Fax: 501-222-4751 Email: Contact: Cuthbert Burrel Sevices: Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Surveying CISCO CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 3 ½ Miles Western Highway P.O. Box 1021 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4369/4371 Fax: 501-222-4375 Email: or Website: Contact: John Woods Services: Road construction and other civic works JEBCO CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Forest Drive P.O. Box 15 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2387/2094 Fax: 501-822-2096 Email: Website: Contact: Emile Mena Services: Construction of homes M & M ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LIMITED 2 Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1033/7417 Fax: 501-223-7419 Contact: Roque, Nigel or Melenine Matus Products: Pre-stressed and Pre-cast concrete piles; Pre-cast concrete septic tanks (1000 & 500 gallon—2 compartments); Double Tee slab flooring system package; Tee Beams; Bridge Girders; Man Holes; also provide Pile driving, General Contractor services, Crane rentals, and concrete mixing MEDINA’S CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 9 ½ Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2081/3440 Fax: 501-225-3441 Email: Contact: Virgen Medina Products: General contractors - residential and commercial; Metal, concrete and wooden buildings; Cement wholesaler and manufacturer; sand and gravel; Concrete stamping CARIBBEAN TOBACCO COMPANY 42 Cleghorn Street P.O. Box 34 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4158/4172 Fax: 501-223-2146 Email: Website: Contact: Adrian V. Roe Products: Cigarettes 37
  38. 38. CONSTRUCTION SUPPLIES CARLOS BARILLAS LIMITED 5411 G Street, Kings Park Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4103 Fax: 501-223-2144 Email: Contact: Carlos Barillas Products: Agent & Importer of Construction Materials & Supplies BELIZE AGGREGATES LIMITED 116 Cemetery Road P.O. Box 315 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3109 Fax: 501-227-3320 Email: Contact: Jerry Wilken or Ulrica Vasquez Products: Crushed single size stone, sand, concrete sand, concrete stone, landfill BELIZE ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES LIMITED 42 Cleghorn Street P.O. Box 34 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4490/223-0878 Fax: 501-223-4308 Email: Website: Contact: Charles Woods Products: Manufacturers of windows, aluminum and glass structures together with related products, installation and servicing BELIZE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD. 5546 Leslie Street Kings Park, Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3607 Fax: 501-223-3608 Email: Contact: Daniel Mazariegos Products: Ceramic & Marble tiles; Marble & Granite countertops; Cement & Granite clay; Barb wire; Steel; Monolit Panels; Fiberboard; Galvanized Roofing BENNY’S 38 Regent/Prince Streets Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3347 Fax: 501-227-8497 Email: Website: Contact: Sean Feinstein Products: Construction supplies; tiles; doors; windows; electrical supplies; paints; plumbing fixtures and supplies BROTHERS HABET LIMITED 115 Barrack Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-5423/5427 Fax: 501-223-0937 Email: Contact: Anthony Habet Products: Plumbing fixtures and supplies, electrical supplies, steel rods, paint, building materials, doors, windows, tiles ECO-BLOCK OF BELIZE LIMITED 13 Miles Western Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-302-2889 Email: Website: Contact: Eric Vansen Products: Construction and Distributor of Eco-Block Building Systems. Eco-block is an Insulated Concrete Form(ICF)that is used to make steel reinforced concrete buildings and homes ofquality and strength. FABRO’S GLASS LIMITED 27 Victoria Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1387 Fax: 501-223-5801 Email: Website: Contact: Daniel Fabro Products: Glass windows and doors FEN LAN DEVELOPMENT CO.—ALEX SHEET METAL #892, 4 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2349/7988 Fax: 501-223-5611 Email: Contact: Alex Chan Products: Roofing; Plastic & Stainless steel doors; Aluminum windows; Mattresses; Fans 38
  39. 39. HABET & HABET LIMITED 107 Cemetery Road P.O. Box 881 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7459/5575 Fax: 501-227-2776 Email: Contact: Omar Habet Products: Plumbing fixtures & supplies, electrical supplies, power & hand tools, steel rods, paints & adhesives, building materials, doors & windows JOSEPH HABET & COMPANY LIMITED 27 Daly Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-5084/223-3119 Fax: 501-227-8165 Email: Contact: Joseph Habet Products: Importers, Wholesalers & Retailers of construction materials & supplies; plumbing supplies; agent for Sherwin Williams paint JOSEPH & TAYLOR LIMITED 4 Regent Street West Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7152 Fax: 501-227-2287 Email: Contact: Peter Codd or Therese Vasquez Products: Paint, Steel KOOP’S TIN SMITH Baltimore Drive Spanish Lookout, Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-823-0126/0127 Fax: 501-823-0126 Contact: John Koop Products: Aluminum, Glass, Wooden windows KUYLENS HARDWARE 655 Commerce/ Riverside Streets Dangriga Town, Belize Tel: 501-522-2235/2573 Fax: 501-522-3130 Email: Contact: Marlon Kuylen Products: Importers (Wholesale & Retail) of hardware, construction materials, furniture, paints, plumbing, and electrical supplies LESLIE’S BLOCK FACTORY 3 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1126/2771 Fax: 501-223-1126 Contact: Louis Leslie Products: Cement blocks LOSKOTS HARDWARE & FURNITURE 90 Otro Benque Road Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-0405 Email: Contact: Miroslava Loskot Barraza Products: Construction supplies & hardware; doors; cement blocks; cem-wood blocks; plumbing supplies; hand tools; wooden furniture MAHEIAS UNITED CONCRETE & SUPPLIES LIMITED 3 Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4436/223-5872 Fax: 501-223-3889 Email: or Website: Contact: Karla Hart Products: Land clearing, filling; Pile installation & cutting; aggregates, sand, cement; Concrete stamping & Acid Staining MAYA BELIZE CEMENT LIMITED 9 Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2122/3060 Fax: 501-225-3061 Contact: Orlando Vega Products: Cement wholesaler and manufacturer MEDINA’S CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 9 ½ Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2081/3440 Fax: 501-225-3441 Email: Contact: Virgen Medina Products: Cement wholesaler and manufacturer; sand and gravel; Concrete stamping MIDWEST STEEL & AGRO SUPPLIES Center Road, Spanish Lookout, Belize P.O. Box 427 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0131 Fax: 501-823-0270 39
  40. 40. Email: or Contact: John Reimer or Leonard Reimer Products: Steel; Agricultural supplies NATIONAL SAND & GRAVEL 32 Miles Western Highway Belize Tel: 501-820-2014 Fax: 501-820-3015 Email: Contact: Sue Hufford Products: Sand & gravel QUINTO’S INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD. 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4822 Fax: 501-223-5397 Email: Contact: David Quinto Products: Nails, Barb-wire, Roofing RICK’S BLOCK & TILE FACTORY 7 Progress Street P.O. Box 146 Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-2421 Fax: 501-322-1076 Email: Contact: Enrique Urbina Products: Cement blocks, tiles, banisters, hollow columns, granite tiles ROSADO’S HARDWARE 128 Cemetery Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7053 Fax: 501-227-7053 Contact: Oscar Rosado Sr. or Oscar Rosado Jr. Products: Construction supplies and hardware SAN ISIDRO CONSTRUCTION CENTER 4 Jamaica/Dunn Streets Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-2056 Fax: 501-322-3827 Email: Contact: Ramon Cervantes Jr. Products: Building/Construction supplies; electrical & plumbing supplies; cement blocks; hardware; paint; zinc and galvanized roofing; cement; steel rods; tools H.D. THOMPSON LIMITED 1 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4693 Fax: 501-223-1675 Email: Contact: Hector Thompson Products: Manufacturer of concrete blocks and shapes; also Rotoplas tanks 40
  41. 41. DAIRY PRODUCERS CAYO TROPICAL FRUITS LIMITED 35 Buena Vista Street San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-824-2646/3690 Fax: 501-824-3075 Email: Website: Contact: Orlando Harrison Products: Fresh and concentrated fruit juices, dairy products, purified water HOMESTEAD ACRES 65 ½ Miles Western Highway Esperanza Village, Belize Tel: 501-824-2025 Fax: 501-824-3798 Email: Contact: Kenneth Kratzer Products: Processed chicken, eggs, and citrus SCOOPS ICE CREAM 63 Miles Western Highway Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-824-2126 Fax: 501-824-3522 Contact: Escandar Bedran Products: Manufacturers of ice-cream SPANISH LOOKOUT COMMUNITY P.O. Box 1460 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0131/0159/0158 Fax: 501-823-0270 Email: Contact: Leonard Reimer or Larry Kornelsen Products: Producers of beans, corn, rice, poultry, beef, dairy products WESTERN DAIRIES Center Road, Spanish Lookout P.O Box 464 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0112 Fax: 501-823-0335 Email: Contact: Henry Dueck Products: Milk Processing plant – products include: milk (strawberry, chocolate), ice cream, juice, water, cheese, and yogurt ZERO DEGREES ICE CREAM PARLOUR Cor. 3rd Street and St. Thomas Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5132 Contact: Helen Gomez Products: Ice Cream 41
  42. 42. ENTERTAINMENT EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES EXECUTIVE SUPPORT SYSTEMS 91 Bella Vista P.O. Box 2209 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2626 Fax: 501-223-1615 Email: Website: Contact: Margarita Burrowes Services: Employment Agency FUSION HR 158 North Front Street Suite 2 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2891/3332 Fax: 501-223-2294 Email: Website: Contact: Shaun Finnetty or Claudine Gordon Services: Employment Agency YOUTH FOR THE FUTURE Youth for the Future Drive Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-6102/6280/6282 Fax: 501-227-6206 Contact: Cindy Itza BALLET ART SCHOOL 553 Seashore Drive Buttonwood Bay Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7031 Email: Contact: Mamie Martinez Services: Dance school in the art of Classical Ballet for students age 4-18; Annual recitals BELIZE MUSIC AGENCY 17 Miles Western Highway Hattieville Belize Tel: 501-225-6033 Fax: 501-225-6294 Email: Website: Contact: James Sanker Services: Representation of Belizean artists; event planning; promoters of Belizean music INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE ARTS (ICA) Bliss Center for the Performing Arts Southern Foreshore P.O. Box 1204 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2110 Fax: 501-227-0726 Email: Website: Contact: William Neal Services: Responsible for the promotion of the performing, plastic, and visual arts NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CULTURE & HISTORY (NICH) Bliss Center for the Performing Arts Southern Foreshore Tel: 501-227-2110/2458 Fax: 501-227-0726 Email: Website: Contact: Carla Heusner Services: Art exhibitions; Recitals, Musical performances; Theatre 42
  43. 43. 43 OLD BELIZE Mile 5 Western Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4129/4286 Fax: 501-222-4199 Email: Website: Contact: Thara Blanco Services: Cultural & Historical Center Restaurant and Bar PALLOTTI MUSIC SCHOOL & THE PALLOTTI CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Princess Margaret Drive P.O. Box 180 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4886 Fax: 501-223-5305 Email: Contact: Sister Mary Therese (Director - Pallotti Music School) or Colville Young Jr. (Director - Pallotti Chamber Orchestra) Services: Orchestra STONETREE RECORDS 35 Elizabeth Street Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District Belize Tel: 501-823-2240 Fax: 501-823-2241 Email: Website: Contact: Ivan Duran Services: Record Label, Recording Studio, Music publishing
  44. 44. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS I. BANKS ALLIANCE BANK OF BELIZE LIMITED 106 Princess Margaret Drive Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6783/6784 Fax: 501-223-6785 Email: ATLANTIC BANK LIMITED Freetown Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4123/3921 Fax: 501-223-4114 Email: Website: THE BELIZE BANK LIMITED 60 Market Square Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7132/7082 Fax: 501-227-2712 Email: or Website: FIRST CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 21 Albert Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7211/7054 Fax: 501-227-8572 Email: Website: SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LIMITED Albert Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7027/7415 Fax: 501-227-0184 Email: or Website: II. INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL BANK LTD. Cor. Cleghorn & Freetown Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3152 Fax: 501-223-3528 Email: Website: ALPHA SERVICES LIMITED 99 Albert Street P.O. Box 617 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-1847/5280 Fax: 501-227-5278 Email: Website: Contact: Lizette A. Ortiz Services: Company formation; registered agents and office services; nominee director and shareholder services; trust and trustee services; ship and mortgage registration APEX TRUST CORPORATION LIMITED P.O. Box 214 1876 Hutson Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4655 Fax: 501-224-4612 Email: Website: Contact: Eamon Courtenay Services: Company formation; trust formation and trustee services; ship registration; registered agent and office services; offshore banking BELIZE BANK INTERNATIONAL DIVISION 60 Market Square Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-0697/1548 Fax: 501-227-0983 Email: Website: Contact: Lizani Awe-Cuellar – Manager BELIZE OFFSHORE SERVICES LIMITED Constitution Drive P.O. Box 445 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2990 Fax: 501-822-2989 Email: Contact: David Jenkins Services: Offshore Services 44
  45. 45. CARLISLE HOLDINGS LIMITED North Front Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2660/2390 Fax: 501-223-2389 Email: Contact: Lizani Awe-Cuellar CAYE INTERNATIONAL BANK LIMITED P.O. Box 11, Coconut Drive San Pedro Town, Belize Tel: 501-226-2388 Fax: 501-226-2892 Email: or Website: Contact: Perry Gibson CITITRUST INTERNATIONAL INC. 35 Barrack Road/Craig Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3738/3896 Fax: 501-223-3501 Email: Contact: Luz Longsworth GEORGETOWN TRUST LIMITED Marina Towers, Suite 202 P.O. Box 667 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3569 Fax: 501-223-2497 Email: Website: Contact: Ruth Neal INTER BANK AND TRUST LIMITED Marina Towers, Suite 408 P.O. Box 2155 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2390 Fax: 501-223-2341 Email: Website: Contact: Leo Vasquez INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED 16 Albert Hoy Avenue Belama Phase I P.O. Box 2284 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-2077/2149 Fax: 501-223-5313 Email: Website: Contact: Santiago Gomez OFFSHORE EXPERTS 1934 Driftwood Bay Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4708 Fax: 501-223-4768 Email: Website: Contact: Douglas Singh Services: Incorporation and registration of IBC’s and Trusts ORION CORPORATE & TRUST SERVICES LIMITED 35 New Road P.O. Box 1708 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6910 Fax: 501-223-6623 Email: Website: Contact: Ricardo Escalante or Christine Ping Services: IBC Incorporation and Management; Trust Formation; Consultancy Services PROVIDENT BANK & TRUST OF BELIZE LIMITED 35 Barrack Road/Craig Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-5698/0267 Fax: 501-223-0368 Email: Website: Contact: Alvaro Alamina III. CREDIT UNIONS BELIZE CREDIT UNION LEAGUE LIMITED 46 Cor. Bishop & East Canal P.O. Box 397 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2510 Fax: 501-227-1929 Email: Contact: Natalie Goff BLUE CREEK CREDIT UNION Linda Vista Blue Creek, Orange Walk District Belize Tel: 501-323-0010 Fax: 501-323-0345 Email: Contact: Helena Hiebert 45
  46. 46. CITRUS GROWERS AND WORKERS CREDIT UNION 208 King Street Independence, Stann Creek District Belize Tel: 501-523-2021 Fax: 501-523-2021 Email: Contact: Edin Salgero CIVIL SERVICE CREDIT UNION LIMITED 28 Dean Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2166/4755 Fax: 501-227-0670 Contact: Dawn Coye HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION 1 Hydes Lane Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4320/5644 Fax: 501-223-0738 Email: Contact: Jane Usher ST. JOHN’S CREDIT UNION LIMITED 4 Basra Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-7659 Fax: 501-227-1050 Contact: Daisy Dawson ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CREDIT UNION LTD. 78 5th Avenue Corozal Town, Corozal District Belize Tel: 501-422-0075/0137 Fax: 501-422-3611 Email: Contact: Vicente Canul WESLEY CREDIT UNION 6 Dean Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2446 Email: Contact: Daisy McFadzean IV. LENDING INSTITUTIONS BELIZE ENTERPRISE FOR SUSTAINED TECHNOLOGY Industrial Site Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-2563/3043 Fax: 501-822-2563 Email: Website: Contact: Dennis Jones Services: Private, not for profit organization com- mitted to working with low income persons with small businesses to improve their social, economic, and environmental conditions through training, technical and credit facilitation BELIZE NATIONAL BUILDING SOCIETY 91 North Front Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3881/3882 Fax: 501-223-0908 Email: Website: Contact: Susan A. Fuller Services: Full service savings and loan financing enterprise, that offers savings and loan packages to its membership; Provides financing and arranges for the construction of homes SMALL FARMERS & BUSINESS BANK South Ring Road P.O. Box 157 Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-0826/0827 Fax: 501-822-3713 Email: Contact: Adolpho Pate Services: Development bank providing financing to Small and Medium sized enterprises, primarily in the agriculture & manufacturing industries V. MUTUAL FUNDS BELIZE UNIT TRUST CORPORATION 77 Central American Boulevard P.O. Box 2158 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-8648 Fax: 501-227-6245 Email: Contact: Corine Robinson Fuller Services: Investment option for small, medium, and large investors allowing quick access to cash 46
  47. 47. FISH FARMS & FISHERMEN COOPERATIVES FRESH CATCH BELIZE LIMITED Forest Drive P.O. Box 15 Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-2387/2094 Fax: 501-822-2096 Email: Website: Contact: Emile Mena Products: Skinless & Boneless Tilapia Fillets Export Markets: United States CARIBENA PRODUCERS CO-OP SOCIETY Caribeña Street San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-2011 Fax: 501-226-3566 Contact: George Kumul Products: Fishing Cooperative NATIONAL FISHERMEN CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED 2 Angel Lane Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3165/8039 Fax: 501-227-1300 Email: Contact: Barbara Bradley & Charles Heusner Products: Lobster Tails, Lobster Meat, Conch Meat Export Markets: United States, Caribbean NORTHERN FISHERMEN CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD. 49 North Front Street P.O. Box 647 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-224-4488/4460 Fax: 501-223-0978 Email: Website: Contact: Robert Usher Products: Lobster Tails, Conch Meat, Wild-caught pink shrimp, Stone Crab Claws, Snappers Export Markets: USA, Hong Kong, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados PLACENCIA FISHERMEN CO-OP SOCIETY Placencia Village Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-523-3102 Contact: Carlton Young - Chairman Products: Conch, Lobster Export Markets: United States 47
  48. 48. GASES BELIZE WESTERN ENERGY LIMITED (BWEL) 39 Central American Boulevard Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-4315/4305 Fax: 501-222-4474 Email: Contact: Walter Calderon Products: Butane Gas BELIZE CHOICE 4 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1931 Fax: 501-223-3768 Email: Contact: Perfecto Matus Products: Butane Gas FABRIGAS BELIZE LIMITED #1 Central American Boulevard and Peter Seco Streets Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-222-5327 Fax: 501-222-5329 Email: Contact: Andreé King Products: Suppliers of Medicinal and Industrial Gases, welding equipment, and accessories SOUTHERN CHOICE BUTANE 13 Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-4297/205-2018 Fax: 501-225-3769 Email: Contact: Enrique Ortega Products: Butane Gas GARMENT MANUFACTURERS IMAGE PRO P.O. Box 917 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-205-2008 Fax: 501-205-2247 Email: Contact: Virginia Jones Products: Garment manufacturing - Industrial wear, Uniforms, National flags; Screen printers; manufacturers of illuminated signs, traffic signs, banners & posters; Export Processing Zone developer WILLIAMSON INDUSTRIES 7 3/4 Miles Northern Highway Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2189 Fax: 501-225-2271 Email: Contact: Larry Maclaren Products: Manufacturers of “Dickies” brand clothing for export Export Market: United States (Fort Worth) 48
  49. 49. GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS & STATUTORY BODIES BELIZE AGRICULTURAL HEALTH AUTHORITY (BAHA) Agricultural Showgrounds P.O. Box 169 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-0818 Fax: 501-822-0271 Email: Website: Contact: Nerie Sanz Services: Animal & Plant Health; Food Safety; Quarantine BELIZE AIRPORT AUTHORITY PSW Goldson International Airport Ladyville, Belize Tel: 501-225-2045 Fax: 501-225-2439 Email: BELIZE BUREAU OF STANDARDS 53 Regent Street P.O. Box 1647 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2314 Fax: 501-227-0711 Email: BELIZE PORT AUTHORITY Caesar Ridge Road P.O. Box 633 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2439 Fax: 501-227-3571 Email: BELIZE MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (BMDC) 117 North Front Street P.O. Box 479 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2585/3409 Fax: 501-227-7656 Email: Contact: Sergio Garcia Services: Marketing agency for basic grains and other commodities BELIZE TOURISM BOARD (BTB) Gabourel Lane, Level 2 Central Bank Building P.O. Box 325 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-1913 Fax: 501-223-1943 Email: Website: BELIZE TRADE AND INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT SERVICE (BELTRAIDE) 14 Orchid Garden Street Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-3737 or 223-1913 Fax: 501-822-0595 or 223-2464 Email: Website: CENTRAL BANK OF BELIZE Gaol Lane P.O. Box 852 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-6194 Fax: 501-223-6226 Email: Website: CENTRAL STATISTICAL OFFICE (CSO) Cor. Culvert Road & Mountain View Boulevard Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2207/2352 Fax: 501-822-3206 Email: Website: COMMERCIAL FREE ZONE MANAGEMENT AGENCY Commercial Free Zone Santa Elena, Corozal P.O. Box 167 Corozal Town, Belize Tel: 501-423-7010/7223 Fax: 501-423-7225 Email: Contact: Joel Cervantes or Florencio Marin Services: Commercial Free Zone management 49
  50. 50. GRAIN PRODUCERS CUSTOMS AND EXCISE DEPARTMENT Customs House Port Loyola P.O. Box 146 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-5031 Fax: 501-227-4970 Email: Website: IMMIGRATION & NATIONALIZATION DEPARTMENT Plaza Theatre Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2611/3860 Fax: 501-822-2662 Email: LABOUR DEPARTMENT 5 Albert Street West Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-4027/4023 Fax: 501-227-4031 Email: MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES, AND COOPERATIVES Westblock Building Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2241/2242 Fax: 501-822-2409 Email: Website: MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND THE ENVIRONMENT Market Square Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2226/2711/2249 Fax: 501-822-2333 Email: SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD Corporate Headquarters Bliss Parade P.O. Box 18 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-822-2513/2163/2471 Fax: 501-822-3331 Email: Website: Contact: Rohjani Perriott Services: Provide benefits for insured persons to compensate for loss of wages suffered when they are unable to work due to sickness, injury or maternity SPANISH LOOKOUT COMMUNITY P.O. Box 1460 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0131/0159/0158 Fax: 501-823-0270 Email: Contact: Leonard Reimer or Larry Kornelsen Products: Producers of beans, corn, rice, poultry, beef, dairy products GLOBAL GRAIN CANADA c/o Midwest Steel & Agro Supplies Center Road, Spanish Lookout P.O. Box 427 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-823-0131 Fax: 501-823-0270 Email: Contact: Leonard Reimer Products: Grains; Pulses PALM SPRINGS FARM P.O. Box 13 San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Belize Tel: 501-824-3353 Fax: 501-824-3353 Email: Contact: Frank Redmond Products: Citrus and grain producer 50
  51. 51. HANDICRAFT PRODUCERS , ARTISTS, & SCULPTORS ART BOX 54 ½ Miles Hummingbird Highway Belmopan City, Belize Tel: 501-822-2233 Fax: 501-822-0542 Email: Contact: Johnny Chiang Products: Handmade gift items, Local paintings BELIZEAN ARTS Barrier Reef Drive San Pedro Town Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-3019/2638 Fax: 501-226-2153 Email: Website: Contact: Lindsey Hackston Products: Belizean native art paintings, Caribbean and folk art, hand crafted picture frames, Garifuna drums, hand painted T-shirts, Artesano jewelry; Ceramics, antiques, Exotic candles, Mayan fabrics BELIZEAN ART CREATIONS 20 Burns Avenue San Ignacio Town, Belize Tel: 501-824-2063 Fax: 501-824-3080 Contact: Asucena Espat Products: Hand crafted rocking chairs, wooden plaques, furniture & carvings, hand painted Belizean souvenirs and gift items BELIZE NATIONAL HANDICRAFT CENTER Fort Street P.O. Box 291 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3636 Fax: 501-227-4984 or 223-0326 Email: Contact: Emelda Usher Products: Wooden carvings, bowls, spoons, letter openers, cohune handicrafts, jewelry CARIBBEAN COLORS ART GALLERY P.O. Box 45 Caye Caulker, Belize Tel: 501-206-0206 Email: Website: Contact: Lee Vanderwalker-Kroll Products: Art gallery representing Belizean artists and artists living and working in Belize; original watercolor, hand painted silk, oil and acrylic paintings; ceramics; sculptures; one-of a kind jewelry CAROLYN CARR Banana Bank P.O. Box 48 Belmopan, Belize Tel: 501-820-2020 Fax: 501-820-2026 Email: Website: Contact: Carolyn Carr Products: Paintings CARRIE PAUL CERAMICS P.O. Box 2495 Belize City, Belize Tel: 601-9532 Email: Contact: Carrie Paul Products: Functional ware; sculpture WALTER CASTILLO c/o Belizean Arts Gallery Barrier Reef San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-3019 Fax: 501-226-2153 Website: Contact: Walter Castillo Products: Paintings C & C McCULLOCH LATHE ART May Pen Village Belize District, Belize Tel: 501-209-1170 Cell: 501-602-2670 Contact: Carl McCulloch Products: Lathe Art JUAN CHOC Crique Sarco Toledo District, Belize Tel: 501-702-2674 Email: Contact: Juan Choc or Samuel Choc Products: Wooden bowls, salad utensils, cutting boards, letter openers 51
  52. 52. COCKSCOMB’S SLATE HANDICRAFT CENTER Maya Center Village P.O. Box 138 Dangriga, Belize Tel: 501-520-3042 Cell: 501-608-4992 Email: Contact: Julio Saqui Products: Authentic Mayan Handicrafts; Mayan dresses; hand made ceramics and jewelry; slate carvings; wooden masks; hand crafted wooden gifts EL PAPAGAYO GIFT SHOP Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel P.O. Box 1809 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-3374 Fax: 501-223-4531 Email: Contact: Rosalind Roe or Karen Roe Products: Belize postcards; Belizean jewelry, hand bags, belts, clothing; medicinal herbs and remedies; local arts and crafts EDEN ART Pescador Drive San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel/Fax: 501-226-3149 Email: Contact: Katrina Samuels Products: Handmade vases; Paintings FAJINA CRAFT CENTER MANAGEMENT TEAM P.O. Box 109 Punta Gorda Town, Toledo, Belize Email: Contact: Remigia Cucul Products: Jewelry, weaving, basketry, and embroideries GABBAY’S GALLERY 5945 Dolphin Drive Buttonwood Bay Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-601-0364 Contact: George Gabb Products: Paintings and sculptures ALFONSO GALVEZ Clarissa Falls Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-823-3916 Contact: Alfonso Galvez Products: Surrealistic Wood Carvings TERRYL GODOY 48 Caesar Ridge Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2673 Products: Paintings G.O.L.D (Group of Ladies in Dangriga) 1 1/2 Miles George Price Drive Dangriga Town, Belize Tel: 501-522-2089/ 3578 Email: Contact: Michele Erving Products: Local Arts & Crafts traditional Garifuna drums; Mata; Bowls & Dolls; Handmade Canvas Bags GREG’S COHUNE, STONE, AND TIMBER CRAFTS Upper Camalote Village/ Good Living Ranch Mile 51.4 Western Highway Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-605-5380 Contact: Greg Turner Products: Locally manufactured and handcrafted carvings; Jewelry, souvenirs INDIAN CHURCH VILLAGE ARTISANS (ICVA) Indian Church Village P.O. Box 48 Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-309-1015 Fax: 501-309-1015 (from 6:30–10 p.m. only) Email: Website: or Contact: Magdalano Corado or Ricardo Ramirez Products: Mayan and nature inspired craft items— jewelry, needlework/screen-printing, stone carvings, and ceramics INTERNATIONAL HANDICRAFTS Burrell Boom Village Belize Tel: 501-225-9195 Contact: Elvis Samuels Products: Zericote wood carvings, cattle horn carvings, jewelry, black coral jewelry ISLA BONITA DESIGNS “TIE-IT-ON” ISLAND CLOTHING North Barrier Reef Drive San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize Tel: 501-226-4258 Email: Website: 52
  53. 53. Contact: Aida Graf or Gloria Blouin Products: Handmade Island style clothing PAUL KERR Burrell Boom Village P.O. Box 618 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-205-9150 Contact: Paul Kerr Products: Bamboo Handicrafts K.V CERAMICS 26 Liberty Avenue Orange Walk Town, Belize Tel: 501-322-0218 Fax: 501-322-2277 Contact: Karla Cano or Virgen Median Products: Ceramic, craft cut flowers MAGANA’S ART CENTER – XUNANTUNICH ORGANIZATION GIFT SHOP San Jose Succotz Cayo District, Belize Tel: 501-823-2285 Contact: David Magana Products: Wood and stone carvings, pottery, paintings, clay works MICHAEL COLLIN ART GALLERY Old Customs House Fort Street Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-7944 Fax: 501-223-7942 Email: Contact: Michelle Williams Products: Duty-free establishment specializing in: high-end designer jewelry and watches, Exotic Belizean wood sculptures, Silver sculptures, Swedish crystals, Italian hand-blown crystals YASSER MUSA The Image Factory 91 North Front Street P.O. Box 571 Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-223-4093 Email: Contact: Yasser Musa Products: Paintings NANCY’S JEWELRY 4 Cemetery Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-8969 Contact: Jose Martinez Products: Handmade jewelry of gold and natural materials NATIONAL CRAFT CENTER 147 Cemetery Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-3180 Contact: Frank Lizama Products: Wooden carvings PALMTREE DESIGNS Lagoon Rooms Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize Tel: 501-523-3563 Email: Contact: Marion Carr Products: Arts and crafts for the tourism industry IGNATIUS PEYREFITTE 11A Cemetery Road Belize City, Belize Tel: 501-227-2119 Contact: Ignatius Peyrefitte Products: Wood carvings AMIN QUIROZ 47 Joseph Andrews Drive San Ignacio Town, Belize Tel: 501-824-2371 Fax: 501-824-3012 Email: Contact: Amin Quiroz Products: Turned exotic wooden bowls, plates, candlesticks, and custom made products SAN JOSE PALMAR WOMEN’S GROUP San Jose Nuevo Palmar Village Orange Walk District, Belize Tel: 501-322-2609 or 302-0303 Cell: 501-609-8796 Contact: Diana Cantun or Christina Moh Products: Children clothing, dolls, embroidery, crochet, hand made decorations, paintings, and handmade beaded jewelry SEW MUCH HEMP Hopkins Village P.O. Box 269 Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District, Belize Email: Contact: Barbara Mock 53