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DF2UFL 2012: Analytics Enhancements


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DF2UFL 2012

Morning Session: Analytics Enhancement Overview

Presented by: Senior Customer Success Manager, Kevin Sherman

Published in: Business, Technology
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DF2UFL 2012: Analytics Enhancements

  1. 1. Analytics Enhancement Overview Deck #DF2UFL – Orlando, March 31st, 2012 Chatter Profile PictureKevin ShermanSr. Customer Success Manager@kshermansfdc
  2. 2. AnalyticsEnhancements
  3. 3. First the good news!!!!
  4. 4. What are the Enhancements to Analytics? Analytics Edition Dashboard Filters Enhancements Additional Analytics Enhancements
  5. 5. What is Analytics Edition? Bucketing gives you on-the-fly segmentation and filtering based on custom data groupings you create in your report rather than the data model. Cross filters help you perform sophisticated analysis and exception reporting. Joined reports let you create and run reports containing data from different objects.
  6. 6. Additional Information about BucketingWith Bucketing: Quickly categorize report records without creating formulas or custom fields. Define multiple categories (buckets) to group report values. Sort, filter, and group your report, just like any other field. Add up to five bucket fields per report, each with up to 20 buckets.
  7. 7. Additional Information about Cross FiltersWith Cross Filters: Specify inclusion or exclusion of records using a WITH or WITHOUT condition. Apply cross filters by themselves or in combination with field filters. – Filter logic only applies to field filters—not cross filters. – Create up to three cross filters per report. – Add up to five subfilters for each cross filter.
  8. 8. Additional Information about Joined ReportsWith Joined Reports Easily view different types of activities and information in a single report. Combine data from multiple standard or custom report types – Add report types to a joinedAdd report they have relationships report if with the same object or Type bring in Add report blocks to your reports to create multiple views of more data your data. Search through Filter each compatible result block report types separately Result view shows result from both report types CUSTOMER IDEA: Joined Reports was submitted by a customer via the Idea Exchange.
  9. 9. How will the Analytics Edition be Used?Sales Reps can: Create a bucket field to sort and group records so they only focus on the large deals that help them reach quota. Use cross filters to open opportunities on accounts with escalated open cases.Sales Managers can: Create reports containing each of their teams deals, and the team members and products associated with each deal.
  10. 10. What are the Enhancements to Dashboard Filters?Spring ‘12 dashboard enhancements include: Three filters per dashboard Filters for dynamic dashboards Post snapshots of filtered dashboards to Chatter Additional operators available on dashboard filters – Between operator to filter on ranges of values Support for filters on additional fields
  11. 11. Additional Analytics Enhancements Customize your view of Dashboards and Reports in the Reports tab Delete Report and List Filters with Filter Logic Additional Dashboard Enhancements – Dashboard filter drop-downs now appear beneath the dashboard finder – Spinners display in dashboard components to show a dashboard is being refreshed. – Date/Time of last refresh appear next to the Refresh button on a dashboard – “Recently Viewed” now displays in the Dashboard finder results. – Dashboard finder is now enabled for users with access to more than 20k dashboards – Dashboard finder is now enabled for IE6 users with access to more than 1k dashboards – A “Viewing As” label identifies the name of the person who generated a dashboard component Up to 20 field filters on a report Drag-and-Drop Report Filters
  12. 12. Analytics Enhancements Summary Automatically Not automatically Automatically Contact visible to visible. Feature Release visible to Salesforce Salesforce Feature all Admins. is available Type all users. No to enable Edition License No setup but requires setup required. this feature. required. some setup.Bucketing GA P PE, UE, EU Analytics EditionJoined Reports GA P PE, UE, EU Analytics EditionCross Filters GA P GE,, PE, UE, EU, EE Analytics EditionAdditionalScheduledReporting GA P PE, UE, EU Analytics EditionDashboard FiltersEnhancements GA P PE, EE, UE, DE n/aCustomizeYour View GA P PE, EE, UE, EU, EE n/aDeleting Reportand List Filtersw/ Filter Logic GA P PE, EE, UE n/aEnhancements toDashboards GA P GE, PE, EE, UE, DE n/aEnhancements toDashboardComponent GA P GE, PE, EE, UE, DE n/aSnapshotsIncreased ReportFilter Limits GA P GE, PE, EE, UE, DE n/aDrag-and-DropReport Filters GA P GE, PE, EE, UE, DE n/a REFERENCE: For a full list of Analytics features and enhancements, please see the release notes.
  13. 13. Additional Resources Video’s Salesforce Enterprise Analytics Watch how salesforce.coms new Enterprise Analytics are relieving customers of the frustration and wasted time of Excel and BI, by powering cross-business reporting, advanced queries and filtering, and what-if modeling of the data, right in Salesforce, with real-time data, and with the power of a single sharing and access model. Introducing Joined Reports in Salesforce With joined reports, you create view different types of information in a single report. Our example will create open and closed opportunities and active support cases. Bucketing in Reports Learn how to group your data without having to create custom fields! Buckets help you sort, organize and understand large amounts of data in Salesforce quickly and easily. Create your own categories on the fly, without formulas or custom fields.