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DF2UFL 2012: Developer's Den - What's New and What's on the Horizon


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DF2UFL 2012

Morning Session: Developer's Den

Presented by: Joshua Hoskins, User Group Leader, Senior Consultant

Published in: Technology
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DF2UFL 2012: Developer's Den - What's New and What's on the Horizon

  1. 1. Developer’s DenWhat’s New & What’s on the Horizon?
  2. 2. Joshua HoskinsOrlando User Group LeaderTwitter: @jhoskinsBlog:
  3. 3. Question: What Spring ‘12 delivered features are MOST exciting?
  4. 4. GA Features Cloud Flow Designer Enhanced Schema Builder Updated Developer Console Mobile SDK Social Authentication
  5. 5. Get Started Today! With Spring ‘12, the Flow Designer is now generally available and native to You can access it directly from your browser:1. Click Your Name > Setup > App Setup > Create > Workflows & Approvals.2. Click New Flow. Visual Workflow Session by Riptide TODAY @ 1:30pm Room # 121
  6. 6. #forcedotcom Horizon Deliver the conveniences and scalability of an enterprise platform
  7. 7. Schema Builder Previously, Schema Builder allowed you to view your entity relationships in an easy manner, but now provides more functionality for building out your data model as well. You can access Schema Builder via Setup, Quick Links or on the Create Objects page within Setup.
  8. 8. Demo Time Schema Builder
  9. 9. Developer Console Support for LARGE Log Files
  10. 10. Developer Console Simulated Breakpoints from YOUR Browser in “The Cloud”
  11. 11. Demo Time Edit Code within Console Visualforce Code Complete Set Breakpoints to Debug your Code
  12. 12. The Salesforce Mobile SDK Slide Body Text
  13. 13. OFFSET added to SOQL (Pilot) Using OFFSET is helpful for paging into large result sets, in scenarios where you need to quickly jump to a particular subset of the entire results. For example, the following SOQL query returns a result set that skips the first 100 rows of the full query results:
  14. 14. + Concurrent Apex Jobs – YAY!!! 10 25 Before Spring ‘12 New Spring ’12 Limit  With this higher limit, you can now schedule more Apex jobs for concurrent execution.
  15. 15. Test Method Data Access Previously, unit tests would have access to pre-existing data within your organization, as well as any test data it creates for the purposes of proving assertions true or false. By default with Salesforce API version 24.0 and later, a unit test will only see data that it creates.
  16. 16. Social Authentication
  17. 17. Demo Time Social Authentication
  18. 18. It’s the little things
  19. 19. Developer Resources Spring 12 Release Notes Metadata API Developer’s Guide Discussion Boards Developer Preview @forcedotcom #askforce
  20. 20. Dynamic Visualforce Components GA  Supported in production code & managed packages  Vary page content or look according to state  Designed in APEX  Developer’s Guide details
  21. 21. Thank YOU!