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DF2UFL 2012: Your Business: Better, Faster, Stronger


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DF2UFL 2012

Morning Session: Improving Business Processes

Presented by: AppExtremes [Bold Sponsor] Jereriah Manning

Published in: Technology
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DF2UFL 2012: Your Business: Better, Faster, Stronger

  1. 1. Improving Business Processes Your Business: Better, Faster, Stronger
  2. 2. AppExtremes, Inc. Jereriah Manning
  3. 3. Business Process Components Learned Behaviors  “It has always been done this way”  “This is what I was taught to do”  “This is just how we do things” Corporate Mandates  RPPs  Specific Tasks and Workflow
  4. 4. The Business Process Beginning - an objective End - when the objective is meet. Simply put, they are:  How your business works  How work is done  What tasks get priority (what can be circumvented) The key is what happens between the objective and final result.
  5. 5. Business Process Improvement What is the better strategy?  Reduce costs by $1 or increase sales by $1 All else equal the answer is:Yes. Improving your business processes is the way to achieve both concurrently
  6. 6. Why? Where is your crazy? General business improvement  Increased Sales  Lower Costs  Reduce Turnover Forced  Government Regulation  Corporate Mandate
  7. 7. How? Examination  Current workflow, behaviors and processes  What do you want to improve?  What are your pain points?  Focused and Consistent Planning  What do you hope to accomplish?  Specific and measurable goals
  8. 8. How? Action  Create  Make aware  Implement  Hold the course but tweak processes when necessary
  9. 9. Continuous Improvement Review and Repeat  Specific and measurable goals  New and better processes (again, again, again…)
  10. 10. Improving Business Processes Specific Examples
  11. 11. Typical Pain Points for Salesforce Users Standard Salesforce Reporting Repetitive Data Entry Proposal/Quote generation using Opportunities and Products Customer Communication
  12. 12. Reporting – URL Hacking Passing information directly to pre-defined reports Reports can use a combination of pre-defined and undefined filters  Multiple filters can be set via the Button/Link code Useful for running reports based off of the Current User or any other field accessible by the Button/Link code
  13. 13. Scheduled Reports Delivery of defined report to recipient(s)  Multiple Schedule options  Must be Salesforce User(s)  Runs under a specific User  Permission Considerations
  14. 14. Repetitive & Manual Data Entry New Child or Related records requiring unnecessary and duplicate data entry Custom Buttons can be defined to pre-set fields on the new record at creation  Static data or field data from the parent record Also be used to set multiple fields on the current record with a click of a single button/link  Closing an Opportunity and setting other fields to control necessary data without using required field.
  15. 15. URL Hacking Reference Materials Videos  Text  standard-page-layout.html    
  16. 16. Conga Composerany data from your document distributed and any object and your format archived • Reduce document production time • Eliminate errors from Cut & Paste • Accelerate business processes • Enforce branding and messaging standards • Easy to set up, deploy and use • Batch and workflow-triggered options
  17. 17. Creating Quotes/Proposals Standardizing the format and messaging of Proposal documents is key to maintaining control and consistency across your sales team  Salesforce – Create PDF from Quote Object  Limited but effective if you can stay within the confines of the system  Custom-built solution  Costly, require programming knowledge (ongoing?), hard to change  AppExchange Options  Numerous options  Paid and free options  Vendor supported options  Free trials to make sure you get the product that matches your needs
  18. 18. Conga Merge SL Quote Free Version (Beta) is an enhanced Mail Merge function  Any object  Any browser  Any platform Includes Line Items on Opportunity and Quote functions Runs locally in less than ten seconds
  19. 19. Conga Composer Document Generation from a single Record in Salesforce ALL related data is available via standard Salesforce Reports or SOQL Queries  Lookup Fields  Related Lists Uses a fully-customizable templates  Total internal control  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Multiple output options
  20. 20. Conga Automation Conga Conductor and Conga WorkflowBoost Your ProductivityWith Powerful Batch and Workflow-Triggered Processing  Batch execute up to 500 Conga Composer operations  On-Demand or Scheduled  On-the-fly from a list view  Other custom buttons/links Plus: Conga Workflow to fully automatecreate and send process based on defined events
  21. 21. Keeping in Touch Keeping customers and/or partners up to date with completed Milestones takes a lot of manual work with native Salesforce functionality Typical solution is a User initiated emails with a Salesforce report attached (Export Details) Save time by automating the process  Based upon records in SF  Triggered by Sales Workflow or the single click of a button
  22. 22. Engage With Us Your New Client Talking to Us A Solution Requirements Delivered USA +1 (303) 465-1616 UK +44 20 3608 0165 9-5 Monday-Friday Or email support@appextremes.comCheck out our new knowledgebase and videos: www.appextremes.comSales Resources: You!